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Four steps to manifestation

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Positive thinking is an early step in the manifestation process. Bringing dreams into reality takes something more.


It begins with an idea  

Manifestation always begins with an idea, and at Unity Brisbane (where I serve as Reverend) we believe we can ‘tune in’ to inspiration as original ideas from Omnipresent Intelligence. This inspiration is available to everyone at all times, but it is only when we quiet our ‘inner chatterbox’, perhaps by meditating, that we can be receptive to it, and accept and believe in it as being possible.

We shape these ideas with our own thoughts and beliefs, and act on them as fully as we are able with our current state of consciousness. We set goals to bring to reality what we want, whether material or experiential. However, what we draw to us is the direct result of what we truly believe and feel, not necessarily what we want. Positive thinking helps, but is not enough!


Affirmations are a popular way to convince ourselves that we can achieve what we want to manifest. They are much more effective if we first release old beliefs and emotional reactions that sabotage achievement of our goals. For example, if we believe deep down that what we want is not possible, or that we do not deserve to achieve it, the universe will respond to those deeper beliefs, not our affirmations.

Mind power is not sufficient. We need to check out our feelings because how we feel about our goal will affect how it manifests. If we feel unworthy, inadequate or fearful about what we are affirming, those feelings will sabotage the results.


Journalling is one way to identify old beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us. Take time to sit quietly and start writing about your dream, asking yourself how you really feel about it. If old memories arise, let them come, and explore how they relate to your dream. For example, a memory of being told as a small child that you cannot sing in tune may need to be consciously released and discarded before you can be successful as a singer in adulthood.

Thoughts and feelings brought together in the manifestation process will be better focussed by the use of visualisation. Imagination is a powerful tool to clarify how we want life to be. Picture it, then get into the feeling of it. Many a mountain has been climbed, many a goal achieved, that was first mastered in a happy visualisation! Joy adds magic to the manifestation process.

Action: the final step

The final step in the manifestation process is action. Thinking, feeling and visualising are the foundation, but the words we speak, and our willingness to do whatever we can towards our goal, are what make the process successful.

As Charles Fillmore wrote in his book Prosperity,  “The secret of demonstration is to conceive what is true and to carry out the concept in thought, word and act.”

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Rhonda Murray has been a Unity Minister for 24 years, and conducts regular classes and Sunday services at Unity Brisbane (Unity Reflections of Truth) in person and online. Rhonda shares the Unity teachings of personal development, spiritual awareness, and Bible metaphysical interpretation.

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