Intuitive coaching

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You may have heard before, ‘you have all the answers within’. Most spiritual philosophies agree with this statement but many of us don’t know how to access this wisdom other than in occasional moments of serendipity.


Those moments of connection, rightness, excitement, and joy come from being in alignment with your heart, mind, and soul. It’s the sweet spot, or your genius life zone where everything seems to come together, but how do you get to that spot on a regular basis? How can you live your life from that spot?

This is where intuitive coaching can help.

The unseen factor

When you start looking for a coach you know you are not happy where you are. There is a sense of something missing. Sometimes you have an idea of goals you’d like to work towards but the problem is you’re not too sure how to get there and you’re concerned you don’t have what it takes to do so. This is especially true if there’s a big gap between where you are and what you want.

Together with your coach you can break down the steps required for the journey, plot tasks, and then have your coach keep you accountable as you make the journey from where you are to the success of your end goal.

But then there’s the ‘unseen factor’. This is to do with your soul and your goals. Are the goals you want to achieve in alignment with what you as a soul have come here to do or be? If they are, you’ll be successful but, if not, you’ll struggle. Or you will achieve your goals and still feel dissatisfied. Or, you’ll get there only to turn away and start another path in the hope of finding the answer, for there will still be something missing.

This is where intuitive coaching can make all the difference.

The right answers

Intuitive coaching is about asking the right kinds of questions from the beginning to make sure your goals are in alignment with your soul’s journey. When you do this there’s more clarity, more sense of purpose and mission, and more serendipity in the achievements. Your soul is the part of you that has the right answers, but those answers are not revealed unless you ask the right questions. It is this ability that makes a coach the right one for you.

When you are looking for a coach take note of the questions they ask. If they feel like the right ones and you feel like they will challenge your thinking and help you grow, or if you get a resounding gut response of ‘yes’ to the person, then that coach is right for you.

And when you start hearing the right answers from within you’ll have proof you have the right one!


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