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Get to know the law of reciprocal action

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There are a few ancient spiritual laws of creation that occur naturally and automatically. They’re unchangeable and unavoidable. Get to know them and they can work to your advantage. Ignore them and you’ll often find things don’t go your way!


‘What goes around, comes around’. This popular saying sums up the first law perfectly, as does the biblical saying,‘Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap’. Basically everything we put out eventually comes back to us. This is quite commonly referred to as ‘karma’. However many don’t realise that this spiritual law actually includes our thoughts, our words and our deeds.

All that originates from us eventually returns to us so we may personally experience the effects of our own actions. It might happen tomorrow, it might happen in ten years’ time or it might take another lifetime to manifest, but it all comes back to us eventually.

This goes for the good stuff we’re putting out as well as the bad. If you’re thinking nasty or malicious thoughts, such as resentment or ill-will, then ultimately you’ll experience nastiness or its effects through people or happenings around you. A kind word of encouragement results in kindness, or the outcomes of kindness, in return. An act of generosity comes back to you, quite possibly when you really need it.

As spiritual beings we have the freewill to think, say and do what we wish, but our actions hold the power of attraction of similar effects and so we are held accountable for every one of our decisions.

Each action automatically forms a thread, invisible to the human eye, that stays connected to us. These threads emanate from us and automatically connect with similar threads emanating from other people. It is through these threads that reinforcement and strength flow, almost like a much finer version of an umbilical cord, providing the baby with nutrition. A thread forms, connects to other like-minded or homogeneous threads, gaining thereby in power and intensity.Eventually, the intensified power flows back through the thread to the originator. The originator – person that sent out the thought in the first place – then experiences the returning reactions. These are referred to as ‘threads of fate’.

Joe Bloggs, thinking nasty thoughts, is feeding other nasty thoughts in the universe and attracting nastiness to himself, through the threads his nasty thoughts created. On the other hand Fred Bloggs is out and about, looking for any opportunity to do a kind deed. His threads are powering other similar threads and in return people just can’t do enough for him.

These are basic examples of the weaving of creation. I’ve made it sound simple because in actual fact it really is.

The good news for those of us who don’t always think, say or do the right thing is that these threads stay connected to us only for as long as we keep feeding them. If Joe Bloggs stops thinking the nasty thoughts, he is no longer giving the threads any power, which means eventually they will detach and he’ll stop attracting nastiness towards himself.

So you can see how powerful and impacting are our thoughts, words and actions. These form the threads that knit the pattern of our future. We call this karma – the inevitable result of our past actions.

Karma is often thought of as punishment, but in actual fact it is a gift. It is by experiencing the results of our actions that we can learn from them, mature and further develop. We learn that negative actions affect us and those around us, we get sick of it and hopefully strive to change that behaviour within ourselves. On the other hand, we see and feel the positive effects of our good deeds. Goodness flows back to us, strengthens our positive attributes and life flows more easily.

Now you know about this spiritual law of creation, use your thoughts, words and actions wisely and see what beautiful patterns you can weave!


Helen Sali has dedicated much of her life to exploring answers to the fundamental questions facing mankind. This article was inspired by the book ‘In The Light of Truth: The Grail Message’ by Abd-Ru-Shin.

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  1. I love to know much about the law of Retributive justice.
    Am living in a poverty life, I always believe that I will at one time get rich and help my family have hope for a better living, but my hope a times goes away when I see things are not working out.

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