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Magic happens when you turn up

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By Nicci Garaicoa

Here is where the magic began to happen. Following my kinesiology session, over the next few days, weeks and months, I felt so much more me lighter, whole and free.


I didn’t really want to go to the appointment I had made with my kinesiologist as the problem I’d originally booked for had been resolved and was no longer playing in my head, but I decided to go anyway, really just because I’d forgotten to cancel and I would hate to let them down! When asked why I was there, of course I couldn’t answer because I really did not know, but I trusted I was meant to be there and went with that feeling.

With some gentle questioning from my kinesiologist, different thoughts, images and feelings came rushing at me and were brought to the forefront of my mind, so I figured, quite ho-humly, that we would go with that.

The kinesiology session that followed was truly beautiful, inspiring, clearing and a magical one because I was able to ‘turn up’ for myself and get to a deeper level of balancing and clearing than I had ever before. Was this because I was not in physical pain? Or not in total mental anguish? Emotional trauma wasn’t taking over my thoughts completely? I don’t know, but I am guessing it to be the case. I think we all can put off our healing when our body or mind is gently whispering to us, and we perhaps tend to wait for it to shout!

I was able to balance myself (with the assistance of my kinesiologist) around some ‘stories’ from my childhood that would pop up and into my thoughts every now and then over the past 20 years, but that I didn’t think were too much of a big deal to my life now. I cried throughout the session and felt deep, raw emotions. I was able to feel everything and anything that ‘happened’ to me, learn from the experiences and move forward from that place to the me of now. I felt wonderful as I walked out into the sunshine – gratitude enveloped me.

Here is where the magic began to happen…over the next few days, weeks and months, I just felt so much more me –lighter, whole and free. I got phone calls from those involved and I felt no anguish towards them and was able to just be myself in a way I had really not done with them for a long time. It really felt amazing! Funny little other things would happen too. I could think about the past and not want push it back away, I had more motivation, my relationships improved and I had a greater sense of feeling carefree…all because I took the time to listen to my body.

As a qualified kinesiologist I have seen this time and time again with my clients who treat kinesiology sessions a little like getting a hair cut and turning up for themselves every 6-12 weeks. We all can hold on to a myriad of stuff and when the stuff that no longer serves us is cleared and balanced, the freedom to be yourself is profound, super funky. Smiling reaches your eyes and happy dancing happens!

Kinesiology is a truly beautiful modality, where no two people are ever treated the same. What your body needs to balance your shoulder might be to ‘fix’ all the muscles in the area, and what my body needs might be the awareness that I am ‘shouldering’ the burden of a team at work and of course it makes sense that we are both treated on the levels –this is why it works! It is an honour to work in such an empowering modality, helping people in their journey to optimal health…even when they might not think they need it!


Nicci is a qualified PKP kinesiologist and member of AIK who operates Karma Being Natural Therapies on the Redcliffe Peninsula in QLD while raising her four children with her husband Daveenjoying the beach, SUPing, yoga, meditation and living for now.

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