Life after Brexit?

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Is there life after Brexit? Let’s take a look at the astrological energy surrounding this crucial milestone.

In the UK, it’s virtually impossible to avoid becoming embroiled in a lively discussion or heated argument over Brexit. Everyone has an opinion but truth is, no one really knows what will happen after March 29th, the day the UK is set to leave the European Union.

Grim or fatal ending?

At first glance the Brexit chart looks grim. A tight Moon, Pluto, Saturn, South Node line-up in Capricorn symbolises endings (South Node). These are marked by rules, severity and structure (Capricorn) and promise to be final and deadly (Pluto). When you add the moon into the mix, the ending looks to be a highly emotional one. It is swayed by public opinion and feelings, rather than by logic.

Confusion, confusion, confusion!

In fact, there is no logic in this chart at all! Firstly, all the planets are in the lower half of the chart (below the horizon) meaning views are rather subjective. Secondly Mercury, planet of deals and contracts, is stationery direct. This means it’s motionless and for the previous three weeks has been retrograde and therefore in reflective, intuitive mode, rather than moving forward at full strength. Mercury is also in Pisces, sign of its detriment and one of the least favourable zodiac signs for clear-headed decision making. Thirdly, Mercury is next door to elusive and watery Neptune, muddying things even further.

Mercury-Neptune in Pisces is ideal for a slow-paced, romantic getaway, sipping wine and watching the sunset. It is not a day for finalising a complex, political deal with far reaching consequences! Mercury-Neptune in politics or business equals ‘Confusion, Confusion, Confusion’! Mercury-Neptune can also signify that things are not as they seem – there could be some hidden agenda or secret deal going on behind the scenes…

England – seat of Mars

On the other hand, the sun is powerfully placed in dynamic Aries – sign of the warrior and a sign associated with England, a country often referred to as the ‘seat of Mars’. Aries is the pioneer seeking new beginnings, excitement, fresh energy and independence. The sun is conjunct Chiron – there is a wound, a sacrifice needs to be made for this new beginning to eventuate. The conflict and clash between the Aries sun (a dash for freedom and independence) and the Capricorn moon (a dutiful, law-abiding energy) is intense.

Could Jupiter in Sagittarius represent the EU?

Jupiter, planet of international affairs, is in ruling sign Sagittarius. Perhaps Jupiter represents the European Union – an eclectic mix of countries and cultures who have decided to work together to benefit the whole. Being in the first house of the chart, Jupiter could also represent the Brits who want to stay in the European Union. If this is the case, their position is strong with Jupiter in rulership. (If Jupiter represents the EU, it suggests the EU is in a stronger position than Britain.)

Anger on Brexit Day

Warrior planet Mars in Taurus is favourably aligned to all the Capricorn planets. Though he rules the Brexit chart, Mars is in detriment (weakened) and setting on the western horizon, meaning things could drag on interminably with all parties stubbornly digging in their heels.

And anger will be a big issue – we are likely to see demonstrations, aggression and violence on Brexit Day. At the time of writing more than 3,000 troops are on high alert in case of civil unrest; councils are braced for possible runs on banks, fuel and food. This may seem like an over-reaction, but with a no-deal Brexit looking increasingly likely. The UK citizens are realising the full extent of the likely consequences of leaving the EU, tempers are running high with many feeling they have been duped and had their futures ruined. Others are angry that the referendum decision to leave the EU is being challenged and the will of the people overturned.

Buying time?

My feeling is that Britain will not leave the EU on the 29th March with a no-deal Brexit. I believe with all the confusion and contradictions in the Brexit chart, some political ruse or ploy will be found to either extend the deadline or find a loophole, thereby mitigating the more drastic consequences of Brexit. We have three weeks of Mercury retrograde (6th-29th March) in the lead up to Brexit Day. This suggests lots of behind the scenes dealings with promises reneged, laws changed and positions challenged.

After all, millions of peoples’ futures are at stake including UK politicians on both sides of Parliament and all Britons who live and work in Europe. Not to mention the 3 million Europeans who live and work in the UK. If the UK truly cuts ties with Europe, it will mark a turning point in European history.

Breaking the stalemate

One bright note is that Mars will shift into adaptable and versatile Gemini just two days after the 29th March bringing fresh ideas and new points of view. Plus Mercury (planet of deals and contracts) will pick up speed and move away from Neptune, making options clearer.

Another positive is that on Brexit Day the divine feminine planet Venus is in Pisces in a favourable angel to Uranus, planet of revolution and change. It is possible to find a way to break the stalemate by using feminine energy. By this I mean negotiation and compromise rather than maintaining entrenched positions. Venus and Mars clash in the Brexit chart, but Venus is the stronger planet (exalted in Pisces). Mars, however, is weakened (in detriment in Taurus). Force and stubbornness will not prevail, but we’ll have to wait until April to see how things pan out in real life!

Thank god, I’m not a politician….

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  1. Nice to find such a balanced and well grounded chart reading for Brexit! Will you be doing one for 31 October 2019? Is BJ playing bluff poker with the EU or will the UK really crash out without any kind of deal? Will there be clarity this year, or will it drag on? Will there be another referendum?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Living Now have asked me to write another article for 31st October, but I’ll have to do the astro research first, which will take time. If I knew the answers to your questions for sure, I’d be spending my money at the betting office not writing astrology articles! One thing I do know – Boris Johnson is a very crafty and intelligent man. All that bluff is a front.

  2. I love this article Stella – thanks. I’m usually apolitical but the solution to this situation will change the rest of the world forever. It gives me heart to see that it’s not necessarily going to end in disaster. I do think that most people who voted for Brexit didn’t have a clue about the repercussions. I also thought it a good idea until I found out just what an effect it would have. Education goes a long way…!

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