• LivingNow

    Do you wish to manifest peace in your life?

    Do you wish to manifest peace in your life? ‘Path to Illumination & Liberation’ This will be the first-ever Australian Immersion Retreat with Kenji Kumara – here’s your chance to be part of it! Kenji Kumara will be leading a 5-day Quantum-Lightweaving® retreat in Australia 19 to 23 September Gymea ...

  • Erika Munton

    Birthing in the Himalayas – my doula experience

    SNM hospital – Leh Sonam Nobroo Memorial Hospital (Kashmir India). Aug 2016 On my travels in Kashmir, I was keen to visit the local hospital to connect with birthing women and the local birth culture. I wondered: How does birthing happen here? What do women need? How could I be ...

  • Mahdi Mason

    The very best thing you can do for the planet

    You may never have heard of me. Maybe you never will again. But hear me when I tell you – I am changing the world. And you can too! How many of us give up on trying to make the world a better place because, well, it’s just little old ...

  • Raym Richards

    Heaven & earth

    Raym’s client’s desire to explore her own future death has profound consequences. “Raym. She has stopped breathing. We should do something!” I hear my apprentice’s rising tone, faintly, in the distance. She has been observing my session and has collapsed into fear and panic. In the tranquility of a healing ...

  • Marcia Jaffe

    Five ways to enhance personal growth by visiting Bali

    Ready for wellness? All you need is a trip to Bali! ‘What’s next for my 56 year-old self? Yes on travel. Yes on culture. Time to change the scenery. Time to step outside my comfort zone.’ That’s me in 2003 when I jetted off to Bali for a few weeks ...

  • Leonard Jacobson

    Humanity’s fundamental choice

    We have been given free will, which simply means that we have the freedom to choose. Every day we make choices, and the choices we make lead inevitably to the consequences that follow.   For example, the food you choose to eat today will affect your weight, health and sense ...

  • Jost Sauer

    Being realistic is overrated

    The fundamental nature of existence is in itself mystical. Jost explains how aligning with our chi-cycle can support us to be mystical, practical, and further the evolution of our souls. How easy is it to engage with ‘not doing’? We might think it’s a breeze, especially when our bodies and ...

  • Barry Vissell

    The divine setup

    Sometimes the universe creates the perfect storm to remind us not to get too attached to our perception of reality.   A matter of perception Sometimes our perceptions can get us into trouble. What appears so clearly to be our reality may not be real at all. Or it may ...

  • Diana Raab

    Self-awareness, writing & setting intentions

    Diana shares the benefits of, and a method of intention-setting to help you understand the bigger picture and manifest what you want. Self-awareness may be thought of as having knowledge, understanding, and recognition of who you are. Knowing who you are means that you are mindful of your personality, character, ...

  • Liisa Halme

    Are you living in the heart?

    Even if we feel some pain or discomfort when we enter the heart, it is nothing compared to the pain and wounding we will have to suffer if we keep avoiding it. To live in the heart means living with intelligent awareness and intuitive knowing only accessible through connection to ...

  • Hayley Douglas

    Buddhism and the environment

    In seeking environmental sustainability, Buddhist philosophy provides practical wisdom – offering space to reassess and re-define our worldview. Buddhism lights the path towards transcending the anthropocentric (human-centric) age of today, through dealing directly with the individual mindset. A more balanced view of ourselves and the world in which we live begins ...

  • Stella Woods

    July – August stargazer

    Stella makes some startling discoveries and observations in Italy. Mars and Mercury go retrograde and we get a triple eclipse; how will this affect your drive and communication? Zodiac Sundial My journey began in the magnificent Milan cathedral as I looked upwards and saw a tiny hole in the roof. ...

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