• Jo Buchanan

    My mum died yesterday

    One woman’s unexpected journey into the grieving process.    My mum died yesterday. I sat with her all day Friday. Like a discarded walnut after a merciless winter, her shrivelled body lay between white sheets, cuddling a doll. Constant stabs of pain caused her frail shell to jerk involuntarily and ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer — horoscope for August 2017

    Venus in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde, partial lunar eclipse, and more. What does your August horoscope say about your month?    Venus in Cancer – sugar and spice and all things nice Astrologers say Venus is ‘exalted’ in Cancer meaning she gets to show off her best qualities, namely the kind, nurturing, ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer — horoscope for July 2017

    Traditionally winter is a time of retreat and reflection. What else does your horoscope say about the rest of your month?   Beating the midwinter blues Welcome to the chilly winds of midwinter, and with four of the slower moving planets in retrograde motion, you may wonder if life has ...

  • Jules Sutherland

    What’s the spirit?

    A spiritual kid tries to reason with her rational parents.   Are you a spiritual person? I am. But depending on who’s asking, my answer to this question may vary a tad. Or a lot. I’ll explain. I am one of the very lucky people who had an incredibly fortunate ...

  • Raym Richards

    Day tripper

    A client’s stubborn chest pains and lethargy reveal an insight into an ayahuasca journey in her past.   We are in a dense forest and the pink sky is transiting to purple. The undergrowth around us fluoresces with an other-worldly brilliance. I hear the plants whispering to each other. The ...

  • Anya Petrovic

    The history of the future: Nikola Tesla

    Does the name Nikola Tesla sound familiar? His inventions affected the development of modern technology, yet few know much about his incredible life and achievements.   “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.” ...

  • Barry & Joyce Vissell

    Unsuspected heroes among us

    There is the potential for a hero and a friend within each person we meet. We are all God’s precious children. Lessons from my family In 1960 I was 14 years old and my mother was the first civil rights activist that I knew. She did not march the streets, ...

  • Jess Walter

    Three stories of modern loneliness

    Today we have more options for connecting to people than ever before, yet feelings of isolation and loneliness are at an all time high. Is it because we feel that society rejects us, because circumstances leave us high and dry, or because we know no better?   Today, loneliness is ...

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    The manifestation trap

    Be careful what you wish for. Manifestation has a way of delivering more than you bargained for.   How to manifest Lots of people talk about how, when you want to manifest something new in your life, you need to get really specific. Make a list. Write down all the ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for June 2017

    Happy Birthday Gemini! From the 21st May to the 21st June the sun travels through mutable air sign Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I think’ and ‘I communicate’. Gemini’s symbol is the twins; one mortal, one immortal, representing the dark and light side of life. Geminis ...

  • Boris von Rechenberg

    How awakened are you?

    You’ve probably seen it on social media and heard it said by certain friends; “The world is waking up”. What does this mean, and, is it true?   “You are not the voice in your head, but the one who is aware of it.” – Eckhart Tolle  There was a time ...

  • Liisa Halme

    Taking a look into the dark

    Why shadow work is the missing link of most spiritual practice and self-help.   The spiritual industry: what’s missing This is a touchy subject that may trigger some (for reasons I will explain). There is something very important missing from much of the modern spiritual industry. We look after our ...

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