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Manage your business by managing your thoughts and energies

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Having good energetic boundaries is essential in life and business, and learning how to illuminate and release the beliefs that limit you will transform your life. Here is a case study of ‘Robert’ and his story of success after he became aware of how to manage energy and thoughts, his own and others.


Case study:

Robert came to me in despair of losing everything he had worked 20 years to build – his business, relationship, home, and trust in himself as a successful business man. He had made a ‘wrong’ deal with partners who let him down, and was afraid he would lose everything, including his health, which was beginning to break down with stress.

It soon became clear to me that Robert had absorbed the energy of his business and his new partners; and had infiltrated his own fearful energy back into the business. In turn, he had unconsciously projected his toxic situation onto his partner. At the same time, his mother, with whom he had always been close, was projecting her worries to him through unseen chords. It was time for my client to create some clear energetic boundaries, and to take control of his mind. Together we put a plan in place, and over a few months, my client was able to turn his situation around. Now, three years later, my client still visits me on a monthly basis, and we spend our time celebrating his success in all areas of his life, and create exciting plans for the future.


How clear and clean are you with your own, and others’ energy?

How much do you allow your thoughts to run free and unconsciously dictate your experience?

Tasks for transformation today:

Task 1: remove energetic chords

  • Set yourself up in a quite place where you won’t be disturbed. Write a list of all the people who you are concerned about right now, and then list all those who may be worried about you.
  • With your imagination, build a huge sphere of rainbow-coloured light above your head in the sky. Now, one by one, feel where each person’s chord is connected to your physical body and push into this place with pinched fingers, like you are removing a light bulb from its socket, and twist and pull each chord out and reach up above your head and plug it into the bottom of the sphere. I have found the following declaration useful to say while you do this: From me to you, and you to me, by pulling this chord, I set you free.
  • Now, take some time to send light beams of love and trust between the people you have let go of.

Task 2: be mindful of your thoughts

  • Take some time out and create a nurturing place for some ‘inner work’. Next, take a few moments to breathe consciously into your belly.
  • Now, think of something that is worrying you at this time, and watch the thoughts that come up and run rampant in your mind.
  • Write down the thoughts and underlying imprints that come up – e.g. I can’t do this; I always get let down; no one believes I can do this; I’m hopeless; I am a failure, etc.
  • Take some time to acknowledge where each thought comes from in your past. Is it something you heard your mother or father say? Is it a thought that came about when you first experienced a setback? Illuminate and validate your past experience, without getting emotionally hooked into it. Just simply watch it and understand the power it has over you. Breathe into it. Then let it go, with your out breath, right down into the earth.
  • Replace your limiting thoughts with optimistic ones. Write these new thoughts and possibilities out and stick them everywhere.

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