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July 2020 astrology – Stargazer – 
Stella Woods

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Halfway through the year…

What a year it’s been – the devastation of the bushfires, the coronavirus lockdown, the Black Lives Matter protests and much, much more. As we find ourselves half way through 2020, it’s time to pause, catch our breath and reflect on the events of the past six months.

July looks set to be an interesting month! So I’ve included a horoscope or chart showing the position of the planets. We have three main players: Capricorn, Cancer and Aries. They form what astrologers call a T-square, meaning their energies are incompatible and clash with each other. Let’s take a closer look.

July 2020 astrology chart Australia

Capricorn – I champion authority and law

Firstly, notice the cluster of planets at the 3 / 4 o’clock position on the chart – Saturn, Pallas, Pluto and Jupiter. You’ll see they are all bunched together between 23 degrees and 29 degrees of Capricorn. This means they’re working as a team. Plus they’re all retrograde, as shown by the small red ‘R’ next to each planetary symbol, in other words, they’re going over old ground.

While much has been written about the 2020 Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn as a long-overdue catalyst for societal change, their conjunction with the asteroid Pallas in Capricorn has been mentioned less often. Pallas symbolises holistic wisdom via the union of feminine and masculine intelligence. She provides sudden insight and ‘wake up calls’, often in a violent or disruptive manner. She shows us the path to wisdom, understanding and a better future, no matter how challenging, difficult or demanding that path might be.

Saturn, Pallas, Pluto and Jupiter have been mostly in Capricorn since January and they’ll be continuing their journey through Capricorn right to the end of the year. Capricorn is the authority figure in the zodiac. For example, the school principal, the head of government, the police officer, the tax official, the keeper of law and order. And while every society needs Capricorn authority, when there’s too much of it, freedom and choice disappear, subsumed to the directives of those in charge.

A year of Capricorn energy = a year of authority and restriction. And that’s exactly what we’ve had so far with the coronavirus lockdown.

Cancer – I love my home, family and tribe

Going back to the chart diagram, you’ll see that there are two planets in Cancer this month, roughly opposite the Capricorn planetary line-up, at the 10.30pm position. These are the sun and retrograde Mercury. Their interests and objectives are directly opposed to those of Capricorn. Cancer is the sign of home, family and tribe. The Capricorn coronavirus restrictions have made it particularly hard to enjoy normal activities with friends and families and express our love and physical affection. This issue seems to be coming to a head, perhaps with the recent news of fresh coronavirus outbreaks and renewal of restrictions, at a point where it seemed the country was on top of the virus. Plus there’s a lunar eclipse on the Capricorn-Cancer axis on 5th July which will heighten emotions.

Aries – I want my own way

Finally midway between Capricorn and Cancer is the sign of Aries, symbolising independence, impatience, pioneering spirit and selfishness (around 2pm on the chart diagram). There are currently two planets in Aries: Mars, god of war, and Chiron, the wounded healer. These two will be fighting the Capricorn stellium. Not just in July, but right through to the end of the year. Expect a battle of giants with no outright winner but lots of debate, argument and clash of wills.

How can we cope with all the stress?

So there you have it. Restrictive authority and law (Capricorn) vs the emotional needs of home/family/tribe (Cancer), vs individual freedom, wilfulness and independence (Aries). But how on earth can we cope with all this stress?     

Early in my counselling days, I remember learning a meditation technique where warring parts of the psyche were brought together at a table to discuss their differing values and desires. They were then charged to come up with a solution that all parties could accept, even if it wasn’t perfect. We can do the same, knowing the rest of the year is going to be challenging for all of humanity. Ask yourself:

  • How can I work within the current restrictions to support my own emotional, mental, physical and financial health as well as helping and supporting those around me?
  • Can I maintain a sense of power, choice, joy and fulfilment instead of giving in to anger and frustration?
  • How can I cultivate patience, grace, gratitude and inner peace when all I want is for things to go back to ‘normal’?

Let’s stay strong together!  

2020 crop circles – technology and cosmology

Moving from terrestrial viruses to cosmic manifestation – the 2020 UK crop circle season is now in full swing.

Crop circles have been photographed in fields all over the world. But each year, regular as clockwork, a whole host of these amazing geometrical formations appear overnight in the wheat, barley, rapeseed, and corn fields close to the sacred sites of South West England, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Despite best efforts, no scientist, farmer or sceptic has ever caught or filmed a human creating a genuine crop circle.

Freddy Silva, who has researched the crop circle phenomenon for over twenty years, reports that most crop circles appear between 2am and 4am, when the fields where they manifest are at their furthest distance from the gravitational pull of the sun. They occur on the same telluric (earth) currents as existing sacred sites. They appear to be created by sound and light. Witnesses (including sceptical farmers) have seen tubes of light descend from the sky in bursts of 15 seconds prior to the appearance of a circle. Orbs of light have also been spotted hovering over the fields.

Often a column of vapour appears above the circle, apparently from moisture released from the shafts of grain. Laboratory results on plant and soil samples taken from crop circles show the plants have been exposed to a form of electromagnetic energy. And back in the 1990s, biophysicists discovered that seeds from crops where the circles appeared late in the season, grew four times as fast as control samples.

Image: Steve Alexander, Aerobo & Temporary Temples

Image: Steve Alexander, Aerobo & Temporary Temples

Crop circle at Longwood Warren, UK on 29th June 2020 (61 m diameter)

Most people who see images of the circles are overawed by their beauty, size and complex design. But when you are actually standing in the middle of a crop circle, all you can see is flattened grain. I discovered this for myself on a research trip. It’s the relatively recent combination of aerial photography, drones, the internet and social media that has allowed us to truly appreciate and share these stunning images and open us to dimensions of higher consciousness via the universal language of mathematics and geometry.

What, if anything, are the circle makers trying to show us? And is it possible they come from another planet or dimension? Some believe they are encoding energy forms at sensitive points on the Earth to help humanity evolve. Whatever their motive, there is something very special and sacred about the crop circle phenomenon. I am surprised so very few people are aware of it.

In the research for this article, I’d like to acknowledge the work of Steve and Karen Alexander of Temporary Temples. For the past 25 years they have been flying over the crop circles of Southern England, taking photos, making drawings and analysing the sacred geometrical designs. You can view images of the latest 2020 crop circles on their website.

New discovery at Stonehenge World Heritage precinct

Stonehenge. Photo: Stella Woods.

Stonehenge. Photo: Stella Woods.

Archaeologists led by a team from the University of Bradford in the UK have made a major discovery close to the Stonehenge World Heritage precinct using ground-penetrating radar and magnetometry. It is being hailed as the largest prehistoric site in Britain.

The international consortium, part of the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, found evidence of a massive two kilometre wide ring of prehistoric pits. They are 10m across and 5m deep, carbon dated to 2500 BC. This means the pits were built at the same time as Stonehenge and the nearby Durrington Walls henge by Neolithic people, just before the Bronze Age.

Experts are speculating on the exact purpose of these giant holes. No doubt more secrets will be revealed as their research continues. I can’t help but think there is some astronomical link. Particularly given their circular formation and the other stellar alignments at Stonehenge and its nearby earthworks.   

The yellow dots on the image below show the location of the newly discovered pits. The Durrington Walls henge is at the centre, marked by a red circle. Stonehenge is at the top left.

New Discovery of Pits at Stonehenge – Image University of St Andrews Google Earth

Discovery of pits at Stonehenge. Image: University of St Andrews & Google Earth.

Capricorn lunar eclipse – emotional overflow

Major life transitions often occur under an eclipse. Old, outworn parts of our lives are suddenly eclipsed, making room for new people, new ideas and exciting change. Sometimes eclipses bring loss and apparent misfortune, but there is always a lesson behind the event.

We had two eclipses in June. There was a lunar eclipse at the Sagittarius full moon on the 6th June. This was followed by a solar eclipse at the Cancer new moon on the 21st.  To complete this mid-year trilogy, we have another lunar eclipse at the Capricorn full moon on the 5th July. The light of the business-minded Capricorn moon is temporarily eclipsed by the earth’s shadow. With five planets in Capricorn at this full moon, politics and global affairs are firmly on the agenda. But we are asked to honour our private feelings and personal needs as well as making sacrifices for the good of society.

New moon in Cancer – look after yourself!

On 21st July we welcome the new moon in water sign Cancer. Emotions are running high and the recent fears and struggles we’ve been facing have reached boiling point. The sun and moon are in Cancer opposing the authoritarian and harsh Capricorn stellium discussed earlier in this article. How many more times do we need to be told what to do?  To act responsibly, to set boundaries, to be sensible and self-disciplined?   My advice at this new moon is to take time out from all the rules and regulations, escape from the ‘real world’ for a few days and look after yourself with tender, loving care.                     

Beating the midwinter blues

Although the days are growing longer as we move beyond the winter solstice, the masculine solar energy is still weak. Meanwhile, the feminine lunar energy reigns supreme. And with four of the slower moving planets in retrograde motion, you may wonder if life has truly come to a standstill. Traditionally winter is a time of retreat and reflection. Therefore these retrograde planets simply add to that sense of stasis. Growth is more likely to be on an internal rather than an external level.

To beat the midwinter blues, spend as much time as possible with family and loved ones enjoying the peace, comfort and nourishment of a safe, warm and loving home. Enjoy feasting on nourishing and warming pies, stews and roasts. Embrace the cooler weather and long dark evenings. Snuggle up in bed with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. Take the opportunity to slow down, rest and meditate and refuse to be rushed or pressured. Light candles and burn incense. Take a hot bath or head out for a bracing walk on the beach or in the mountain air.

Those who honour the energy of the season of death and decay will boost their natural immunity and easily ward off illness and exhaustion. Winter is also a time to release unwanted energy and possessions in preparation for the freshness and vitality of spring.

Mercury goes direct – emotional intelligence

Communication planet Mercury has been retrograde since mid-June, travelling through water sign Cancer. As a result, it’s been pushing us to deal with unfinished business. It has been delivering home truths, and revealing hidden and buried emotions. New truths and valuable insights have emerged along with missing pieces of information and new perspectives.

When Mercury is retrograde it’s best to go with the flow and remain flexible and open. Of course, that’s not always easy, and frustration can easily build up. On the 13th July, Mercury starts picking up speed and moving forward again. Therefore this will help us make sense of the events of the past three weeks, and tie up all those loose ends. The gift of Mercury retrograde in Cancer is emotional intelligence and an appreciation of those we love.

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    You are welcome Marcus. And you’re right, Eris is making a square to Pluto this year – a tense time for sure!


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    “A year of Capricorn energy = a year of authority and restriction. And that’s exactly what we’ve had so far with the coronavirus lockdown.”

    So true!

    I recently heard that another factor is Eris (another dwarf planet like Pluto but further out so even more intense) squaring Pluto.

    We had a square last month (June 14) so will be interesting to see what’s going on globally on December 10 when next square is due.

    thanks for your insights 🙂

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