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Living for your passion: an artist’s journey

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What does it take to turn your passion into your career? And what do you do when you get there? Artist, Spar Street, is a paramount example of following your path, knowing what is most important and helping others, no matter how successful, do the same.


You can read hundreds of articles on daily habits, learn from classes, lectures, motivational literature, and mentor under successful individuals. But nothing comes close to putting your eggs in one basket and following your dreams. Hawaii-based artist, Spar Street, is a sculptor and painter who took his prosperous career in business, put it to the side, and made creating art his focus. His works are odes to finding your authentic self and reminders to keep your values and passions at the top of your list. Spar’s work has had such a powerful effect on viewers that his list of collectors and projects grows more impressive, more philanthropic each year.

“At 17, I made a bold move. I decided to quit college to pursue my interest in competitive skiing. My father, who had several degrees of his own, thought that it was the worst decision I could possibly make as far as making it in the world financially. I found myself applying at a computer store that sold the Apple 11e and the IBM PC. When I was denied, I told them that I would work on straight commission. They took that as a sign of confidence and initiative. Within three months I was the top salesperson in the company. A year later I started my own computer company, had seven staff and grew it to more than $2,000,000 a year in sales. I had some huge successes and then wound up closing the company down when I was 22, shortly after my father passed away. He left a few projects that needed financing. So I learned what I could about raising money for companies. I discovered I was quite good at that and over the next four years, I raised $530 million for socially and environmentally responsible companies.”

What would you do?

It wasn’t until he took a walk through the woods with a close friend that he realised monetary value could easily be replaced with something even more useful.

“He asked, ‘If you could do anything with your life what would you do?’ And I replied, ‘I would windsurf and ski, paint and sculpt’. When he asked me the next question my whole life changed. He said ‘Why aren’t you doing it?’”

The question hit Spar like a freight train. And like anyone in that position, he was also flooded with reasons and excuses.

“I could hear the word “Excuse, excuse, excuse!” I was living my life for excuses. In that moment I could see it, smell it. And feel it in my blood and bones. And I knew that I was at a decision point. Was I going to continue to live for excuses, or was I going to start living for my passion?”

That afternoon, Spar quit his career in finance. Three months later, he had his first art show. The work was founded on this notion of living for passion instead of excuses.

“Thirty years later, my reason for being and my reason for creating art has been the same. To awaken the part of us that aches to come alive. The brave part of us that knows what matters most and courageously moves in that direction even when those voices in our head make it seem impossible.”

In his most recent endeavour, Spar designed The Agent of Change award for UN Women. Spar Street has influenced major corporations, institutions and notable individuals with his sculptures throughout his career. His collectors include His Royal Highness the Sultan of Brunei, Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Stanley Marcus, Dame Jane Goodall, Nobel Peace Prize winners, prime ministers, world religious leaders, internationally renowned authors, educators, athletes and entertainers.


To learn more about Spar Street, visit his website

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