Mindful living brings boundless rewards

Mindful living brings boundless rewards, growth & development

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Mindful living helps us find who we were truly intended to be, enabling greater gratitude, expanded love and joy.


There are a plethora of books on the topic of meditation. These books provide an outline on how one might develop a more enriched life through a daily Mediation practise. I remember many years ago sauntering into a bookstore with a genuine resolve to purchase one or two books, to try and understand meditation and to find the ‘how to’. I purchased several books but never fully engaged with the words on the page. As someone with an active and enquiring mind, meditation seemed too – something; too woo-woo, too weird, too hard!

Many people meditate very successfully. Lots of my friends are devoted to their practice and wax lyrical about its benefits to me. I have tried and although I have never adopted a daily practice I did at one point in my life attend a regular meditation group. We met fortnightly, and I attended for a period of over twelve months. It took me some time to settle my mind and body and there were times where my body was so agitated by just sitting that I wanted to scream. 


It also took time to trust the source of the imagery. Or perhaps to trust that whatever presented was of value and was just another aspect of self that I had connected into. These group meditations were guided and we shared our stories at the end of each session. I truly loved the magical aspect and spirituality that this effected – the body sensations, the images and or symbology.

Even with the success and enjoyment of group meditation, I still find it hard to sit down, close my eyes, and get on with it. However, for a long time now I have enjoyed another way of connecting with self and over time I learned that this is what is referred to as Mindfulness.


Mindfulness helps me to create space and tune into my greater self.  I do this in so many ways, but the prevailing ingredients are the same – silence – that is, the silence and the sound of the universal energy that shrouds us all, nature – the presence of trees and plants, the sound of the birds, generally just a moment to sit and feel into life rather than thinking about it – to just feel my life force, my breath.

Over time I have found that this is not something I have to make time for.  As I have slowed down the pace of my life and make more time for me, I find that I crave the moments I can appropriate to bath in the essence of life to expand my energy field, to birth new aspects of myself to bring into the world. 

I truly believe that we can all benefit from the greatness that is mindfulness [mindful living] – by removing unnecessary white noise from our lives, we can find more of who we were truly intended to be, which enables greater gratitude and expanded love and joy.


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Jacinta is a holistic life coach, artist, and author at JS Creative Consulting. She teaches and supports transformation using aspects of the creative, metaphysical and through the lore of nature.

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