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The gentle art of dowsing is a way of accessing just such intuitive wisdom. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it’s accessible to everyone.


How would it be if you could find instant answers to life’s most pressing problems? Is this the right relationship for me? Will that job be satisfying and fulfilling? Is it in my best interests to buy this house? Which food will benefit me most? What course should I study?

How would it be if, instead of drifting rudderless in the storm-tossed sea of life, you could chart your own way? How would it be if you could access your inner guidance? In the great road map of life, where our choices define our future, making good decisions is the route to happy, peaceful and fulfilling experiences. But how to make the right decision? How to access your inner guidance?

The gentle art of dowsing is a way of accessing just such intuitive wisdom. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it’s accessible to everyone.

What is dowsing?

Dowsing, sometimes known as divining, is an ancient technique for obtaining answers to specific questions. It uses tools, such as the pendulum and the divining rod, to elicit the required information. These tools are not channels for universal wisdom in themselves, but can be thought of as amplifying our own innate ability to detect tiny and subtle energies. Experienced dowsers are often able to intuit the answers to questions without the need for external devices.

How dowsing works is not entirely understood. Some researchers believe that dowsers are detecting types of waves. It may also be that they are detecting responses of the body’s subtle inner wisdom. That wisdom, which we may experience as a gut-wringing reaction to fear, a tightening of the jaw in anger, or a flood of warmth in love, is the body’s reaction to a situation that is either good for us or not good for us. Kinesiologists use the reaction of muscles to ascertain the body’s innate wisdom in much the way dowsers use the pendulum.

How dowsing works is less important than the fact that it actually does work. Countless trials have ascertained the ability of dowsers to produce measurable results – whether finding water, minerals or lost items, or finding answers that can be validated. In one historic case, a dowser was even able to successfully identify and track a murderer who confessed, when confronted, to the crime!

Try your skill

Dowsing is a skill that is available to all of us and this simple exercise shows how easy it can be.

You will need a quiet space and a tiny weight attached to a string to act as a pendulum. This could be simply a charm on a chain or a washer on a thread.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably, with your legs uncrossed and your feet firmly on the ground. Spend a couple of minutes breathing deeply, relaxing and emptying your mind, meditating if you like. This helps the brain to achieve the mental state that is conducive to effective dowsing.

When you are ready, take hold of your pendulum about 10cm above the weight. Ask your Higher Self to show you the pendulum’s ‘positive’ response and wait, relaxed. The pendulum should begin to move without any effort on your part. It may rotate or simply move backwards and forwards. This response indicates ‘positive’, ‘yes’, or ‘beneficial’.

When you have the positive response, ask your Higher Self to show you the ‘negative’ response. This response indicates also ‘no’ and ‘not beneficial’. Then ask to be shown the ‘neutral’ response. This response may indicate that something is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ or, perhaps, that the question was inappropriate.

Now that you have the basics, you can begin practising. Initially, you may like to start by asking yourself questions to which you already know the answers or can find answers easily. As with any skill, dowsing improves with practice, practice and more practice.

Dowsers Societies in NSW, Victoria and South Australia are sources of valuable information on dowsing.

Uses of dowsing

Historically dowsing has been used by many cultures and at many different times. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, in imperial Rome and was in widespread use throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. By the 15th century it was extensively used in Germany, France and England to locate mineral deposits for mining. More recently, it has been used in wartime to locate water for troops in Africa and, during the Vietnam War, to locate the mines and underground tunnels of the Viet Cong. Today dowsing is quietly used by oil and gas companies to locate resources and by engineers to locate pipes and underground cables.

One of the more common uses of dowsing is to locate underground water. Typically, a dowser will use a rod to locate the underground stream. Not only can the rod indicate the position of underground water, but also the direction of flow, the width of the stream, the depth and the quality of the water. Not surprisingly, this skill is often sought in rural Australia, particularly in times of drought.

Everyday benefits of dowsing

The benefits of dowsing are as diverse and creative as your imagination.

An avid gardener, Maggie uses dowsing when planting. First she dowses which plant will be suitable for a particular location. Then she dowses the direction in which to orient the plant. She claims that using this method has greatly improved the success of her efforts, and that she now experiences the enjoyment of a thriving bush garden.

Betty uses dowsing to select the foods in the supermarket that will benefit her most. Very subtly using her handbag as a pendulum, she tests a range of foods, vitamin supplements and fruit and vegetables. By purchasing only those that test ‘positive’, she is able to avoid those that will stress or fail to benefit her body, perhaps as the result of processing, pesticide residue or addition of chemicals.

Jim uses dowsing to select the best route to travel to a particular destination. Whenever he trusts the wisdom of his pendulum, even when it differs from the route suggested by his logical mind, he experiences a quick and easy trip, relatively free of hold-ups and traffic.

Catherine uses dowsing to select what flower essence will be best for her at a given time. Holding her pendulum in her right hand, she runs her left hand slowly down a list of essences until she reaches one that causes her pendulum to rotate in a positive direction. Using this method, she is always able to find an appropriate remedy.

Noel uses dowsing to identify geopathic stress – noxious earth energies that have detrimental effects on health and well-being. In my own home, he identified and cleared a series of noxious bands of energy, including a particularly noxious band on which my bed and my daughter’s bed were located. After the geopathic stress was cleared, my health improved, my daughter’s health improved, and even my garden improved. (Interestingly, the regular infestations of marauding ants—which are attracted to noxious energies—disappeared altogether!)

Other people I know use dowsing for an astonishing variety of purposes. They use it to find lost items. They use it to select tradesmen. They use it to find practitioners.
One friend even dowsed the best time to put scones in the oven so that they would be cooked by the time guests arrived! (And was successful.)

If the everyday uses of dowsing are helpful, the benefits of dowsing in major decisions are enormous. Consider the benefits of choosing the job that will bring the greatest satisfaction and fulfilment; of choosing the home that will create a harmonious, peaceful and comfortable living experience.

Dowsing brings us a step closer to the angelic realms. It is a gateway to the Higher Self. It is a way of accessing the realms of knowledge beyond the conscious and beyond the ego. It is the tapping of the limitless inspiration of the Universe. It is hearing the whisper of your Soul.

Dowsing is a way in which you can improve the quality and enhance the experiences of your life. It’s a way in which you can assess the information you receive and make appropriate life choices.

Why not give it a whirl?


Lyn McLean is former President of the Dowsers Society of NSW and runs regular workshops on dowsing, health and energy.

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