• Krishna Das

    Life is a pain – a way out of the struggle

    Our culture doesn’t teach that there’s an alternative to living in our heads; so we’re stuck in these thoughts and they torture us. The stories we replay in our minds about our lives are so painful. That’s what drives some people to drugs. Their stories are painful, and they just ...

  • Raym Richards

    All that glitters

    Raym’s client encounters an angel, and an unexpected turn of events.   It’s an angel. An angel! My client Sheila is in a mossy place that shimmers with bright and playful rainbows, created by the sunlight refracting through the clear, sparkling waterfall beside us. We have arrived in a sacred, ...

  • Rikka Zimmerman

    Protecting your expansive energy

    How do you avoid feeling dragged down when you interact with negative people? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts. Do you avoid the negative people in your life? Do you find yourself not picking up the phone when Aunt Elda calls in order to not have to deal ...

  • Lauren Wilson

    Body talk

    Are you expressing or suppressing your feminine and masculine qualities? Discover the answer using the most tangible reference point you have – your own body.   Ever wondered why the left side of your face differs from your right side? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that one side of your body ...

  • Kris McIntyre

    Interview: Jutka Freiman on the Feminine

    In this interview Jutka takes us into the archetypal realm of the Feminine. She explains its meaning for women at different stages of life, and shares her experience of turning 60.   Since the mid-1980s, Jutka Freiman has guided women on the journey from self to soul. A psychotherapist and ...

  • Emma Stephens

    From surviving to thriving

    A harrowing story of a young Australian woman being attacked while travelling alone overseas, then choosing to seek harmony rather than revenge. Warning: confronting content. Prelude This article is about an event that happened in 1994, and the learning that came from it. I wrote about it a year later, ...

  • Rev Rhonda Murray

    Spiritual empowerment for women

    An illuminating look of the role of women in religion and spirituality – past, present, and future. History or herstory? Our culture has been strongly influenced by three major religions, all patriarchal, ie. male-centred. Since the time of Abraham – patriarch of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – women have been ...

  • Kendra Greig

    Life – embracing the sh#t bits

    In a world of images and role models that propagate a female ideal, Kendra is encouraging women to come together, embrace the reality of life’s full spectrum, and tell it like it is.   Following my recovery from a rather intense period of anxiety, I formed a closed Facebook group ...

  • Laura Boone

    Forward momentum is a practice

    Spirit guides have a sense of humour and can gently guide us into the right direction through using cartoon imagery. I loved the Flintstones (and yes I am THAT OLD.) I enjoyed the 60’s vibe of the backgrounds, the cheesy caveman theme, and especially the celebrity guest star appearances (remember ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – May and June

    Chiron in Aries – fighting to save the planet. Welcoming the winter solstice – seven top tips for a warming winter solstice.   Chiron in Aries – fighting to save the planet 2018 is a year of huge shifts as three of the slower moving planets, representing collective energies, change ...

  • Stella Woods

    Meghan’s big day

    Imagine this… you’re an astrologer and Meghan Markle books in for an appointment to ask about her new love interest… her fiancé to be more precise…and how compatible they are.   You draw up the charts of Meghan (4th August 1981, 4.46 am in Canoga Park, California – same birthday ...

  • Fionnuala Smyth

    More than you thought possible

    What might happen if you gave thinking a break and instead dreamed your way to a new life?   Dreaming your future Valuable as checklists and plans are, they can limit our options if we rely only on them. They come from the mind which can only offer what it ...

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