LivingNow goes paperless

LivingNow goes paperless!

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We’ve got wonderful news for you, and for the planet: we’re going paperless!!! 🌏🤗

Old typewriter. Photo by Florian Klauer Unsplash

After a fantastic 30th-year-anniversary edition*, the time of LivingNow as a regular print magazine has passed. *You can still buy one at our online shop.

As a whole team, we’re honoured to have been such an inspiration and impact in the health and personal development niches for three great decades. We’re delighted that the magazines of the last couple of years, in particular, have been so beautiful! And full of such amazing articles. We are extremely happy that we’ve been able to help you all improve your lives in such great ways 💖

Digital to continue – better than ever!

While it is, in some ways, sad to lose the printed LivingNow, the great thing is that now the best digital elements can continue. And with far greater effectiveness for all. Because now we can focus entirely on bringing that value to you, and to the community at large. As well as dealing with the issue of the cost (to us and to the planet) of print, we are extra excited that we’ll now be able to bring you better results, and better products, through this streamlining of what LivingNow offers.

You’ll probably know that any good company revolves around what works, and what can bring results for the relevant parties. In LivingNow’s case, the relevant parties are the readers, subscribers, and the advertisers. So, moving forward, our attention will be on what works for you – whether you’re a reader, an advertiser, or both – so that you get the best value, and the best results.


If you’re a reader (which, of course, includes subscribers), you’ll get value through the quality articles that LivingNow offers; which will be available through the App editions (see more about the fantastic upcoming App edition below!) and the online articles. As a reader, you’ll get results when you apply what you learn from the articles into your life; maybe that’s in the realm of relationships, or your meditation practices, or your gut health – whatever the LivingNow article covers. You’ll also gain value through being able to access services and products in the personal development and health niches, which you can do through the LivingNow Directory.


If you’re an advertiser you’ll get value wherever the readers are attracted, as that’s where the interested eyes are, able to see your products and services too! 👀 😊 If you have been a print advertiser, there are great packages on offer for you. You can translate your print spend into digital dollars. Even if you weren’t a print advertiser recently, but you’d like to access the digital readership now that we’ll be putting all our energies into them, there are juicy packages for you, too! 😀 Keep an eye out for emails, coming soon, with great offers for you. (And get yourself onto our email list, if you’re keen!)

Old typewriter. Photo by Peter Lewicki UnsplashA change that HAD to happen

Have you ever had a knowing that you had to make a change, but kept resisting it?!

Well this has kinda been happening with me (Emma). I’ve been sick for much of this year 😥. I kept feeling that something had to change, but wasn’t sure what, or how…

It’s a time of immense change – a time to REALLY look at what’s important! So, due to health and other reasons, I am now stepping down from the role of director, and from being the owner. (I’ll still be the editor.) My amazing partner David is the new owner of LivingNow Digital Media! Congratulations and welcome!! 🤗 It’s going to be wonderful with him at the helm, and us working together to serve you and your business 😊

More about the next great App edition

Have you accessed the LivingNow App yet, yourself? It’s free to get the App onto your device (phone, iPad or tablet). Then some of the editions in it are free, and some paid. The link that’s here, in this post, also gives you an option to access our fantastic new FLIP BOOK! Exciting!! 😀

Connect with the community

We’re here to help you do your best. It’s of utmost importance to us that we bring you quality INDEPENDENT MEDIA to help you improve your life, and the lives of your family, friends and communities! We really encourage you to connect – with us, with the authors, with the advertisers, and with each other! We have all this great technology – our App, our website, and our Directory – so there are wonderful ways to join in; please do.

It’s really time to know that you’re connected, and that you can make a difference! And we have literally thousands of articles to inspire, nurture, and empower you to do just that. Here’s to the flourishing and thriving of ALL of us! 🌏🤗

Heartfelt regards,

Emma & David 💖David & Emma 2013 BW

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