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Every single one of us is, without exception, artistic and immensely creative. You can’t help but create with every thought and every emotion and your life reflects your innate creativity.


Yes, I know you are maybe thinking that it is easy for me, a professional spiritual artist, to say art is natural; but perhaps your experience has been less than fulfilling. So let me invite you to take a journey into the incredibly amazing realm of your creative self!

Do you know you are the most amazing person you will ever know?! Yet we often spend time criticising or being overly harsh on ourselves, or worse still, ignoring our inner world as we chase after ‘stuff’ such as the perfect job, soulmate, home and possessions. Just in case you need to be reminded, fulfilment and/or happiness is an inside job. As the mantra says, ‘you’ are the jewel in the lotus, so get to know yourself and embrace the gift of who you are. You are unique and you can never again walk this way, in this body, in these circumstances. Drop the restraint, the fear, the “I can’t” and step into creativity and discover your inner jewel.

Learning creativity

I am a self-taught artist who has been assisting people to explore their inner world for many years. Personally I do not believe I can ‘teach’ anything, but I can offer support, advice and sometimes a gentle and loving push in the right direction. I just love watching people who may have been traumatised and are convinced they have no talent or ability, blossom artistically once they dare to go beyond their self-imposed limitations. One major handicap to creativity is the rote ‘learned’ technique that produces a recognisable image, but restrains all spontaneity or inspiration. Yes, you can create the same drawing as everyone else but you neglect your own personal expression.

The key to truly creating powerful, spiritually influenced work is to connect to your own personal inner master and allowing that power to draw or paint through you. We do this through the ancient method of the golden mean, sacred geometry or the real Da Vinci code (nothing to do with the movie or the book!). This code is seen in all of nature and is the sacred ratio found in all ancient temples, including the pyramids. This is why, when we enter these ancient buildings, we get a spiritual buzz as our chakras open and we feel a sensuous embrace of spiritual light. It is no mystery; it is simply sacred geometry in action.


One of the most powerful and spiritually connected art pieces you can create is your own personal mandala. The mandala is based on the sacred circle which heightens manifestation and helps focus your mind and your soul on your desires. The wonderful thing about a mandala is that even a novice can work with geometrical images and produce a beautiful piece of work. Using sacred geometry, spiritual guidance and ancient wisdom, your mandala is placed in your home to activate certain energies. If you understand the power of feng shui you will understand how powerful and life-changing such placements are. Of course, something you have created with spiritual guidance, love and focus is going to bring speedy manifestations and balance to your life and to your spiritual journey.

Twelve months ago I created a mandala based on sacred geometry and the appropriate colours and patterns along with spiritual guidance to be placed in my ‘fame’ section of my house. Since then I have had a new book published which has recently gone into world-wide distribution. I have been interviewed on Sydney TV, I have released another meditation CD, I illustrated the Garry Wiseman Animal Divination Cards, and I have just signed a contract to produce a movie-length DVD on sacred goddess work.

They key is not so much the mandala but the fact that I made it with love, spiritual alignment and focus and then I intended it to activate this section of my life.


The first rule of spiritual art is intent. Like most things in life, it all begins with where your mind is. As you intend to create something beautiful, and explore your inner world, you will discover you can suddenly create beauty. Begin with some inexpensive butchers’ paper, and a few coloured crayons. Raid your children’s pencil box, or pop down to your local op-shop and buy really inexpensive materials. You will soon discover your favourite medium.

Then begin to simply scribble and sketch. Allow your instincts to simply pick up a colour and sweep it across the paper. One of my favourite exercises is to close your eyes and simply scribble seemingly at random. When you open them you will be amazed at the animal shapes or images that come through. These images can then be transferred to a large piece of paper or to a canvas. This exercise helps you loosen up and open to new possibilities. After a few of these exercises you will begin to see a theme or a pattern. Make a note of these images and ask yourself what they invoke within. You may even wish to meditate with your art piece to give you even clearer direction. I often suggest to pull a card from a tarot or divination deck to give more inspiration.


Another powerful way to explore art is to draw your dreams. Most of us keep dream journals to help us record the messages, but when we transfer the main theme of the dream into an art piece we often get deeper insight. We use other parts of the mind and the brain when we employ art. This is usually referred to as the ‘right’ side of the brain, and there are many books and workshops based on exploring the more feminine or intuitive part of the brain. Some of the exercises include drawing with your other hand, drawing an object upside-down and drawing an object without looking at the paper. These drawings look ‘other-worldly’ and show us another part of the human brain/mind that can be surprising, to say the least. So combine ‘right-brain’ drawing with an image of your dream, and see what happens. It can be pretty surreal!

As you continue to explore, begin to play with other media. I usually encourage people to start with pencils, crayons and pastels, as these are the easiest to work with and do not require canvases or expensive paper. However, you will soon discover there are limitations to dry materials, and some of the soft expressions you are trying to capture can more readily be created with watercolours or acrylics. The biggest problem with watercolours is that they dry very fast, sometimes too fast, whereas with oils they dry slowly, sometimes too slowly. Acrylics fall mid-way between.

Each medium has its strong and weak points and it all depends on what you are trying to express. Again, through experimentation and a lot of ‘oops’ moments you will discover the boundaries of choice. Some of my best pieces have come from ‘oops’ moments. Don’t give up; see what you can develop from the ‘oops’.


Because I have never had formal training I ‘invented’ techniques and named them, only to find out that other artists had already discovered them. The technique of dry-brush scrumbling can give a wonderful effect and I only discovered it by accident. I still think my name for it (scushing) is far more descriptive!

My motive for exploring art came from a desire to show people what I was clairvoyantly seeing. Subsequently I have discovered so much about myself and about the inner realm of possibilities. Now I use art as therapy, both for myself and others. When I have a dream or a vision I do not understand I draw it and gain deeper awareness. If I have a problem or I feel attacked or upset by events in my life, I draw how I feel and am able to ‘exorcise’ that particular demon. When I need to forgive myself, or others, I draw it and then burn and release it as a prayer. The possibilities are endless and so empowering.


Take the courage to explore your inner world and enhance your innate creative ability. There are many teachers and organisations that offer a variety of courses and workshops. Many TAFE colleges also offer art workshops, but I would caution you to explore on your own first in order to discover your own inner voice. Those of you familiar with my work will recognise my distinctive style. You too have a voice and a face to your art that is uniquely yours. Yes, you will be influenced by other artists, and inspired by great pieces of work. Keep in mind that the art you produce should reflect YOU; your beautiful soul, and your unique life journey.

Don’t hold back. Begin to explore your natural talents and discover your spirit through art, creativity and focus. You will find your guiding energies strengthen and become clearer and, even more importantly you will fall in love with your soul as you blossom into your creative self.


Lesley Crossingham is a spiritual artist whose life and creativity has taken her right around the world. She has sat in the ashrams of Asia, meditated with Sufi masters in North Africa and studied with Native American Indian medicine people on the reservations of northern Canada. She now lives in Queensland, sharing her art, music, inspiration and channeled wisdom.

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