• Ania Stan

    A return from burnout starts with a very simple step

    How do you know when to stop working so hard that your breath almost ceases and leaves you a walking dead? ...

  • Raym Richards

    And the blind shall see

    Raym’s client believes a past life curse has led to a lifetime of limitation. The cause is revealed, but it is not what he expects.   My client Bob is very quiet; he is in a state of awe and wonder. How is this possible? This is so clear, SO ...

  • Rev Rhonda Murray

    Putting ideas into action

    Ideas put into action enhance our lives and progress our world. Yet how often do we let our ideas die for lack of self-confidence or lack of strength to put them into action? What to do with intuitive inspiration Have you ever had a brilliant idea – an intuitive inspiration ...

  • Craig Fallshaw

    The hero’s journey

    Craig tells us that the hero is the one who takes action amid adversity. Based on his own personal and business experience, he shares his astute pointers to arm us with the ability to take that action when everything seems too hard.   It’s all about the journey, the odyssey, ...

  • Jacqui Bushell

    The Cathars – persecuted for truth?

    In medieval times, the Cathars, a spiritual faith in southern France that practised hands-on healing, pacifism and the equality of women, were severely persecuted for their beliefs. Their principles, many now believe, were part of an underground river of teachings, the ‘Way of love’.   Imagine this… Montsegur 1244 The ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – March & April horoscopes 2018

    Stella explores ancient Inca stargazing and discovers similarities with indigenous Australians. She discusses emotional balance during the upcoming equinox and lunar cycles, and gives seven top tips for a fruitful Autumn.   
Twice in a blue moon? If you missed all the excitement of late January’s super blue blood-red full ...

  • Barry & Joyce Vissell

    The many opportunities to trust

    Complete trust is a practice that can see us through difficult times and help us to have greater gratitude for our many blessings.   Imagine if we could completely trust that we are guided, protected and totally loved by an unseen higher power, that all that happens is a gift ...

  • Michelle Richmond

    Six action steps to a higher emotional intelligence

    We live fast and passionate lives with long to-do lists, never-ending schedules. It’s easy for life to rush past us as we frantically try to tick all the boxes – loving relationship, wealth, beauty, a family home, a flashy car, well balanced children… the list is endless.   Stress is ...

  • John Ptacek

    No U in love

    Love is where you are not.   It would bomb as a pick-up line, but it’s a concept of love worth pondering. They are the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a renowned spiritual teacher who travelled the world in the twentieth century extolling the merits of self-inquiry. At first the statement ...

  • Stella Woods

    January & February Stargazer 2018 horoscope

     2018 – a brand new year. Pluto in Capricorn – power to the people. Neptune in Pisces – fantasy vs reality. Uranus in Taurus – turning the world upside down.   2018 – A brand new year 2018 promises to be a brand new year for all, with two of ...

  • Raym Richards

    Death and life

    Raym’s client explores how a death in her past affects her ability to conceive now.   My client Kirra is screaming, her face contorted, her dark- skinned right hand pushed hard into the futon beneath her, fingers spread wide. Something invisible is pinning her wrist down as her body writhes around ...

  • Stella Woods

    Happy birthday Aquarius! Jan/Feb horoscope

    Jan 20 – Feb 19; the sun travels through Aquarius, noted for its egalitarian nature, progressive ideas and humanitarian bent.   Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I am different’ and ‘I am detached’. Aquarians are both radical and immovable at the same time. They will ...

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