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How does the feeling of love come within you naturally, while the spiritual sense does not come by itself? Look deep enough into this. Whatever you call love right now, generally, tends to be between a man and a woman because Nature has created certain attraction between man and woman. This attraction is crucial for the survival of the race. If a woman did not attract a man, if man did not need woman physically, he would have killed her long ago. He would have eliminated woman completely from this planet because physically he is more powerful; whatever he can rule, he rules absolutely. He would have completely destroyed the woman but he needs her in so many ways. This need has been created by Nature because this is the only way to perpetuate life. This is the only way to extend the race.

Basic longing is for oneness

Even if you look at this physical urge that we refer to as sexuality, you will see the urge is to become one with something. Somewhere there is a longing in you that being yourself is not sufficient. You want to include another person as a part of yourself. So, even sexuality is just a longing to become one with something more than that which you call yourself. So whatever you refer to as love generally comes from this process – I am talking about the most fundamental now. So the basic longing is just to seek oneness.

Oneness means yoga. You are seeking to become one with something but if you become one with a woman or a man it is not sufficient. Initially, you may really believe it is sufficient but once you go through the phase you will realise it is not. It does not get you anywhere.

Similarly, your desire to have more money, more property, more power, more pleasure, more love is simply your spiritual longing but without awareness. Your desire is right whether you desire sex, money, pleasure, property, power, whatever your desire is right, but you are not giving it the right direction, that’s all. Your desire wants to become one with something more than yourself but you need to understand that getting one woman or one man or one this or one that is not fulfilling you. It seeks more, and more, and more.

Desire seeks unboundedness

So, what does your desire finally seek? It is seeking unboundedness. It wants to become one with everything. In life it does not matter what you include as a part of yourself, whether you include a man or a woman or one dozen children, still your life is not fulfilled. When you are young you think, “Oh, if I got married; if I get married to this particular person, especially that person that I prefer, my life will be complete.” If you get married to somebody else, all your life you will think, “Oh, if I had married that person, my life would have been fulfilled.” That is why I say, you must be allowed to marry whoever you want because within no time you will realise that you are still not fulfilled. It may bring some happiness and comfort into your life but it does not fulfil you.

Once you realise that you think, “Oh, we don’t have children, that is why we are not fulfilled. If I bear a child, everything will be okay. You could have one or one dozen children — nothing happens. You are still not happy. We have produced one billion people in this country (India). Do you think everybody is fulfilled? We go on bearing children without limit, but still where is the fulfilment? Do you see fulfilment on people’s faces? It is not happening. Either you go through all these experiences at the cost of a whole lifetime or you look at all these people and realise the truth; that it has not gotten them anywhere. It is very obvious. Look at a 60-year-old man who has gone through every phase of life – ambition, power, sex, children, love and everything else. Look at his face and see if it is a face of fulfilment. No. In the morning when he eats his breakfast he looks a little fulfilled; afterwards he is the same.

Looking for satisfaction?

So, that little bit of satisfaction is all you are looking for. It is fine, but you will still not settle with that. That little bit of satisfaction that you may get with food, sex, or child is not fulfilling you completely. If you have the intelligence to understand this from other people’s experience of life, you will see these things will not get you anywhere.

It is not that you do not have an instinct for spirituality. The most basic instinct in you is always to become one with something or someone. This is a spiritual instinct. It is just that you give expression to your spiritual instinct in a materialistic way, that’s all. If you become aware of whatever you refer to as the most basic instincts, you will realise that you have started on a spiritual journey. Now, you are doing it without awareness; that’s why it remains a limited process.


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