• Miani Rose

    Why I love youth radio

    Radio is such an influential and freely accessible medium that can reach even the most remote areas of the world. So what happens when you combine the passion of young people with the medium of radio? Young people who are passionate about issues that matter to them are such a ...

  • Sponsored Article

    Top 5-day spa treatments at 5-star luxury hotels

    Five-star luxury hotels are a wonderful experience, particularly when day spa treatments are involved! Immersing yourself in the lap of luxury also means indulging in supreme spa treatments that restore, refresh and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. offers an aspirational range of accommodation, including five-star options at all destinations. ...

  • Philip J Bradbury

    Lighting up

    Lighting up takes a look at our choices and what future they can bring us  “Most enjoyable job, you ask me?” he snorted, shovelling in the last of his beans. “Not one of them. None of them’s been enjoyable!” “None?” I asked, trying to intervene. “Not a bloody one!” he ...

  • Raym Richards

    Megan uncovers the truth

    An activist uncovers the truth about government interference with her work and she does not like what she finds. I am in a vast, cool, limitless, dark space, which fades to black below me. Weightless, I am with my client Megan suspended next to me. I search for stars, trying ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – Autumn 2019

    Seven top tips for a fruitful autumn. Mercury retrograde in Pisces – honour your feelings. The origins & symbolism of Easter. Care for your body according to the lunar cycle. Lunar project planner. On March 21st the sun moved into Aries, heralding the golden season of autumn. On this day, ...

  • Joyce Vissell

    The golden key to happiness

    We can receive bountiful riches when we learn to truly give. Recently, my husband Barry and I attended the Cultural Awareness Program at the primary school where our grandson is in first grade. His grade of ten adorable students reenacted a Buddhist story from Cambodia. In this story a single ...

  • LivingNow

    5 life-changing lessons learned from tidying up with Marie Kondo

    While tidying up is not something profoundly life-changing for everyone, everyone can get a little something out of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show. Marie Kondo hit fame with her top-selling book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. Now she’s taken to Netflix to teach her tidying up skills. But that’s ...

  • Stella Woods

    Life after Brexit?

    Is there life after Brexit? Let’s take a look at the astrological energy surrounding this crucial milestone. In the UK, it’s virtually impossible to avoid becoming embroiled in a lively discussion or heated argument over Brexit. Everyone has an opinion but truth is, no one really knows what will happen after ...

  • Lesley Ens

    Cat connection

    A fearful and traumatised kitten arrived at my home. Her arrival and her presence in my life opened the door for me to heal my wounded heart, and led me on a path of communication with animals. Rafaella was found alone on a busy street at seven weeks old. She ...

  • Michelle Teunon

    The lessons of summer

    Summer is a period of outward activity and self-expression. What would you like to bring into your life in 2019? Summer is the time of year when the sun is at the height of its power – its flame is fully ignited, bursting with energy and radiance. We naturally feel ...

  • Georgie Tansley

    How understanding trauma can bring you closer to yourself and others

    Unresolved trauma, even something relatively minor, can show up in our lives in many ways. Here’s how to recognise it, deal with it, and create greater love and connection in our relationships. Let’s talk taboo Before we start taking about trauma we need to recognise that it is something that ...

  • Michelle Richmond

    Speechless, you marvel at the wonder of life

    Cover photo – Hyenas at sunset by Jean-Luc Garcette The tension builds in the safari Jeep, a sense of anxiety even, as crocodiles of immense proportions gather, emerging from the muddy depths. Their beady eyes peer from underneath the gnarly waters – and then you hear it… The sun is rising ...

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