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Stargazer – horoscope Jan/Feb 2017

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2017 predictions.

I’d like to wish all LivingNow readers a happy new year filled with joy, adventure, love, learning and positive experiences! As usual at this time of year, I will be discussing the general energy in the months ahead.

Innovation, flexibility and change

The overall vibe for 2017 is change – new ideas, innovative solutions and flexibility. As was the case in 2016, none of the planets governing collective trends (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter) will be in fixed zodiac signs – meaning just about everything is up for grabs. Also like last year, there is an ongoing desire for revolution, with Uranus and Saturn in the dynamic fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius.

2016 was certainly a year of revolution and surprise with the Brexit victory; Donald Trump’s election; Pauline Hanson’s return to the Senate and the resignation of both the New Zealand and Italian Prime Ministers. But 2016 was also a ‘nine’ year in numerology, meaning the end of an old cycle. Conversely, 2017 is a ‘one’ year marking the beginning of a new cycle (2+0+1+7 = 10, which reduces to 1+0 = 1). We can expect even more revolution and change this year, building on the ashes of the events of 2016.

Clearly major changes lie ahead for the USA and Britain at both local and international level, while alongside America’s Donald Trump and Britain’s Theresa May, there will be new leaders in New Zealand, Italy, France and possibly Germany. With Trump in charge, the balance of power between Russia, China and the US looks set to shift in ways we probably can’t even imagine!

Seeking the gold within

On 28th January at the Aquarius new moon, the Chinese will celebrate their New Year – the year of the ‘red fire rooster’, considered to be a time for quick thinking and practical solutions. 2017 also marks the final stint of Saturn’s three-year journey through fire sign Sagittarius, encouraging us to live and breathe our personal truth, ethics and principles. Over the past two years, Saturn in Sagittarius has clashed with Neptune in Pisces, eroding old beliefs and ways of life while smoothing the path to a more authentic way of being. One astrologer described this as a four-stage process – firstly confusion and disorientation, then renunciation, then withdrawal, and finally dissolution and release. If you look at your own life, and the lives of those around you, you’ll see many things have been washed away over the past couple of years. For some possessions, titles and status have become less important while others have realised the true value of friendship, integrity, love and compassion.

Creating a new future

Putting all this together, we can see that world consciousness is shifting into a new dimension, and the old rules no longer apply. As many struggle to move from disbelief over the political events of 2016 to a growing acceptance that change is inevitable, we can choose to prepare for the next stage and create a fresh space full of new possibilities, or we can bury our heads in the sand and hope everything will return to ‘normal’.

For those feeling apprehensive about the future, on either a personal or global level, consider that, astrologically, we are living through a period that closely parallels the events of the late 1960s, a time of massive social change, explosive creativity and innovation that paved the way for the great environmental, feminist and social justice movements of the 1970s. But life moves in spirals, not circles, and this time round we have the exponential power of the internet and social media to share our knowledge, power, ideas and creativity. Together we can create miracles, and 2017 is a pivotal year in this ongoing journey. What part are you going to play?

Featured zodiac signs


From 21st December to 20th January the sun travels through earth sign Capricorn, noted for its shrewdness, self-discipline, determination to get ahead and respect for tradition and authority. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I aspire’ and ‘I persist’. Capricorns have practical and executive ability, are very responsible, and love status. They are prepared to work incredibly hard to achieve their dreams and goals. Those born under the sign of the goat often lead a solitary existence, feeling burdened by the responsibility they carry and struggling with the limitations of material life. At best they use their leadership skills to serve the community and act as pillars of strength for friends and family, believing patient, hard work brings its own rewards.

Negatively, Capricorns can be selfish, mean, ruthless and materialistic with a tendency to arrogance and autocratic or controlling behaviour. In medical astrology, Capricorn rules the skin, knees and bones, and also has a reflex action on the stomach. When Capricorns are out of balance they can suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, skin complaints such as rashes and boils, and digestive disturbances. There can be a tendency towards pessimism and depression. The Capricorn colours are brown and black. Capricorn’s greatest lesson is to lighten up and express their feelings and emotions.


From 20th January to 18th February the sun travels through fixed air sign Aquarius, noted for his egalitarian nature, progressive ideas and humanitarian bent. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac with keywords ‘I am different’ and ‘I am detached’. Aquarians are both radical and immovable at the same time. They will often espouse a social or religious movement such as feminism, Buddhism or environmentalism, and then remain committed to it for the rest of their lives. Those born under the sign of the water bearer often look to the future and have fine minds and a higher vision for society. Many Aquarians excel in the areas of science, technology and politics. At best they use their cool-headed idealism to serve humanity. Negatively, Aquarians can be detached and aloof with a rebellious or fanatical streak. In medical astrology, Aquarius rules the calves, ankles and general circulation. When Aquarians are out of balance they can suffer from varicose veins, sprained ankles, irregularities of the heart action and fluid build-up. The Aquarian colours are turquoise, aqua and silver. Aquarius’s greatest lesson is to learn to care for and relate to individuals rather than groups.

2017 horoscopes

Aries With Jupiter in your house of partnership this year, you could meet the love of your life, get engaged or enjoy increased joy and happiness in your existing relationship, but relationships that are going nowhere fast could suddenly end. Study and travel are favoured, providing you do your research and don’t just jump in.
Taurus Work-life balance is the key this year. Knowing when to chill and when to roll up your sleeves. On the health front there’s the potential to create a truly balanced life and get to the bottom of any emotional or physical health issues. Plus you’ll feel great satisfaction when you get your home, office, garage, shed and finances in order!
Gemini If you’re dating someone special, 2017 could be the year to tie the knot. It’s also a great time to fall pregnant, take a few risks in love and, if you’re happy with your current partner, break out of your normal routine and have some fun. And if love doesn’t float your boat, 2017 is also the year to launch new creative projects.
Cancer Health and home are two key areas for 2017 – if you take care of these you can’t go wrong. Renovating, decorating, buying and selling property are all favourable activities and you could even find yourself in a new home. As for health… you know what you have to do!
Leo 2017 promises to be a busy and stimulating year with the chance to learn, teach, write, publish and meet new and interesting people. With Saturn helping you ground your creativity, and Uranus opening up opportunities for travel and study, things are looking good.
Virgo 2017 promises to be a lucky year financially. Expect opportunities to earn more money and an easing in your financial situation, coupled with an increase in self-worth. You could also find yourself taking on more responsibility for a family member or making structural changes to your home.
Libra Each year, one lucky zodiac sign gets to host generous and benevolent Jupiter for a whole year, and this year it’s your turn! Don’t waste this opportunity – if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, make a start as soon as possible and enjoy the excitement of pursuing your dream.
Scorpio 2017 could be a year of endings coupled with time spent alone reflecting. If you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, commit to making a change, however small. Your intuition is particularly strong; so trust the messages coming from within. Lucky Jupiter will enter Scorpio in November marking the beginning of a brand new 12-year cycle.
Sagittarius 2017 is the year to reap the results of all the hard work, changes and sacrifices you’ve made over the past two years. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and make sure you take plenty of time out for rest and recuperation. Friends will be a source of comfort and pleasure.
Capricorn Career is favoured throughout 2017, which could lead to a promotion at work, recognition for your efforts, a pay rise or some other career highlight. You may even decide to change career completely or take early retirement. Make sure you take some time off just for yourself.
Aquarius 2017 looks set to be an enjoyable year with the promise of travel, study and new encounters with interesting people. Perhaps you’ll take an overseas trip, enrol in a course, publish a blog, go on a retreat, or expand your mind in some other way.
Pisces 2017 is a great time to seek out venture capital, plan your retirement, check your superannuation, start a business, and invest money wisely. Career is also favoured, which could lead to a promotion at work, recognition for your efforts, or a pay rise.


Moon calendar

Launch projects at the new moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to the third quarter phase, and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the full moon or when the moon is in the same sign as your star sign.



Date Sign Element Moon phase
1st-2nd Aquarius Air
2nd– 5th Pisces Water
5th-7th Aries Fire First quarter
7th-9th Taurus Earth
9th-11th Gemini Air
11th-13th Cancer Water Full moon 12th
13th-15th Leo Fire
15th-17th Virgo Earth
17th-20th Libra Air
20th-22nd Scorpio Water Third quarter
22nd-25th Sagittarius Fire
25th-27th Capricorn Earth
27th-30th Aquarius Air New moon 28th

Chinese new year

30th-1st Pisces Water



Date Sign Element Moon phase
1st-3rd Pisces Water
1st– 3rd Aries Fire
3rd-5th Taurus Earth First quarter
5th-7th Gemini Air
7th-9th Cancer Water
9th-11th Leo Fire Full moon 11th
Lunar eclipse
12th-14th Virgo Earth
14th-16th Libra Air
16th-19th Scorpio Water
19th-21st Sagittarius Fire Third quarter
21st-24th Capricorn Earth
24th-26th Aquarius Air
26th-28th Pisces Water New moon 27th
Solar eclipse
28th-2nd Aries Fire


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