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June Stargazer 2016

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by Stella Woods….

Purple Pain – Vale Prince & Jonathan Cainer

Born six months apart and dying just 11 days apart, they form an unlikely duo – Prince the lithe, charismatic, seductive and intensely private musical genius from Minneapolis, and Jonathan Cainer, the loquacious, jovial and larger-than-life British astrologer. But the two had many things in common – their signature colour was purple (colour of the crown chakra); they were both vegan and highly spiritual; both had Neptune conjunct the north node in Scorpio and their ascendant rulers conjunct the midheaven (fans often talked about how they felt these men were addressing them personally); both came from broken homes (Prince was 10 when his parents separated, Cainer was 12); both were going through their second Saturn return when they died and, despite international fame and fortune, both experienced personal tragedy in their thirties. Cainer’s wife Mel died after a car accident in 1992, leaving him with seven children, while Prince’s baby son, Boy Gregory, died in 1996, at just four days old. The deaths of Prince and Cainer came asa complete shock to their millions of fans all over the world, even though those close to them knew they had serious health issues.

Crown Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on 7th June, 1958, at 6.17pm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with sun and Mercury in youthful Gemini, moon in spiritual and creative Pisces and magnetic Scorpio rising. Those born under the sign of Gemini are generally flirtatious, quick, clever and good with words. Prince always looked younger than his years, had seemingly boundless energy and penned hundreds if not thousands of songs. Powerful Pluto ruling his Scorpio ascendant, and placed on his midheaven in fiery Leo, gave him a glamorous and commanding stage presence. Prince believed his inspiration came from God. He told CNN’s Larry King in December, 1999, “I’ve always known God is my creator. Without him, nothing works.” The Scorpio ascendant describes a seductive persona and intense need for privacy.

Prince’s moon in water sign Pisces at the base of his birth chart forms a square with Mercury in air sign Gemini, meaning the way he felt inside, was completely different from the way he expressed himself to others. Gemini is the sign of the twins – the dark side and the light side. Fellow worshippers at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in St. Louis Park describe Price as exceptionally shy, understated and dressed in a simple black suit, while his adoring fans worship him for his innovative and eclectic music, flamboyant stage presence and extravagant dress and make-up. Close friends say the musician led an extremely healthy life style and was completely drug free, while others claim Prince suffered from depression, anxiety and chronic pain and was addicted to pain killers, which eventually killed him.

So who was the real Prince? We will probably never know. Scorpio rising individuals are notoriously private and Prince’s birth chart is full of oppositions, showing a person racked by inner conflict. The sun opposes Saturn, suggesting he had issues with authority and perhaps a strained relationship with his father; the moon opposes Pluto, indicating explosive emotional highs and lows and an obsessive need for control, perhaps resulting from the early life relationship with his mother, and Venus opposes Neptune, a combination that idealises eternal love and beauty and the promise of a better world, but often finds the reality of daily life a disappointment. Whatever the truth, his death is a great loss to the music world.

Rock star astrologer

Jonathan Anand Cainer was born on 18th December, 1957, at 8am in Surbiton, UK, with the sun in optimistic Sagittarius, moon in Scorpio and Sagittarius rising. Sagittarians have big visions and ideals and Jonathan was no exception with ruling planet Jupiter conjunct the midheaven. Ahugely successful astrologer, Cainer had built up a massive business through his website, books, phone lines, TV appearances, and newspaper columns with a turnover of £2 million a year and a staff of 30. Like a true Sagittarian he loved travel, freedom and philosophy, lived life to the full and hated being told what to do. In his youth he ran a night club in L.A., visited India, enjoyed life as a hippie, played bass guitar in bands and was part of the free festival movement.

On the surface Cainer was an amiable, friendly, generous and good-natured man, but he had four planets in secretive Scorpio (moon, Neptune, north node and Mars), suggesting hidden depths, a need for control and a private side to his nature, just like Prince. Scorpio is one of the most psychic signs, and Jonathan’s talent was to make people feel he was speaking directly to them.

He died following a massive heart attack in his office in Yorkshire on a Sunday evening. It was his third heart attack and those close to him had advised him many times to slow down, something Sagittarians hate to hear. Colleague and friend Kathryn Cassidy said: “I can’t grieve for Jonathan – his faith was too strong. I think he must have wanted to get out on top. The strain of doing that sort of output day in, day out was huge. He managed it well but it was relentless and with such a huge family and a growing number of employees and a big generous streak, I think it was only a matter of time before he knew it would reach a tipping point… He was an absolutely top man. Never met anyone like him and never will. RIP JC!

June new moon – ‘mutable grand cross’

The June new moon falls on 5th at 14-15° Gemini. The sun and moon conjunct Venus, oppose Saturn and square Jupiter, Neptune and the nodal axis. That’s no less than six planets plus the nodes engaged in what astrologers call a mutable grand cross. The energy of this new moon is tense, unpredictable and somewhat inflexible, and there will certainly be battles between fate and free will; pleasure and duty and fantasy vs reality. As Mars is still retrograde, the best advice is to be patient and bring the various parts of your life into balance as best you can.

June full moon – clarity and wisdom

The June full moon falls on 20th at 29-30° Sagittarius. This is a very powerful full moon for two reasons. First it’s the second full moon in Sagittarius this year, and secondly it occurs on the eve of the winter solstice, a turning point in the seasonal calendar, being the shortest day of the year and a time when we are particularly open to messages from the unconscious mind. The grand cross energy of the new moon repeats at this full moon with Mercury forming the cross with Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and the nodal axis, and bringing clarity and wisdom. The sun is conjunct Venus in the final degree of Gemini opposing the moon in Sagittarius.

Mars direct

Action planet Mars completes his retrograde cycle this month. Mars has been opposing the sun and travelling backwards through Sagittarius and Scorpio since 17th April, bringing any underlying grievances to the surface. Towards the end of June, Mars will slow down and start moving forward again. The purpose of the Mars retrograde transit is to help us align our actions and goals (Mars) with our true nature and purpose (sun). Mars and Saturn will be clearly visible in the eastern sky after 8-9pm each night – Mars is the larger of the two and easy to spot with a reddish tinge.

Winter solstice

This year the winter solstice falls on 21st June, the day after the Sagittarius full moon. The word solstice is derived from the Latin words sol meaning ‘sun’ and sistere meaning ‘to stand still’. Solstice is therefore the perfect time to slow down, observe the beauty of the season and also reflect on the inner landscape. Winter represents a time of quiet when old growth has decayed and the soil is readying for a new season of fertility and renewal. Consider creating your own winter solstice ritual to release the past and plant seeds for the future. Light candles, decorate your home with winter greenery and invite friends round for a feast.

June moon calendar

Launch projects at the new moon, bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to the third quarter phase and wind them down and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon. Important events such as parties, conferences and weddings are best held close to the full moon or when the moon is in the same sign as your sun (or star) sign.





Moon phase










New moon 5th










First quarter










Full moon 20th




Winter solstice 21st










Third quarter





Stella Woods is an astrology teacher and consultant based in St Kilda, Melbourne. 

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