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Stargazer – astrology for March 2021 – Age of Aquarius

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Age of Aquarius

More and more people have been asking me about the Age of Aquarius. ‘Has it started yet?’ ‘If not, when will it start?’ ‘Do I think the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius?’ ‘And is this a good thing for humanity – isn’t Aquarius all about a creating a better world?’

So, I started thinking about the Age of Aquarius and what that might mean for those of us on planet Earth right now. These ‘Great Ages’ last for over two thousand years. 2160 years to be precise. And they’re based on a cosmic phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes, whereby the direction of our earth’s pole slowly shifts over a 26,000-year period, pointing at a different zodiac constellation every two thousand years or so. The idea is that the energy of one particular zodiac sign is dominant for two millennia.

It’s difficult to say exactly when the change from one Great Age to another happens, given our relatively short human life span. However, it is widely accepted that we are currently moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. And we may even be there already.

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We are not machines

If we indeed have entered the Age of Aquarius, I personally don’t like the way things are moving. It’s true that Aquarius is a visionary energy. It’s true that Aquarius embraces new technology, new ideas, new vision and inspired creativity. But Aquarius is a mentally-driven, emotionally-detached, masculine air sign. Aquarius likes to measure, classify and analyse. And its traditional ruler is Saturn, the planet of boundaries and control. Here the mind is far more important than the heart. Aquarian energy is cool, efficient and impartial. Aquarius champions the group and common good over freedom and the rights of the individual.

But we humans live on an earthy planet in bodies that age and die. We are not efficient machines. We have emotions and feelings. We’re not particularly logical, even if we like to think we are. We are flesh and blood. And, like all animals, when we are under threat, we don’t think of the group and the good of society, we think of ourselves and our families and loved ones.

Liberation or control?

My concern is that the amazing Aquarian technology we have created over the past few decades will be used by our leaders and by criminal elements of society to enslave, monitor and control us, rather than to liberate us. It’s already happening, particularly since the invention of CCTV, the internet, digital technology and the smart phone. Not much is private anymore, and it’s getting worse. Our medical records, fingerprints, DNA, tax history, bank accounts, relationships, overseas trips, phone conversations, emails, digital footprint, consumer preferences and pretty much anything we do or say now is routinely recorded, meaning it can easily be shared, accessed and transmitted across the world, legally or illegally.

Though the relative novelty and convenience of being able to share our lives is still a source of wonder and pleasure; and the undoubtedly brilliant Aquarian technology has made our lives much easier and more connected; the downside is we can be classified, organised, analysed and convicted instantly by a computer algorithm. Things we did and said thirty years ago can be published and shared without our permission. The detached, cool and impartial Brave New World has arrived.

The shadow side of Aquarius

Some say there’s nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide. I say, wait until it’s your turn to be discriminated against, convicted, controlled or excluded based on an unfeeling computer algorithm. Wait until someone steals your identity or your money. Wait until your data suddenly disappears or is tampered with. Or wait until Facebook shut down your business page. Wait until you lose your job for something you did or said when you were young and foolish. That’s the shadow side of Aquarius.

Social control

China has 1.4 billion citizens and the country’s technocratic rulers have realised that digital technology is the perfect tool for implementing sophisticated systems of social control. The Chinese government is beginning to roll out its social credit system, designed to “raise the awareness of integrity and the level of trustworthiness in Chinese society”. If your social credit score is too low, you’ll find yourself barred from taking flights or travelling on certain trains. That’s the shadow side of Aquarius.

Follow the science!

Government response to the coronavirus pandemic has been to pass laws and tell citizens that restrictions are all for their own good. Strong leadership in times of crisis is vital, of course. However, critical debate has been mostly stifled, and anyone who disagrees with the dominant paradigm is ridiculed, punished or silenced. Our mainstream media channels are ridden with fear-laden messages. It can be difficult to know who to believe or trust. Following the science sounds great in theory, but which science, and who is funding it? That’s the shadow side of Aquarius.

Vaccine passports?

With the worldwide rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, we are already hearing talk of vaccine passports. And the news that people will potentially be barred from interstate and overseas travel, from certain jobs and workplaces and from attending sporting events, festivals and concerts if they have not been vaccinated. That’s the shadow side of Aquarius.

It’s for your own safety

A friend recently received a standardised letter from the health service telling her she had been classified as ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ based on her age (mid-50s) and an ‘underlying health condition’. The letter told her to stop going to work, to stay indoors indefinitely and to ask others to buy food for her. She has had this health condition for over 15 years, during which time she has led a completely normal life, competed in triathlons, worked full time and raised a family. But the computer didn’t register those things. That’s the shadow side of Aquarius.

Aquarian technology – servant or master?

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius throughout 2021 against the backdrop of the dawning of the Great Age of Aquarius, I believe the desire for a better world and a better future for all must be balanced against the right to individual differences; the right to privacy and freedom of speech; the right to be eccentric, non-conformist and creative, and the right to disagree with consensus reality. These are all qualities of Leo, the opposite sign to Aquarius. If we allow too much social control and state regulation, we will be poorer as a society and driven by fear and punishment instead of love and tolerance.

Let us make Aquarian technology our servant, rather than our master, as we embrace the Age of Aquarius.

Life on Mars?

Talking of Aquarian technology, with most of Planet Earth under severe travel restrictions, we recently heard the exciting news that NASA’s Perseverance rover has travelled 293 million miles across our solar system and landed on Planet Mars to begin its two-year investigation of the Jezero Crater. The Perseverance left Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on 30th July last year. It has taken seven months to arrive at its destination.

Perseverance’s task is to collect rock and soil samples which will eventually be sent back to Earth for analysis. Scientists hope to determine whether there was once life on Mars. The mission will also test a method for producing oxygen; identify other resources such as underground water; improve landing techniques, and analyse the atmosphere and other environmental conditions that could affect astronauts potentially living and working on Mars in the future.

The rover landed at 8.55pm (universal time) on 18th February 2021. Of course, I drew up an astro chart and saw that at the time of landing, Mars was in Taurus conjunct the moon in Taurus. One of the keywords for Taurus is ‘perseverance’ so you can be sure the mission will live up to its name!

March lunar cycle

New moon in Pisces – open your heart

The March new moon falls on the 13th in water sign Pisces with Neptune and Venus conjunct the sun and moon. This gentle lunation promises hope, kindness, love and positive new beginnings. Take time out to dream, reflect and meditate. Play your favourite music, enjoy a stroll in nature or a glass of wine. Elevate your spirit and open your heart. Venus is exalted in Pisces, giving us the ability to see the best in others. And Neptune rules Pisces, opening us up to higher spiritual and creative dimensions.

Full moon in Libra – healing and reconciliation

The March full moon is on the 29th. It is in air sign Libra, opposite the sun in fire sign Aries, conjunct Chiron and Venus. The moon forms a flowing grand trine with Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. The theme of this full moon in the lead up to Easter is healing and reconciliation, particularly in close personal relationships.

We are all emerging from a particularly stressful time dominated by Capricorn’s rules and regulations. It has been a climate of judgement and harshness, where one size fits all. The March lunar cycles offer time to pause and reflect upon how we’d like things to unfold in the future. Only by working together, dropping judgement and criticism, and being kind to each other, can we move forward in a positive and supportive manner.

Welsh Stonehenge

An ancient myth about Stonehenge, Britain’s most famous prehistoric monument and a sophisticated astronomical temple, tells how the wizard and Celtic shaman Merlin led men to Ireland to capture a magical stone circle called the Giants’ Dance and rebuilt it in England as a memorial to the dead.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

The remains of a vast stone circle, created in Neolithic times, has recently been discovered at Waun Mawn. This is a region of Wales that used to be Irish territory, with features suggesting that the 12th-century legend may not be complete fantasy. The circle’s diameter of 110 metres is identical to the ditch that encloses Stonehenge. It is aligned to the midsummer solstice sunrise, just like the Wiltshire monument. The discovery was made by Mike Parker Pearson, a professor of British prehistory at University College London working with a team of archaeologists and researchers.

A series of buried stone-holes that follow the ancient circle’s outline has been unearthed. They found shapes that can be linked to Stonehenge’s bluestone pillars. One of them bears an imprint in its base that matches the unusual cross-section of a Stonehenge bluestone. It fits “like a key in a lock”, according to the archaeologists.

Sacred stones

A century ago, geologist Herbert Thomas established that the bluestones at Stonehenge originated in the Preseli hills of Wales where he believed they had originally formed a “venerated stone circle”. The newly discovered circle – one of the largest ever constructed in Britain – is just 5 km from the Preseli quarries from which the Stonehenge bluestones were extracted before being dragged more than 225 km to Salisbury Plain some 5,000 years ago.

Radiocarbon dating of hazelnut shells from the Preseli quarry workers’ campfires puts the date of the initial circle’s construction at 3300 BC. That’s almost 400 years before Stonehenge was built. Parker Pearson’s discovery solves the mystery of why the bluestones used in the construction of Stonehenge were quarried so far away. As to why they were moved from Preseli to Salisbury Plain and who moved them… that’s another mystery altogether!

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