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It’s all about love

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My teacher told me, “You can’t explain away magic”. Haha, of course my brain wanted to do exactly that.
As I come into the coffee shop I move my eyes to the left. Something pulls them to a girl sitting there at the window looking at the man whose back is turned to me. The girl radiates to the man. I order my coffee to go, as I need to take the tram later on, and I see them leave.

It’s busy inside, Sunday morning, Amsterdam – I move outside. It snowed last night and the tram is nowhere to be seen – so I quietly walk to the waiting strip. Then recognise the hairdo of a girl. It’s the same girl and now I watch the man. They are totally oblivious of me, absolutely absorbed into one another. I read the energy. It bubbles, it floats, it radiates and grows. They beam and are feeling the energy of the other. They feel with all there is; the young man moves his head closer to her neck and she moves into his. They are not talking but communicate fully in appreciation of what the other is. It’s strong, their energy. They close their eyes to even move deeper into the other and the ball of energy around them is growing. It’s not sexual, but for sure it’s love. A communication of total openness. I am the witness of love weaving. Its spirit is moving all around. What is love then? This total awareness with open heart for sure is one of its forms.

There is an Aboriginal song that starts with the voice of an old man saying: ”There are many loves. From the bee to the flower, from the Sun to the Earth, from the father to his child, from the woman to a man. There are many loves”.

I remember a meeting that I had in the summer time with a big bunch of nettles. While I enjoyed walking on a small path I passed this field of green nettles. The green was vibrating and seemed extremely clear and I stopped to look at it. I then said to these plants with all my heart, ”You look so fabulous, beautiful, and I have never felt such a lovely green buzz.” Suddenly I felt this wave of pure love going through my body, and I was deeply moved. I realised that the plants radiated their love to me – a total unexpected appreciation from the plants to me. I then caressed the plants, moving my hand softly through them. Not one nettle bit me. I thanked them for their love and with a big smile moved on. I experienced pure love from the nettles to me.

There are many ways to find and talk about love.

And one day there was a big ‘Hello’ from a group of trees when I did a healing ceremony for a man who had lost the love of his wife. In shamanism there is a ritual that helps a person with his grief. The grief is acknowledged and given to a stone. We thank the universe around for its support and invite the ancestors to help this person. In this case I also thanked the spirit of the trees standing there and suddenly heard – unexpectedly – a loud ‘Hello’ back to me. I had to hide my joy in hearing that because of the circumstances. So in my mind I said, “Could you please give me the time to finish helping this person further so I can come back to you?” and then later on, got back to the trees.

Suddenly my body starts breathing loudly, energy raises my arms, I need to hold them up, my breath goes out and goes deeply in again, I am aware of vibrations moving up with my arms. The breath goes out and I feel how energy moves from my head downwards. My hands go down with it. I realise the trees are teaching me through moving my body. I become witness of the body that moves.

My teacher told me, “You can’t explain away magic”. Haha, of course my brain wanted to do exactly that.


Blue Star is a shaman, healer, counsellor and teacher. She spent some years with Chief Dancing Thunder and other teachers. She passes on her knowledge through spiritual journeying, shamanistic techniques, and channelling.

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