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Emma writes on independent media, choice, connection within the community, & the articles published for June 2017 LivingNow magazine.

Hello lovely LivingNow community ?

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather concerned about the lopsidedness of much of the ‘news’ & information prevalent in most media currently. I’ve been following a bit of the ‘sacking of journalists’ issue that is happening in Australia at the moment, & it’s rather worrying. Sometimes I forget that millions of people don’t have access to media which is transparent in its agenda. Although I’ve talked about it many times, for the record, I’ll state MY agenda; to bring people quality information & inspiration, such that we can each be empowered to make healthy choices, & an aim of promoting thrivability for self, community & environment!

All about choice

There are some topics we cover in LivingNow which I personally don’t care for all that much. For example, I’m not particularly into astrology (!) – however I know that millions of people get benefit from it, so I’m happy to bring it to readers to make their own choices. CHOICE. That’s what it’s all about for me. And bringing awareness to people, so that they can make their own choices based on what’s really available, not simply swallow the dominant hegemony! It’s not about what I believe in as a topic, as such, but more like that (oft misquoted) saying “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (apparently not said by Voltaire, but by Beatrice Evelyn Hall).

To me, the importance isn’t in whether I do or don’t eat organic food (although it happens that I prefer to!), but that you can know of its existence. Or whether I do or don’t do qi gong exercises, but, again, that you can know of their existence, & can decide for yourself whether YOU would like to get into it, & it it might benefit you or your world in any way… So often you’ll come across articles in LivingNow that will either bring more detail to a topic you know about, or, on some occasions, can make you aware of something altogether new!

Winter is coming

In our gorgeous June 2017 magazine, you’ll find lots of articles covering topics relating to winter & the winter solstice. Michelle Teunon’s ‘The lessons of winter’ makes some great suggestions for getting the most out of the season, while Stella Woods in her regular ‘Stargazer’ column says that this time of year will offer great rewards for those prepared to do some hard work & make order out of chaos. Speaking of hard work & dedication, the story on Paul Benhaim is an inspiring account of someone maintaining their vision through thick & thin, to bring hemp – an amazing superfood – to Australia.

These darker months also link to a great article mentioning ‘the dark side’ (the evil empire in Star Wars). Michael Cauce’s article, ‘Adani Carmichael Megamine: the Franklin River of our times?’ talks about this. Are you old enough to know about the Franklin River? An environmental issue significant enough to change the result of the 1983 Australian elections!

You’re not alone

There are three articles on on loneliness – an experience which can be exacerbated in the darker, colder months, & the extra time we might spend inside. There’s one article specifically linking separation, loneliness & lack of touch. Sometimes loneliness is a result of separation, & Tamara Kay’s article offers some suggestions. Indeed, we have two articles this month focussing on touch – or lack of it – & how important it is. So many stunning articles to nurture yourself with!

Independence is important

I am SO proud to be able to bring you such quality INDEPENDENT MEDIA to you!!! In print, LivingNow has the biggest distribution in this niche of the whole of the Southern Hemisphere! We have more than 69,000 copies going into hot little hands this month! And here, online – at www.livingnow.com.au – we have literally thousands of articles to inspire, nurture & empower you!


I really encourage you to connect – with us, with the authors & with each other! Seeing we have all this great technology at our disposal (such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & the comments section under every single article on this website), there are so many wonderful ways to join in. Have your say & know you’re connected! ?

In service & gratitude,

Emma ❤️

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