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Kinesiology by Kemina

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Kemina is a Kinesiologist, mentor & life coach to women, men and children, who seek emotional, mental, physical and spiritual transformation. Kemina helps people to celebrate who they are through the process of releasing negative belief systems, neurological patterns & brain integration stress (the brain – body disconnection). By releasing the stress using the powerful tools of Kinesiology and frequencies, it enables them to truly connect with who they are and their limitless potential. This process can have a profound affect on their health by releasing long standing chronic physical and mental conditions and diseases.

People gain far more than their health, vitality and energy. It opens them up so they can excel in life. It enables them to release their blocks and take the step to become leaders and top performers.

Kemina invites people to take the stories of their lives and re-write their future by using these powerful tools to release neurological patterns and brain integration stress keeping them in negative cycles and belief systems.

When we embrace a feeling of wholeness and feeling connected with ourselves, our community and the world around us rather than dwell in a space of feeling broken, isolated and alone we can create a life that we choose to live and are passionate about, so we thrive.
Ph: 0400 565 116

23a Parker Street, Newmarket, QLD 4051

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