• Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for October 2017

    Jupiter in Scorpio, Happy Birthday to Libra, and what the full moon holds in store for you.   Jupiter in Scorpio – a brand new story On the 11th October, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system will glide into water sign Scorpio for a year-long stay, blessing all ...

  • Barry & Joyce Vissell

    Can our light be totally eclipsed?

    We think our light can be completely blocked out by dark thoughts, but the presence of the light can never be completely hidden. The light is so much more powerful than the dark, and can never be totally totally eclipsed.   A few weeks ago, Joyce and I got to ...

  • Michelle Teunon

    The lessons of spring

    It is during spring that we delight in new beginnings and new possibilities. It is a wonderful time to use this momentum to propel you forward and take action to create what you wish for your life.   Spring is in the air! Spring is a time of birth, awakening, ...

  • Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

    Did you grow up with a lid over your life? Interview with Brandon Bays

    Speaking with international bestseller and world renowned authority on emotional healing and life transformation Brandon Bays recently, Elizabeth Jewell Stephens found out more about Brandon’s personal life and lessons learned from dealing with and overcoming deep personal trauma.   Brandon Bays is the founder of The Journey and creator of ...

  • Dustin Grinnell

    “Life is short, dude.”

    My dad’s messages had wedged themselves into the corners of my soul, and I had spent five years violating them. They were now becoming more difficult to ignore.   At 33 years old, I realized I had become too clinical, too practical. I needed a quest, a time for exploration. ...

  • Raym Richards

    Lost soul

    A client’s desire to understand the cause of her feelings of aloneness and separation lead her into a journey through bondage into freedom.   The intense stench of sweat, vomit, and faeces is overwhelming. I gag involuntarily, concerned for a moment that I might actually vomit and choke my physical ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for September 2017

    Feeling the need to spring-clean or change your diet now that spring equinox is approaching? That means you’re living in tune with the seasons, which is what astrology is really all about.   Spring Equinox – feeling lighter, brighter, and fresher Welcome to this spring edition of Stargazer. As we ...

  • Jo Buchanan

    My mum died yesterday

    One woman’s unexpected journey into the grieving process.    My mum died yesterday. I sat with her all day Friday. Like a discarded walnut after a merciless winter, her shrivelled body lay between white sheets, cuddling a doll. Constant stabs of pain caused her frail shell to jerk involuntarily and ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer — horoscope for August 2017

    Venus in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde, partial lunar eclipse, and more. What does your August horoscope say about your month?    Venus in Cancer – sugar and spice and all things nice Astrologers say Venus is ‘exalted’ in Cancer meaning she gets to show off her best qualities, namely the kind, nurturing, ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer — horoscope for July 2017

    Traditionally winter is a time of retreat and reflection. What else does your horoscope say about the rest of your month?   Beating the midwinter blues Welcome to the chilly winds of midwinter, and with four of the slower moving planets in retrograde motion, you may wonder if life has ...

  • Jules Sutherland

    What’s the spirit?

    A spiritual kid tries to reason with her rational parents.   Are you a spiritual person? I am. But depending on who’s asking, my answer to this question may vary a tad. Or a lot. I’ll explain. I am one of the very lucky people who had an incredibly fortunate ...

  • Raym Richards

    Day tripper

    A client’s stubborn chest pains and lethargy reveal an insight into an ayahuasca journey in her past.   We are in a dense forest and the pink sky is transiting to purple. The undergrowth around us fluoresces with an other-worldly brilliance. I hear the plants whispering to each other. The ...

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