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Gifted children – a new superhuman race in the making?

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I never knew that I would personally witness the fulfilment of American mystic, Edgar Cayce’s predictions that groups of amazing and unusual individuals would begin to incarnate on earth late in the twentieth century onwards and that they would be known as Indigo children.


The scenario was Tokyo, where I had been conducting pranic healing courses in recent months. I was invited to a special school for Indigo children where they are given right brain training and had the privilege of attending a class with them. The children do ‘quantum speed reading’, which is a method of flicking through pages of a book at high speed and gleaning the content of a book thus. Another method observed was a child placing his hand on a closed book and describing its contents. The children demonstrate extraordinary clairvoyant and clairaudient skills, and telepathic, telekinetic and healing abilities.

The Principal of the school told me that almost all the children could ‘see’ where the cause of the illness was in the body and convert themselves into ‘micro people’ and go into the body and treat the disease. Almost all the children could ‘heal’ machinery, using their mind powers. Fixing a DVD player was ‘fun’, according to Keigo, an 11 year old lad. Keigo had read physicist Stephen Hawking’s material on the ‘black hole’ and had some advice for him, which was, “Why not try seeing the black hole from ‘there’ in space, rather than from here.” He went on to describe the nature of the black hole and what happened when two black holes merged! He said it was ‘awful’ when that happened. Some of the children use their clairaudient faculties to ‘hear’ what is in a book, obviously tapping into the vibrations of the book, which convert into sounds. Most of the children could describe the content of books in languages that they did not know. Obviously, they have the ability to tap into the minds of the authors. One of the children was given a recipe book in English, which he could not read and he was asked to give the ingredients of the recipe. He put the open book near his nose and ‘smelt’ the ingredients and described them accurately.

All of these children go rapidly into the Theta state of brain activity during meditation, and brain testing equipment evidences this. All of them are able to sprout a seed in their hands during a 15 minute meditation. And all of this has been recorded by the Principal on video.

When I interacted with these special children, I realised that they needed specialised help in the area of energy awareness and energy management and help and care in order to survive the gross energy of this planet. As I held the hand of each child, I could sense the heightened sensitivity, refined energies and special powers. I realised that they are here to help heal the planet and should not waste their energies to heal machinery and that they need guidelines about their healing methods, which were contaminating them. I realised that their energy bodies were so very refined that already at the ages of four and six some of them said they wanted to ‘go home’ and not stay on this planet. I was told that the suicide rate among the Japanese young children is very high. It became apparent to me why this was so. It is because these children are special, super beings, advanced souls in very immature bodies, and the majority of the parents and educators are ignorant about the appropriate methods to help them manifest their glory and fulfil the purpose for which they are here.

Therefore, I spoke to the Principal, who is a key person in this network of 400 after-hours schools across Japan, with 30,000 children on their rolls. She has written a book in Japanese about them called ‘Child Power’, and is herself very concerned about the future of these gifted children and is seeking ways to help them survive and fulfil their mission. We decided to hold an information talk to ‘educate’ the parents somewhat in some basic methods to protect their children, to understand them better and to develop energy awareness. Many of these children are also natural vegetarians and are being forced to eat pork and eel, which are regarded as unclean meats. I was told that the children found it hard to be pushed into the existing moulds at school, were bored with the existing curriculum, had strong minds of their own and when they did not conform they were disciplined by teachers and the parents. I sensed sadness, inner frustration and anger in many of these children.

We held an information talk and conducted a ‘twin hearts meditation for planetary and inner peace’ for these children and their parents and teachers. I observed that the children appeared to ‘devour’ the soul food of the meditation. Each one commented afterward that they experienced a powerful sense of peace and Oneness. Most of the children were under 12 years of age and went into a deep meditative state almost immediately. They felt very comfortable blessing the planet after the meditation as they do so each day when they meditate.

During such interactions with the children, I realised they are a distinctive breed of humans who indeed have a special role to fulfil to save our planet from destruction. There are many such children also in Australia who are misunderstood and misdiagnosed. I was told that 90% of children that are born today have special faculties and skills, which are not understood by the parents or educators. When they demonstrate clairvoyant skills, parents tend to feel uncomfortable and advise their children not to indulge in using their inner vision and creative imagination. Thus, the faculty is often shut down prematurely.

It was after this first contact with the special kids from Tokyo, that some children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and learning difficulties started attending my clinic for pranic healing. They responded with the same hunger and thirst for the energy as displayed by the special kids during the meditation on ‘twin hearts’.

But what is happening to these kids at school? I asked a specialist paedriatician friend of mine if there were many children she was seeing with Attention Deficit Disorder. She replied that she was ‘treating’ hordes of them. Thus, it was confirmed that perhaps many children might be misdiagnosed and may be very special and have talents and skills that reflect a superhuman consciousness. They are misunderstood by educators and parents and are being forced into conventional moulds that they will never fit into. They need to be nurtured in a special way and protected from self-destruction. They need some special schools to go to during weekends and after hours to receive the training that will help them develop further their soul powers and fulfil their future role as world servers.

What is happening today in regard to the children and the need for appropriate education for them reminds me of another prophecy by Holy Master Dwajal Khul. He predicted in one of the Alice Bailey books that, “there will be a time and a freedom for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods of education. The significance of soul powers and the development of the superhuman consciousness will engross educators and students everywhere.”

Dr Hazel Wardha has worked in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years as a homoeopathic physician, Chinese medicine acupuncturist and an advanced pranic healer. She is the Director of the Ashish Institute for Inner Studies in Melbourne.

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