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Lifting the veils in a soulful and spirited way

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So often we think of investing in counselling, coaching, psychotherapy or more physical or spiritual modalities as a way to help us to lift the veils and find ways to heal or be more balanced and expansive in mind, body, spirit or heart. To get full benefit the client has to take an active part in the process too.


Yesterday, after a very hectic few days of assisting clients into health, well-being and clear vision, I was telling a colleague how easy and fulfilling my day had been because I had so many positive and conscious clients who arrived with their intention clear, and who were committed to put their best foot forward and really search out their own answers.  I’m not sure if I am becoming more intolerant as I grow older, but to be blatantly honest, I am over working with clients who expect me to drag everything out them. In fact, I refuse to do that any more. It takes courage to be authentic, and to speak up and challenge your client to take self responsibility, but the rewards for all parties far outweigh the discomfort.

In order to get the best out of a counselling or coaching session as a client, I encourage you to be mindful and prepared, with clear goals and intentions ahead of when you meet to do the work. Here are some ideas as to how this can be done:

  • Always begin your day by calling in the elements of nature, and the wise ones in other worlds to assist you.
  • All parties need to be clear as to why they are working together and what they are setting out to achieve. This intention may be different for client and practitioner, and both are important. Being clear is clearing the way for an authentic and fruitful experience for both parties.
  • Aim to expand energy at all times.
  • Be kind to each other, and know that everyone is committed to do their best.
  • Don’t be afraid to be challenged.
  • Be prepared to be honest, with yourself, and with each other.
  • Be curious, and observant and enjoy the session.
  • Do your best to take responsibility and to make the changes you know you are ready for.
  • Stay focused, mindful and in the present moment whenever possible.
  • Trust in the journey of the soul and that there is a big-picture aspect that our soul is the director of. This helps us to accept the things we cannot change, to let go of the past, and to ground into the present way with strength, trust and clear vision, committing to the steps ahead.


Heather Price assists people to live, love and lead in soulful and spirited ways using shamanic healing, coaching, and counselling techniques. She has been training practitioners in this field since 2004 and is based in Sydney and takes her work all round Australia and at times overseas.

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