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Letting go of past emotions

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Your emotional freedom, inner peace, and true happiness are only a few taps away with EFT. 


It wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I realised how powerful our emotions can be, especially if we’re still holding onto the painful memories of the past.

I found myself in yet another bad and unstable relationship and I had reached a point where I had to bite my tongue and swallow my feelings on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Eventually, my body told me it had had enough. I had weight gain, migraines, slipped discs in my back, exhaustion, depression, and a frustration at the world that was so overwhelming that all I wanted to do was scream. But I didn’t – I just swallowed everything as I had done since I was a child.

The power of our emotions

It was during a particularly charged emotional moment that I decided to end my relationship. Miraculously, the most severe issues and ailments I from which I had been suffering just seemed to vanish, overnight.

As time went on I became very much aware of the sadness, rage, and loneliness that I carried within me from when I was younger. I felt that I had been treated unfairly through much of my childhood, and even adulthood, but what was even more important was finding a way to let go of those experiences. I didn’t like holding onto these feelings. It didn’t feel good and I wasn’t the person that I wanted to be.

Drinking poison

I came across a saying one day that totally changed my life: ‘Holding onto resentment is like you drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die’. That was me. I was emotionally poisoning myself and it had become so bad that the ‘poison’ had started to affect me physically. I realised that I had to find a way to free myself.

Already accustomed to the art of meditating, I was keen to use it to move this plethora of emotions along much more quickly.

EFT: the technique that changed my life

It was then that I came across Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as ‘tapping’. A light bulb moment happened the instant I started repeating what the practitioner in front of me was saying and doing.

At this beginning stage I didn’t know how or why it worked but the effects and the immediate freedom I felt were life changing. Years of sadness and loneliness vanished in the space of 30 minutes. It wasn’t just an emotional release; I actually felt my physical body let go as well. The tension I had lived with – and had been with me for so long that I actually considered it normal – was no longer there. It was like breathing for the very first time, and I felt physically lighter. I knew my journey had started.

I starting working with an EFT practitioner and within just a few sessions I was overcome with forgiveness for those who I had felt had wronged me. It wasn’t long before I felt centred, peaceful, and incredibly grateful for my body, my mind and my life up until this point. I was now free.

A way to manifest

I was intrigued by the results I was getting because, although they were helping me physically and emotionally, I also felt that, on a spiritual level, something bigger was taking place. It was like my aura was expanding. So I asked myself a question, “If I could permanently release the things from my past that no longer serve me and create a feeling of freedom, could I also then bring things into my life?” There was only one way to find out.

I began with money, as I had only just started my own business and I was struggling to attract clients. I used EFT to see what I could manifest. Then I noticed that when I started I had a memory come up from years ago that I had entirely forgotten about. It was to do with money and the fact that in my younger years I had repeatedly been told, “No, we can’t afford that”. I could even recall a specific incident in fine detail during which this had been said to me. I continued to work on removing the block until I felt clear and light and then continued on with my day.

The very next day I had an enquiry from a lady who needed help and she became my first paying client.

I’m not actually one for coincidences but that was a little spooky.

Supporting others

I kept going with EFT and even started doing it with other people who were struggling. I saw EFT mend broken hearts, end addictions, find love, manifest new jobs, and even help a lady get pregnant. All it took was to first release the past emotions that had been buried and then work on calling in the preferred outcome.

EFT not only changed my life for the better but the lives of those around me too.

If you find yourself struggling to make sense of things, or emotionally you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, then please give EFT a try. The past and the emotions that you’ve buried, even unconsciously, could be affecting you in ways that you’re not aware of and the negativity from your past needn’t be allowed to have a hold over your future.

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Marie Spencer-Rowland is a Melbourne-based women’s coach, EFT practitioner and founder of The Wholistic Women's Warrior. She helps women to heal and let go of the emotional scars of the past. Visit www.wholisticwomenswarrior.com

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