• Stella Woods

    Stargazer April 2020 with Stella Woods

    LIVING WITH CORONAVIRUS – A NEW PARADIGM Hi Stella! I am emailing to ask you to write a post on Corona? What is going to happen and when is this going to end?  Down under, we are witnessing what it’s like to be back in the Savannah – survival, and ...

  • Stella Woods

    March stargazer – 
Stella Woods – healing Australia’s heart centre

    The new decade has got off to a dramatic start! What with the destruction from Australian bushfires, and floods in Indonesia. Add to that the spread of coronavirus. Britain’s divorce from the European Union. Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Hervey Weinstein’s rape conviction. Not to mention major upsets in the British ...

  • LivingNow

    How the dead disrupt relationships

    Many couples choose to express their love by tying the knot. Unfortunately, almost half of marriages do not last forever! And, in fact, many couples find themselves in relationships that cause deep emotional and physical pain and distress. Psychologists and self-help experts abound with theories on how couples can repair ...

  • Stella Woods

    Astrology February 2020 – Stargazer
 – Stella Woods

    February Stargazer with Stella Woods Happy New Year to all LivingNow readers, and welcome 2020! As we move into the new decade, the number two of partnership, cooperation and unity replaces the number one of self-focus, self-obsession and individuality. The theme for the next ten years is ‘stronger together’. And ...

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    Introduction to Spiritual Response Therapy

    Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a complete spiritual healing system SRT provides a powerful, quick and accurate way to help you discover and release hidden blocks and limitations to your health, success and abundance. It researches the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly release discordant limiting ideas and energy, ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer December 2019: twenty-twenty vision

    Stella Woods shares astrology insights for December 2019 – Jupiter in Capricorn – twenty-twenty vision On 3rd December, as we gear up for the new decade, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, enters Capricorn for a year-long stay. And as Jupiter in Capricorn is a pragmatic, hard-working combination, the collective ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – November 2019 astrology – Stella Woods

    November 2019 Stargazer: Ring of Brodgar – megalithic lunar observatory I’ve recently returned from the Orkney Islands off the coast of Northern Scotland – my mission being  to check out the stone circles, burial mounds, astronomical and stellar alignments. And, of course, the local legends and folklore. A highlight of ...

  • Stella Woods

    Boris’s Brutal Brexit – do the ends justify the means?

    Boris’s Brutal Brexit – an astrological viewpoint by Stella Starwoman. From Oct 1st, 2019. Just look what the EU referendum has done to us. On all sides it’s turned the moderate militant, the rational rabid, and the calm crazed. More than ever before, political thinking seems informed not by evidence ...

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    How to engineer and heal your DNA with ancient Tao medicine

    5000 years ago in ancient China, during the yellow emperor’s reign, a wise sage (a taoist master), named Qi Po created a health care system in which doctors only got paid when no one in the village got sick. As soon as one person felt sick, the doctor would lose ...

  • Larry Oakley

    We all have our crosses to bear

    People carry their crosses upstairs at night. They sleep with them. Carry them downstairs in the morning. And continue to carry those crosses all day long… In many instances it’s still there with you on your death bed. In fact, carrying the weight of your cross for so long is ...

  • Stella Woods

    Spring equinox – lighter, brighter, fresher

    Welcome to spring! New life is stirring everywhere as the days grow longer, the weather starts to warm up, and spring fever takes hold. Birds build nests, animals mate, there’s a ‘spring’ in our step. Lightness of heart and a desire for new, positive beginnings. This year, the 23rd of ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer, September 2019 – happy birthday Virgo!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL VIRGOS! On the 23rd August, the Sun left the courageous and charismatic fire sign of Leo and entered humble and service-oriented earth sign Virgo. Each sign of the zodiac develops and builds on the energy of the previous sign – Virgo directs the heart-centred creativity of ...

Helen Donato – Eternal Light  MREC Feb to June 2020

Helen Donato – Eternal Light  MREC Feb to June 2020
Jane Kent MREC from Apr 2020 for a year

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