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Manifest your desires with universal laws

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You are what you think

Everything begins with a thought. Think about it. Everything you do or say starts with a thought, either in your subconscious or conscious mind. Every decision or choice you’ve made, like your choice of partner, job, and where you live, has started in your mind. You’ve heard the saying – “you are what you eat”. In reality, you are what you think. Okay, there are some external circumstances that you cannot always control, like what other people do to you and natural disasters, but how you choose to react to these outside influences is your decision.

If you are what you think, then you can manifest outcomes in your life. There are universal laws that relate to manifestation, the key one being the law of attraction.

The law of attraction

The universal law of attraction states that like energy attracts like. Thoughts also have their own energy. If you think negative thoughts, you will surround yourself with a negative vibration that will attract more negativity, resulting in negative choices and attitudes. On the other hand, if you start with positive thoughts, that positive energy from your mind becomes your surrounding force field and positive vibrations are what you will project and attract. It’s a scientific fact that negative particles attract other negative particles. Conversely, positive ions attract positive ions.

If you are a product of your thoughts, then to manifest change you need to work on the thought processes that are programming your conscious and sub-conscious mind. The good news is that you can greatly enhance the re-programming that is achieved with creative visualisation and positive affirmations. Often, what you need to re-program is your self talk, which is the inner dialogue that has become habit after many years.

At a personal level, we must believe in this universal law to allow opportunities to come our way. This belief is essential for the manifestation of your dreams as it paves the way for positive thinking and self-belief, because this mindset understands that the universe responds to our thoughts.

Think about this. If your mind is closed to possibilities, then you will never be able to visualise them or manifest them. If this is the case, you may have programmed your mind to believe that you don’t deserve positive outcomes. If that mental door to abundance is closed, the breeze of opportunity will not find a way to reach you.

Self-imposed barriers

In one of my workshops, a participant, Steve, 29, computer programmer said: “I thought I was being selfish wanting it all – like a successful career with good pay, an apartment, a fit body and a girlfriend. After thinking about it more carefully, I learned that I had to fight this guilt. It was like a belief that I didn’t deserve all these good things to be happening in my life; it was like there had to be some suffering in line for me. I had to fight this guilt because it was stopping me from enjoying my successes and from even daring to dream for more.”

Once you assume that you have these limitations, whether they are caused by guilt or conditioning, then you are already limited by your thoughts. Do you believe that you deserve good things to happen to you? Are you fearful of achievement or success? Sometimes our conditioning assumes that we should not expect high levels of success in our lives, along with the belief that high achievers are ‘show offs’ or ‘tall poppies’. Accept the concept of attraction to help you believe that you do deserve wonderful things in your life. You can be a high achiever without being a painful ‘show off’.

Cause and effect

Inner dialogue or self-talk works like cause and effect. When we accept that our thoughts are the cause and the subsequent results or outcomes are the effect, we are ready to discard the barriers of mental conditioning. Understanding the relationship between the cause and effect of your thoughts is one of the first steps in overcoming limiting self-talk. It helps you take responsibility for your thoughts. In turn, this approach helps you identify and work on the negative inner dialogue.

Your inner dialogue

First, you need to identify and listen to your inner dialogue. Catch yourself out. What is the tone of your self-talk? Does it tell you that you can achieve what you want? Or is it filling you with thoughts of self-doubt? It’s probably a message that has been repeated for many years. It’s that voice that tells us what we can and what we can’t do or achieve. This internal chatter often tells you what you should and what you shouldn’t do. Perhaps it’s something like “I don’t have a university education – so I don’t really deserve that job”. Record your thoughts in a journal and check for patterns of negative inner dialogue. Your written records could provide clues or themes of self-talk that reappear in your thinking. If your self-talk is negative, your confidence is being eroded and stunted. This translates into toxic thoughts that are stopping you from moving forward. Here’s the challenge – if you want to manifest change, you need to reprogram this inner dialogue.

Successful people

Think about the successful people you know. What makes them different or what makes them stand out? Often, they seem to attract more luck than others. It’s more than just luck. It’s highly likely that they have overcome the barriers imposed by negative self-talk and are able to project confidence in their words and actions. They think differently, because they are comfortable with themselves, even though they know they are not perfect. They take calculated risks and understand that failure is a necessary ingredient for ultimate achievement. They accept their weaknesses, but have learnt not to allow their imperfections to limit their potential. You are entitled to the same levels of success and happiness. You can achieve this by reprogramming your inner dialogue to believe in yourself and open your mind to the forces and magic around you.

Creative visualisation

Visualisation is like mental imagery. It’s a deliberate use of the mind’s eye to visualise an outcome. This differs from day dreaming which is something we do spontaneously as we are carried away by our thoughts. In creative manifestation, you direct the thoughts. You can first practise visualisation by closing your eyes and concentrating on your ‘third eye’ in the centre of your forehead between your eyebrows. The following lemon visualisation has been an exercise often used in workshops specialising in auto-suggestion:

Close your eyes and imagine you are holding a lemon.

Touch it, turn it around and smell it.

Now cut it and take a bite.

Did you feel your mouth tingling in anticipation of the sour taste?

That’s the power of visualisation and how it can manifest a physiological reaction. You may want to tape the lemon visualisation instructions, speaking slowly, and play it back while you visualise.

Here are some tips for successful creative visualisation:

Clearly set your goals

Have a mental picture of what you want to achieve

Behave as if you have already achieved the desired outcome

Don’t worry about all the steps you need to take to get there; just focus on the end result.

Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want to happen

Ensure that your goal is consistent with responsible magic; that it doesn’t harm anyone

Keep an open mind and let the energy go. Don’t be too tenacious on the goal. Allow for some flexibility to allow for alternative options.

It’s a mental picture of who you want to become or what you want to achieve. Athletes wanting to optimise their performance regularly use creative visualisation. Why shouldn’t we use the same techniques to improve our performance in the sport of life?

A fear of success can be as crippling as fear of failure. Any fear creates inertia, like a blocker, that prevents you from moving forward. Overcome the thinking that’s stopping you from achieving your full potential and from enjoying the abundance you deserve.

You can manifest change in all facets of your life. Practise techniques like creative visualisation and affirmations to reprogram your self-talk. Make time each day to do affirmations and visualisations to overcome and prevent any toxic self-talk. Remember that the universe is composed of energy and that energy is an abundant resource. With the universal law of attraction, that states that like energy attracts like, you can manifest change through your positive intent. Your thought patterns not only dictate your behaviour, but also impact how you create your future, your success and your magical life. You are entitled to success and happiness.

Emely Flak is a freelance writer and marriage celebrant, who is currently employed as a change management consultant and corporate facilitator. She writes on a range of issues relating to ancient wisdom, including published articles for various Llewellyn Worldwide Publications. Much of her written work is dedicated to embracing ancient practices for personal empowerment and resilience in the competitive workplace.

In her spare time she is a prolific reader who enjoys spending time with her two children (who are growing up way too fast!) and husband. 

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