• Niaby Codd

    What is the impact of not following our dreams?

    Another day, another dollar – are we letting our need for money drive out our passions and dreams? What will it take for us to sit up and listen to the yearning of our souls? What will it take for humanity to set itself free? From awareness comes freedom So ...

  • Stella Woods

    November 2020 Stargazer – Stella Woods astrology

    Spring is in the air in Australia! November is one of my favourite times of year, falling halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane – an ancient seasonal festival (May Day in the northern hemisphere) is held in early November – a celebration of abundance, fertility, sexuality and ...

  • Stella Woods

    US 2020 Presidential Election – fight for power – Stella Woods astrology

    With the US Presidential Election just over a month away, I took a look at the two candidates’ charts to see who might be in a stronger position on Election Day. Joe Biden – duty and sacrifice First up, Joe Biden (born 20th November 1942 at 8.30 am in Scranton, ...

  • Stella Woods

    October 2020 Stargazer
 – astrology with Stella Woods – full moon in Aries

    Welcome to October – a firecracker of a month, beginning with a full moon in fiery Aries! Full moon in Aries – reaching boiling point On 2nd-3rd October the full moon in fire sign Aries will light up the skies, aligning with Chiron. This will bring emotional wounds to the ...

  • Merelyn Carter

    Restore and explore to achieve balance

    Achieving the level of balance we desire in our busy lives can seem a daunting task at times. I’ve discovered through experience that there are two important aspects that contribute to healthy and happy people – the ability to both restore and explore. RESTORE In this category, I include those activities that allow ...

  • Merelyn Carter

    Thriving ‘within’

    No matter what our life circumstances are, it is rare that we will thrive without making the decision to do so. Happily, many phone conversations I have had in the past few weeks have contained the sentiment of ‘I’m loving the new way of living, slowing down, taking stock of ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – astrology September 2020 – Stella Woods

    Mars retrograde – choose your battles wisely September’s headline event is the backward journey of Mars through ruling fire sign Aries which begins on 10th September and ends on 14th November. As Mars moves towards its closest point to earth in early October, the red planet’s heat and intensity becomes ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – astrology August 2020 – Stella Woods

    The energy shifter of all energy shifters We are certainly not out of the COVID woods yet, and I’m sure most of us have wondered if we ever will be! But, as discussed in previous Stargazer articles, the unrelenting and controlling Capricorn energy that has dominated 2020 will shift and ...

  • Larissa Wright

    The art of making meaning, post-pandemic style

    Making meaning helps us endure and recover from traumatic experiences, and could help you thrive beyond COVID-19. So, how was your lockdown? Mine was a mixed bag; not gonna lie. I made a positive contribution by running free workshops and looking after a friend’s kids. Sometimes I struggled with loneliness, ...

  • Philip J Bradbury

    Paul the fixer

    Paul carried the weight of the world quite easily, it seemed. He was (and still is) an extremely good accountant. He can spot a mis-posting at 50 paces, and solve business problems that others just can’t. This is lucky for the rest of us, as there are so many errors ...

  • Stella Woods

    July 2020 astrology – Stargazer – 
Stella Woods

    Halfway through the year… What a year it’s been – the devastation of the bushfires, the coronavirus lockdown, the Black Lives Matter protests and much, much more. As we find ourselves half way through 2020, it’s time to pause, catch our breath and reflect on the events of the past ...

  • Dr Margaret Jiin Ngu

    COVID-19 call for pandemic change – what will be your ‘new normal’?

    COVID-19 is clearly asking something of us which is greater than medicine and economics The world has been thrown into chaos handling crisis and challenges of the times with global lockdowns, restrictions, financial collapse and a lot of fear that many people will die. It has become clearer that we ...

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