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Do you wish to manifest peace in your life?

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Do you wish to manifest peace in your life?

‘Path to Illumination & Liberation’
This will be the first-ever Australian Immersion Retreat with Kenji Kumara – here’s your chance to be part of it!


Kenji Kumara will be leading a 5-day Quantum-Lightweaving® retreat in Australia 19 to 23 September

Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa, Uki, NSW.


He will also be in Melbourne from 3 to 16 September to lead Quantum Activation evenings and personal empowerment sessions, and details of these events can be found on the events page.

“This experience was totally off planetary charts.
Walked in one person and left blissful, free and open to all that is.”

Kenji Kumara offers a gentle way to harness your innate power and knowledge as he guides you into the quantum field of many possibilities of transcendence, healing and awakening. As a light-weaver, he holds the power of Grace for you to embody and express in your life as you allow. The gift to you is one of spiritual blessings of infinite creativity, inner peace and divine awakening.

“I feel I’ve done years of work in 3 days.
A feeling of beginning to come home.”


Join Kenji for a 5 day immersion in Quantum Lightweaving at a sacred retreat centre in Australia. If you feel called to learn more, click the link below. Monthly payment options are available. The healing that is available to you through this retreat is immense.


You can also connect via Facebook, if you’d like to be kept up to date with what we’re offering.

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