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Think well and be well. Could it really be as simple and easy as that? Manifesting wellness is more complex and requires on-going effort, but it is a fun and joyful journey.


Think well and be well. Could it really be as simple and easy as that? Realistically, no. Manifesting wellness is more complex and requires on-going effort, but it is a fun and joyful journey.

It’s the journey, not the destination

The first thing to realise is that feeling well will always trump thinking well. Our thoughts play their part as we master our minds and learn to direct our thoughts away from matters that don’t feel good. The energetic alignment that comes from feeling good, to the core of our being, acts like a magnet for wellness. Contrary to suggestions by the current marketing frenzy surrounding the term, wellness cannot be bought in a bottle or treatment, and the path of wellness is different for everyone.

Central to wellness philosophy is the knowledge that wellness lies in the manifesting, not the manifestation. The cliché is true: it is all about the journey, not the destination. And this is never truer than when it comes to wellness.

Wellness is a dynamic, ever-evolving process without an end point. It occurs naturally through the conscious striving to learn, grow, feel, change, connect, and create. It lives and breathes in our choices; in everything we say, think, do, and feel. It does not stop, it is work. It is developing new habits through practice, but it does get easier as you become more skilled at your ‘job’. And like any work with rich rewards, you come to enjoy it, because with each step on your wellness journey you are experiencing the pay-offs, the benefits, the joy of being, feeling, living, and loving well.

Swimming upstream

When it comes to physical illness our inclination is to focus on the symptoms, analysing and dissecting the details; and to get stuck in the negative thoughts and feelings of the disease. Trying to be well from here will feel like a fish swimming upstream.

As the physical manifestation of disease is preceded by unwell thoughts and emotions, and the subsequent imbalances and disturbances in our being, it is imperative to constantly and consciously shift our thoughts and emotions to those aligned with wellness. Wellness is the harmonious and unhindered flow of energy between an individual and the world they live in that comes from integration and alignment of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Wellness remains elusive when our energy is too focused, and therefore aligned with, the physical manifestation of disease. Taking the recommended drugs, supplements, or physical therapies can only get one so far; they cannot elicit a true cure, they simply palliate the physical symptoms. Use the physical recommendations to help support your body, but pick up the rest of the pieces of the puzzle and simultaneously start doing the work and making the changes where it really matters.

Failure to address the root cause of disease – the imbalance created by thoughts, emotions, and disconnect – paradoxically creates resistance to healing. Like water flowing freely downstream, we unconsciously stack boulders across its course, damming up the flow. This is what happens in our body and we become disconnected from the thoughts, emotions, actions, and tools that cultivate wellness.

Choosing wellness

While we are easily caught up in the minutiae of symptoms and diagnosis of disease, in the end it ultimately doesn’t matter what it is, the remedy is the same. It is choosing wellness; finding ways to feel well; cultivating thoughts and emotions aligned with wellness to create balance, harmony, integration, and clear communication between all layers of our being and beyond. From this place of energetic alignment we call forth wellness, for we are multi-dimensional beings who cannot be reduced to parts. It is time to shift our focus from getting well, to living well.

So forget about healing per se, for the underlying thought and energy in this approach is that there is something to heal; that you are unwell. Healing is the natural result of choosing wellness with our everyday thoughts and emotions. And we do choose. Wellness is a choice. In every moment, there is a choice. Ask yourself – what would wellness do?


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