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Kinesiology for pain management

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by Anna Heiskari

Kinesiology has proven to be profoundly effective in the relief of pain and restoring health and balance of the whole body, and mind.


Our human body has a natural way of healing that is in-built and self-regulating. Chronic pain is the result of an incomplete or interrupted cycle of self-regulation. The goal of a kinesiologist is to search out the unresolved problem and support the body to help finish the cycle of adaptation

Chronic pain is a prevalent problem. Accidents and sport injuries are a common cause, but there are other factors that contribute and increase your risk of developing chronic pain, such as poor posture, carrying extra weight, lack of exercise, poor diet, emotional and psychological stress, and osteoporosis .

Every action in your body triggers a set of responses which has a cycle of activity and when this cycle is not complete, symptoms of pain manifest as your body tries again and again to complete it. It is at this point that you often seek assistance by thinking that, if the symptoms are stopped, you are back to health. When symptoms reappear you feel aggravated and move from aggravation to remission to aggravation and so on, but not back to health.

In kinesiology the symptoms of pain serve as a guide, and the focus is on supporting the body to restore function. When function is restored symptoms resolve themselves .


Anna Heiskariis a certified kinesiology practitioner (AKA and STAA), a Touch for Health Instructor, and specialises in sports injuries, women’s health and rhythmic movement and reflex integration in her Byron Bay clinic. She also has a Certificate IV in Assessment and Training and is a Certified Registered SCENAR Trainer.

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