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Creating a vision is an act of the soul. Translating it into a real-time, successful, efficient and financially rewarding business is also an act of the soul.

I have seen many clients flourish personally, financially and spiritually when they got crystal clear about their vision. Their vision became the powerhouse of their business and it inspired their marketing plans, their business ideas and their strategic alliances.

More and more people are building small businesses based on their vision for a better world. I call them ‘aware businesses’. It’s a new wave in business and I believe it has the potential to shift global awareness. They are often micro-businesses – one-person businesses – in coaching, healing, self-development, art, photography, publishing, building, event management…these aware businesses are bridging the gap between spirit and business. These small enterprises are an expression of an inner impulse – a vision, a clearly stated purpose, goal, or intention. It is for the benefit of all and the bigger and grander it is the better. Some of the statements I have heard include :

To support my clients to live a true life
To enlighten the world
To be a powerful voice in the community
To be the world’s best designer and communicator

As a writer, my statement is to use the power of words to uplift humanity.

Creating a vision is more about listening than writing or speaking – more about alignment with an inner impulse than a projection into the future. Your vision is unique to you and, when you find it, it will make you sing. Your vision is deeply embedded in your cells. It’s probably been there your whole life.

Getting clear about your vision statement and aligning your business with it, does produce miracles.

Behram Ghista, a Buddhist teacher, spoke about this recently in Sydney at the Aware Business Community. He said: When we are in alignment with ourselves there is a kind of magic that happens in everything that we do. To be in alignment with ourselves we have to love our selves.

Later someone in the audience asked: How do we love our selves? Behram said: You can only love someone you know. So make time to know yourself with the help of someone who already loves themselves and can therefore show you how.

I do believe we can all be both highly successful and highly spiritual, but there appears to be a deep divide between success and spirituality and many of us experience it first hand. Too many of us fail to convert our heart’s longing into a positive impact on the world. We take one or two steps and fall back into hopelessness. The voice of hopelessness starts its tirade: You can’t make money and follow your heart. You can’t charge too much for your services. You can’t sell yourself because that would be manipulative.

In the end, the great gift you have to give the world gets covered by your self-doubt and hopelessness.

Vision is the antidote for every kind of fear. We need to name it and stay in contact with it throughout the life of our business and work.

Vision is also access to the support and resources that your business so desperately needs. With a clearly stated vision, you become a magnet for the clients and the support that will make it happen.

Marketing consultant with Aware Marketing and my partner in the Aware Business Community, Julian Noel, works with clients to uncover their heartfelt vision. “Vision is transpersonal. When you get clear about your vision you find out that a lot of other people share your vision. All manner of support comes to you …that’s when the magic begins. Your business is now about serving your vision. You have tapped into a deeper level of reality, where you are aligned with something greater than yourself.”

Vision is the powerhouse of an aware business.

Try this:

What difference would you like to make in the life of your clients through your business? Write down the answer. Ask yourself this question another four times and continue to go deeper into it.
If you already have a vision for your business, share it with five people who haven’t heard it before.

Jacqueline Murphy is a Sydney-based writer and co-founder of the Aware Business Community. She enables aware businesses and individuals to express the unique language and heart of their work. 


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