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Long division and the meaning of life…

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What I was seeing in front of my own eyes was like bits of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle that is human consciousness and activity, finally, falling into place.


As a kid in primary school, there were many unknowns to me, stuff I just didn’t get or fathom out for myself. One of those was girls’, the other was long division.

While other kids around me were dividing long numbers like crazy, I was stumped. I couldn’t see the pattern in front of my own eyes and thus the secret was ‘hidden in plain view’, at least to me anyway.

Then one day, it happened! I got it. I was ecstatic and so excited that I spent hours madly dividing long numbers for no other reason than I could! The ‘secret’ became clear to me and my life had changed forever.
Decades later I was in another class, this time exploring human potential, and I experienced the same feeling of liberation, of scales falling from my eyes, of an excitement that was hard to describe. It was tangible, visceral and the potential gave me goosebumps… and still does.

It was during a 4-day coaching certification program, and while I have actively explored fields such as NLP since the early 1980s, and coaching models since the early 2000s,what I was seeing in front of my own eyes was like bits of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle that is human consciousness and activity,finally, falling into place. I felt like I had just discovered the secrets to long division again!

This new coaching model co-founded by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, called ‘mBIT’ (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) is a profound blending of the latest scientific research from neuroscience, and the insights of ancient wisdom from the past five thousand years or more.

Here’s the essence, distilled for you

Science has revealed that we have three complex, adaptive and fully functional ‘intelligences’, ‘brains or ‘neural networks’ located in our head, heart and gut.

Each intelligence has specialised functions, and, when these three brains are aligned and on the same page, life tends to be more fulfilling, creative and expressive.

However, when we do not have easy access to these brains, there is a lack of communication, they are used for the wrong purpose or they are at odds with each other, life can get very messy and dysfunctional.
The applications of this coaching model are almost endless and include coaching, education and training, leadership, managing teams, decision making, health, personal growth and development, resilience, entrepreneurship…

You could speculate that wherever human beings want or need to operate at higher levels of understanding or consciousness, there is a part that mBIT can play.

The underlying principle or purpose is to ‘liberate the human spirit’ and for me that’s a game worth playing in my life. mBIT can assist everyone to find their true meaning of life. Long division I’ll leave in the hands of math teachers.

P.S. I’m still trying to work out the fairer sex!


Bill Lee-Emery, mBIT coach and master trainer, lives on the Gold Coast in a picturesque Eco Village in Currumbin Valley. He trains coaches and other professionals to become mBIT coaches.


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