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I am often asked, “What is my purpose on this planet? What is my life mission?”

Who can really answer such a question? My response is unintentionally glib. The purpose of life is life. Life offers us every opportunity to grow and experience new wonder but we must take the opportunities presented if we are to find joy. And if the opportunities to grow are not present then we need to do something about it or life on this planet can feel like doing hard time.

That’s what led me to mediumship and the spirit world in the first place – a burning desire to know that life really did continue after this one. Until that point all I knew was what everyone else was telling me. Religion, science, the man in the street – each had their opinion and sadly all were contradictory. For whatever reason, my heart simply couldn’t stand not knowing. So I explored the subject of life after death with an open mind. It wasn’t enough. Spirit cannot be understood unless the power of love and emotion is also taken firmly into account. It is about healing, after all.

Emotional need is the energy that fuels the work of mediumship. That is why capital “S” sceptics who come along hoping to catch us out like amateur illusionists daring to guess how David Copperfield performs his tricks will always walk away thinking they are right. Aside from the fact that sceptics dismiss correct information and focus only on what they perceive to be incorrect, there is no genuine need for the healing that spirit communion brings. Love and emotion are treated disdainfully and the spirit world feels no inclination to associate itself with one who would take it for granted. Imagine being a dad in spirit while your son sat before a medium, rudely dismissing every piece of valid information delivered. You would walk away. That’s what spirits do, they walk away. They feel sad and embarrassed that their offspring could be so selfish and arrogant.

Yet real sceptics are pioneers. Look at Christopher Columbus. The scholars of the day believed he would sail off the end of the earth and perish, yet he set sail anyway, trusting his instinct that a giant killer waterfall would not await him at horizon’s edge. Columbus didn’t just blindly accept the consensus of the day. Yet, one imagines there must have been some persistent doubts nagging away at the back of his mind to accept the dogma of others and play it safe. After all, there was so much at stake; priests, learned men, government – all desperate to maintain their lofty status by ensuring that the world believed the theories they had built their reputations and society upon – in the face of one man who would dare to know instead of simply choosing to believe what he had been told.

Most professed capital “S” sceptics are really just frightened to put their unproved theories to the test. They are not pioneers or ‘mythbusters’ but people afraid to have their flat world theories proven wrong.

Today most of us know the world isn’t flat but from time to time it feels safer to hide behind the relative security of blind scepticism or ignorance than to risk testing the status quo. For this reason I can understand why we are sometimes prone to feign a point of view about something rather than approach it with wonderment and a sense of curiosity. In the formative days of the development of my mediumship, people challenging my views always seemed threatening, not because I didn’t believe in the world I was exploring, but because of the underlying fear of being ridiculed. It is peer pressure that keeps most of us marching to the beat of the same drum negating any chance of expressing individuality in the process.


Ezio De Angelis is a psychic medium and teacher living and working in Sydney.

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