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Kinesiology and sound

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Organs and cells of the body have their own vibration, and kinesiologists may test to determine which of the sounds your body may need to help shift an energy blockage.


Often it’s the things we avoid that are the things we need in order to heal. What have you been avoiding in your life? This could be a person, a food, an emotion, a task, a colour, or it could be sound. Through muscle testing, kinesiology can help identify what this may be for you and get you started on your healing journey to optimal wellness.

The sounds we make or don’t make may reveal a great deal about ourselves. Getting in touch with these sounds can send vibrations through our body and make a very deep and powerful energy shift, releasing potential blockages and placing the body in a better position to heal itself.

By genuinely expressing a sound you have been suppressing for years, often subconsciously, you may release years of emotional pain and stress.

Sounds are vibrational frequencies of energy. Our bodies resonate a frequency, and organs have their own vibrational frequencies, and each cell of our body also has its own vibration.

Kinesiology refers to the Chinese five elements as a primary tool. Each element has a sound associated with it. By doing a 14-muscle assessment of your body your kinesiologist may determine which of the sounds your body may need to help shift an energy blockage.

  • Fire = laughing
  • Earth = singing
  • Metal = sighing (or crying)
  • Water = groaning
  • Wood = shouting

Sound tools can also be used to help balance energetic patterns. Tuning forks, for example, can be used on meridian points, or neuro-lymphatic, points to help release any built-up energy. These points are often sore to touch and can be manipulated by hand, but the tuning forks, which resonate a frequency, help to shift this more quickly and gently.

Professional kinesiologists use a muscle of the body to access information. Muscle testing is used to retrieve data about the body and to discover energetic balances or imbalances.
Some of the opportunities that muscle testing opens up are:

  • Finding deep hidden beliefs in the subconscious
  • Finding emotional issues buried in the subconscious
  • Vitamin and supplement testing
  • Discovering muscle, ligament, lymph, organ, gland, or hormonal imbalances
  • Verifying other techniques.

Kinesiologists do not treat, diagnose or prescribe. We are educators and health advocates passionate about empowering people to heal themselves. Through muscle testing we ask what the client’s body wants in order to clear energetic blockages, so that their body is in a better position to heal itself.  Kinesiology is a do-with process; not a do-to process. So be prepared to get involved and take responsibility for your own health and well-being.


Anne Barrattis a registered specialist kinesiology practitioner, AKA, a registered professional member, AIK, and owner of the Empowering Health in Winmalee, NSW, where she practises hypnotherapy, sound therapy, reiki, EFT, TLT and NLP, coaching and kinesiology.

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