January & February Stargazer 2018 horoscope

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 2018 – a brand new year. Pluto in Capricorn – power to the people. Neptune in Pisces – fantasy vs reality. Uranus in Taurus – turning the world upside down.


2018 – A brand new year

2018 promises to be a brand new year for all, with two of the major planets, Saturn and Uranus, changing zodiac sign. Conservative Saturn recently joined Pluto in practical earth sign Capricorn, while from May onwards, revolutionary Uranus will rock traditional earth sign Taurus for the next seven years. And when the earth moves… we all move with it!

The year opens with Mars and Jupiter together in Scorpio, helping us all make changes for the better. Scorpio often gets a bad rap, but there’s no doubt that this outwardly cool water sign knows how to use secrecy, cunning, and strategy to achieve its objectives. Mars in Scorpio (until 26th January) is a great time for those born under the sign of Scorpio to move forward in life – and for the rest of us to learn a thing or two about the efficiency of strategic, cool-headed action.

2018 astro energies

Pluto in Capricorn – EARTH
Neptune in Pisces – WATER
Uranus in Taurus – EARTH
Chiron in Pisces – WATER
Saturn in Capricorn – EARTH
Jupiter in Scorpio – WATER

When you look at the element balance for the outer planets for 2018, the pattern is pretty clear – all earth and water, with no air and no fire. Earth and water are the divine feminine or yin elements of the zodiac. Earth deals with the practical, animal, and mundane areas of life – the environment, food, body, health, money, housing, and anything connected with basic physical survival. Water relates to the heart and emotional connections, including family ties, friendships, feelings, and relationships.

The good news is that earth and water work well together. Think of a majestic river flowing through an ancient canyon, a fertile field with plentiful rainfall producing abundant food, kind parents and neighbours providing shelter and security for their families and communities. The bad news is that without the fast-paced dynamism and creative inspiration of fire, or the innovative ideas and ingenious solutions of air, we could risk getting bogged down and find it difficult to move forward. On the other hand, in our crazy, 24/7 world, perhaps a period of more grounded energy is exactly what is needed to create new foundations.

Pluto in Capricorn – power to the people

Pluto, the destroyer and transformer, has been shaking up the traditional Capricorn structures of banking, finance, housing, government, and the economy for the past decade since his arrival in Capricorn in 2008 at the start of the global financial crisis. And with Saturn joining Pluto in Capricorn this year, we can expect more of the same, i.e. death of outmoded hierarchical and authoritarian structures in all areas of the globe. Any king, queen, prime minister, president, CEO, or government who fails to live up to their responsibilities is doomed!

Neptune in Pisces – fantasy vs reality

Neptune rules the world of fantasy and escapism – in Neptune’s world there are no boundaries. Since his arrival in home sign Pisces in 2011, the world of virtual reality has blossomed and now with Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter, everyone can be a writer, social commentator, movie star, photographer, film maker, or creative genius. Nothing wrong with that of course – think of the stranglehold the film industry, national press, music producers and mainstream TV channels had on creativity until the rise of digital media, social media, and the smart phone.

But what if you don’t feel beautiful, talented, creative or perfect? Rates of depression are soaring, particularly amongst younger people, many of whom live in a world where they feel they can never match up, and popularity is measured by ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The rise in eating disorders, mental illness, social isolation and low self-esteem is the shadow side of Neptune in Pisces. We need to learn to distinguish fantasy from reality and value ourselves and each other.

Uranus in Taurus – turning the world upside down

Now this is the real exciting headline astro transit for 2018 – seriously! Uranus spends roughly seven years in each zodiac sign and will move from Aries to Taurus in May this year. The function of Uranus is to blow apart the status quo, creating freedom and independence via new technology, new ideas and revolution. Seven years of Uranus in warlike, fast-paced Aries has brought the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street movement, the rise of Islamic State and destruction of Syria, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump in the USA, North Korea’s missile program and the FIFA, Hollywood & Westminster scandals (money laundering, racketeering, sexual harassment and false expenses claims). And all these events were photographed, recorded, shared, and discussed on social media via the exponentially expanding and Uranian smart phone technology.

So what can we expect as revolutionary Uranus journeys through Taurus for the next seven years?

What a wonderful world

Many astrologers believe Taurus rules Planet Earth. If so, with Uranus in Taurus we can expect a major rethink on environment and climate – how we grow, harvest, and distribute food, and how we treat our earth and use its gifts of fresh air, clean water, natural energy and resources. Or perhaps there will be a wakeup call via global catastrophes, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, rising sea levels, global warming, and further destruction of the natural wonders of our world, like the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica and the Amazon Basin. Many people I speak to really understand this and are taking action both in their own lives and on a political level to change things. Environment and sustainable living were fringe concepts thirty years ago. They’re not now and Uranus in Taurus will revolutionise the way we treat our planet over the next decade.

Money money money

The astro glyph for Taurus is a bull and Taurus is the prime symbol for money. Historically the more cattle you had, the wealthier you were, but we can expect Uranus in Taurus to completely revolutionise the banking and financial system. Cash, pensions, insurance, credit cards, loans, taxation, investment, superannuation, share and currency markets – they’re all up for grabs! Cheques, common a generation ago, have practically disappeared and so has high street banking. Now there’s an increasing move towards a cashless economy. In Sweden, just 1% of the value of all transactions were made in cash last year with some establishments ceasing to accept cash payments altogether to prevent theft and reduce administration.

This decade we’ll probably say goodbye to job security and the guarantee of government pensions, but on the bright side, people will come up with all sorts of alternative ways of making, saving, storing and borrowing money, as they did during the Great Depression of the 1930s, which happened last time Uranus was in Taurus. Will we ditch our credit/debit cards and just use our phones to pay for things instead? What about bartering, swapping, sharing, and crowdfunding? Store and restaurant loyalty programs? Online auctions? Or digital currency like Bitcoin (aka cybercash) where the money exists only in electronic form and can be transferred between users and across borders or restricted to online communities via credits like Facebook or gaming networks?

Home is where the heart is

Taurus is a symbol for basic security and possessions. No young person I meet can afford to buy a home or get a home loan without help. The current system is not working, so under Uranus in Taurus the whole concept and ideal of home ownership is likely to change. Think share houses, subdividing, squatting, homestays, couchsurfing, multiple generations of the family under the same roof, build your own home, kit houses, renovations of rundown properties, friends pooling money to create purpose-built accommodation, (not owning a home and renting for life), moving to more affordable areas, smaller houses and apartments, or moving overseas to cheaper countries.

Will we have a housing market crash? If few can afford to buy houses, no one wants to buy them, or if the idea of owning a large home becomes unfashionable, unattainable, or undesirable, some sections of the market will crash for sure. And perhaps there will be more focus on who’s actually living in the home, rather than the colour of the feature wall! Plus the topic of funding care for an ageing population is bound to raise its head, perhaps with changes to the law meaning people will need to sell their family home to fund their retirement or health care, rather than passing the asset on to future generations.

You are what you eat

Taurus rules the earth, money, and bricks and mortar, but it also rules agriculture and by extension, food. Mealtimes have always been a central part of human culture – a chance to enjoy food with friends and family and a time to relax in a nurturing environment and share stories. But nowadays many of us eat alone, on the run, or not at all. We have an obesity and eating disorder crisis in the West with millions of people allergic to toxins in food and millions more on special diets. Uranus in Taurus could change all that.

How? By making it fashionable to eat proper food that nourishes the body and feeds the soul. By promoting good quality sleep and rest and a return to a more natural way of life. By listening to the body and living in tune with the seasons, with more focus on maintaining health and less on building wealth. Expect more home-cooked food, eating produce in season, farmers’ markets, biodynamic and organic agriculture, lots of fruit and veg, juicing, home cooking, slow cooking and slow eating, saying no to additives and preservatives, sharing food with others and opting for healthy eating choices in cafes and restaurants. The number of vegetarians and vegans is on the rise and everywhere I go I hear people talking about Ayurvedic medicine, bone broth, and detoxing. These were fringe concepts just a few years ago, but life is no fun if you’re body’s not working properly. In 431 BCE, the Greek physician Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” His advice still rings true today. The best way to heal our planet is by healing ourselves.

Sex & the Body Beautiful

Venus – goddess of beauty, sensuality, and pleasure – is the ruler of Taurus, meaning our appreciation of all things beautiful, sensual, and earthy will be revolutionised as Uranus moves through Taurus. At its most fundamental this could see a new appreciation of women themselves, plus an appreciation of the different shapes, sizes and ages of peoples’ bodies; a focus on earthy sensuality and sexuality and an explosion of interest in natural fibres, natural cosmetics and organic potions and lotions. We could also see appreciation and respect for people of native and traditional cultures who live closer to the earth and have much to teach us about living a balanced and harmonious life.

Seeing Earth in a new light

Finally with Uranus in Taurus, we may start to view Earth itself in a completely different light. Satellite and space technology, Google Earth, and drones are already helping us to see our planet with fresh eyes. Pyramids and other ancient structures are being discovered and excavated, ancient cities and treasures beneath the sea are gradually revealing their secrets, evidence of sophisticated pre-diluvian cultures with advanced technology are coming to light (the 50-ton megaliths at temples in Gobekli Tepe in Turkey date back 12,000 years)… and that’s before we even consider who or what might be responsible for crop circles! We can look forward to many more exciting and revolutionary discoveries about our planet over the next decade.

Saturn in Capricorn – get your s#*t together!

In the final days of December, with the festive season in full swing, Saturn the great karmic teacher slipped quietly out of fire sign Sagittarius and into home sign Capricorn just in time for New Year’s Eve. When a planet travels through its natural domain it graciously displays its finer qualities. In Saturn’s case this equates to common sense, order, structure, organisation, rules, hard work and a rational, realistic approach to life. Saturn’s transit through Capricorn (Dec 2017 – March 2020) is a pivotal time for making new commitments, setting fresh goals, and then working hard to make them happen.

2018 – Year of the Earth Dog

The Chinese New Year falls on the 16th February at the Aquarius new moon, heralding the Year of the Earth Dog. The keyword for 2018 is ACTION – the year holds much promise, but you could find yourself exhausted by the end of it! The theme of action combines nicely with the preponderance of planets in earth signs, meaning it’s a year for planning ahead, working hard, and keeping your feet on the ground.

In Chinese astrology, those born in the Year of the Dog (2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922) are considered to be fair-minded, faithful, honest, courageous, and prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions, and desires for the sake of others, particularly those they love. Fiercely loyal, they will jump to the defence of anyone they feel has been wronged. Their warmth, empathy and genuine interest in others mean they have many friends. Those born in the Year of the Dog can expect a pleasant and productive year ahead, particularly with regard to finances.
I’d like to wish all LivingNow readers a very happy new year, and thank you for your support!

January & February Moon calendar

Launch projects at the new moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to the third quarter phase, and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon. Important events such as parties, conferences, and weddings are best held close to the full moon or when the moon is in the same sign as your star sign.



Date Sign Element Moon Phase
1st Gemini Air
1st-3rd Cancer Water Full moon 2nd
3rd-5th Leo Fire
5th-7th Virgo Earth
7th-10th Libra Air Third quarter
10th-12th Scorpio Water
12th-15th Sagittarius Fire
15th-17th Capricorn Earth New moon 17th
17th-20th Aquarius Air
20th-22nd Pisces Water
22nd-25th Aries Fire
25th-27th Taurus Earth First quarter
27th-29th Gemini Air
29th-31st Cancer Water
31st Leo Fire




Date Sign Element Moon phase
1st-2nd Leo Fire Full moon 1st
Lunar eclipse


Virgo Earth
4th-6th Libra Air
6th-9th Scorpio Water Third quarter
9th-11th Sagittarius Fire
11th-14th Capricorn Earth
14th-16th Aquarius Air New moon
Partial solar eclipse
Chinese New Year
16th-18th Pisces Water
18th-21st Aries Fire



Taurus Earth


Gemini Air First quarter
25th-27th Cancer Water
27th-28th Leo Fire


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