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The vibration we put out into the world

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When we change our internal vibration, we change the vibration we are putting out into the world. Only then can the universe (or whatever we call God) start to work with us.


Our minds are powerhouses of potential, and our feelings are the ignition switch. It’s not just what we think and believe that determines our future, it is how we feel about ourselves and our lives right now. We can choose to move from victim mode – blaming others when things go wrong – to self-mastery. Feelings, combined with what we focus on in our minds, are our greatest magnet for good. They are a powerful creative force to bring health, happiness, and success into our lives.

It’s not that mind power alone doesn’t work. We can focus our thoughts on a certain sum of money, or a particular car or house, and often that is what will come to us, but it may not be satisfying. The money may come and go, the house or car may not turn out as we wanted. That’s why it is important to add the element of joy to what we want to attract and to believe we are worthy of it. Visualise how it feels to have a home that is a family blessing, a car that brings pleasure to all who ride in it, or an income that allows sharing and caring.

This feeling is most effective when we feel joy and satisfaction in the present moment and practise feeling grateful for what we have now: our income regardless of amount, the roof over our heads, the means of transport we use, even if it is a train or bus.

A young man I know has recently proven this for himself. Like many twenty-somethings, he wanted more – more money, a car, more fun. He resented the fact that his siblings and friends seemed more successful than he was, erroneously thinking they were smarter and more talented. He spent money he had not earned, he had a series of jobs he did not like, and he slipped into the victim mode of self-pity, loneliness, and rejection. His negative thinking and emotions attracted unemployment, the end of a long-term relationship, and subsequently, homelessness.

He realised his life was at a crossroads and it would be a long slide downwards if he didn’t change his beliefs and how he felt about himself. He made a conscious decision to change his life, and felt a spark of hope within him that perhaps he could find a way up. When we change our internal vibration, we change the vibration we are putting out into the world. Only then can the universe (or whatever we call God) start to work with us.

Soon, he was offered temporary accommodation and started to explore his passions and talents. He researched employment opportunities, and applied for training in his greatest passion: cooking. Now, he is a very happy apprentice chef, loving every day in the kitchen of a successful restaurant.

Perhaps his story will inspire someone else to change their thoughts and beliefs about themselves and life, and find enjoyment in the results!

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Rev Rhonda Murray


Rhonda Murray has been a Unity Minister for 24 years, and conducts regular classes and Sunday services at Unity Brisbane (Unity Reflections of Truth) in person and online. Rhonda shares the Unity teachings of personal development, spiritual awareness, and Bible metaphysical interpretation.

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