Megan uncovers the truth

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An activist uncovers the truth about government interference with her work and she does not like what she finds.

I am in a vast, cool, limitless, dark space, which fades to black below me. Weightless, I am with my client Megan suspended next to me. I search for stars, trying to orientate myself, but there are none. My client is confused and I am disoriented – she has asked to be taken to the core of the interference with her work, but we appear to be nowhere.

I sense something huge, slowly approaching us through the gloom. It is accompanied by a slow, deep, otherworldly moaning that we feel rather than hear. As I become aware of its vastness, an enormous eye focuses on our small forms and my consciousness is probed. I find myself balancing on a knife-edge of panic. Trying to remain calm, I gaze back into the eye examining me and I collapse into a most unexpected emotion.


I feel Megan’s tension as she looks over her shoulder after parking her car outside my healing studio. Her fear has created an unconscious reflex reaction that she is no longer aware of. A wiry, middle-aged woman, her walk is erect and purposeful; she approaches smiling. She greets me with a happy, brave face but within her I see the fading spark of a once passionate, young activist paling into despair.

Recently returned from her crusading work in the States, she is close to being burnt out. A rest would be good for her, but she is driven. Not a woman to mince words, she sits and cuts to the chase.

“There is ongoing government interference with my work and I want to get to the bottom of it. I have been told you can help.”

“How are you being interfered with?”

“You are familiar with my work?” I nod, having seen her both on the news and in several documentaries about climate change and environmental degradation.

“Over the past year so many things have gone wrong; it is beyond a joke.” She tears up, her stoic visage crumbling momentarily. “I have been betrayed, malicious and unfounded stories leaked to the media, and expedition finance has fallen through. I know I was being followed in the States and I have had inexplicable health challenges. It can only mean one thing – the CIA is out to stop me.”

On the edge of paranoia

I sense she is on the edge of paranoia, but I choose not to judge. Her journey will reveal the truth.

“Are you willing to enter this shamanic journey without expectation? Can you release all attachment to outcomes? Things may not be as they seem.”

She hesitates then nods. “That’s why I am here.”

It takes some time to clear her busy mind, but after a few exercises she surrenders to the power of the crystals around her and lets go of thought. Moving into an expanded state of consciousness we find ourselves drifting in this empty, endless space, confronted by a being whose form is so large it disappears into the gloom behind it.…

Thank you. It telepaths to Megan, whose face contorts through a gamut of emotions. I too am deeply moved by this being’s profound love, vast intelligence, and endless patience with humanity.

You have spoken for us in many forums and your voice has been heard. You HAVE made a difference. The form before us becomes clearer, and I realise we are communicating with the rarest, largest, and gentlest of mammals… 

A great blue whale

I speak for all of us. Your service is complete. You may rest now.

No! There is more to do! I have just begun. Who else will speak for you and our environment? Megan seems almost frantic.

There are others. We love you. It is time to rest.

—What about the interference? Who has been trying to stop me?

The great being pauses. Mmm… I would like to introduce you to someone…

In an instant, a glowing figure descends from above us. It is a radiant, younger version of Megan, who exudes wisdom. Megan stares at herself blinking in disbelief.

You must let go of anger.

—Who are you?

You know that I am your higher self. You sense that but find it hard to believe. I am you.

Megan turns to me. Is this some kind of CIA hologram? Are you on their payroll? I know they want me to stop.

No, I reply. They do not have access to me or my space. Please listen to her…

Feeding the destroyers with anger

The anger you are generating is giving the destroyers of your environment energy. You are feeding them and other beings like them by engaging in conflict with them. You are being manipulated. Megan’s higher self gently reveals the truth.

But they have being trying to stop me! I am sick!

Your heath challenges are your own responsibility. You are burning yourself out. Your despair has attracted some low level interference. But mostly that was me, trying to attract your attention.

—Ha! Pretty unsubtle.

Well, it worked. You came to see Raym and through him, me.

Megan pauses. It is a lot to take in for a person who has been engaged in worldly conservation campaigns, and more recently direct conflict, since she was a teenager. Megan’s life has been dedicated to a worthy cause, but her increasing anger and despair are creating their own challenges.

Your work has been valuable – priceless – but it is time to disengage. Wearing yourself out serves no useful purpose. Feeding the destroyers with your anger is counter-productive and the energy that generates can be used against you and the beings you love. You must trust me. Everything is perfect.

I can feel Megan’s frustration about to boil over

I guess she has heard that ‘Everything is perfect’ phrase before and I know it’s hard to swallow. Then something wonderful happens…

While we have been communicating, we have been silently surrounded by other beautiful sea creatures, every one of whom has been touched by Megan’s dedication.

Feel them, her higher self commands. Allow yourself to feel their gratitude. Rest now; your work is complete.

Megan sobs as she is caressed by waves of unconditional love and for the first time I feel her being totally relax. It is a profound and beautiful experience.

Feeling into Megan’s core I sense that her passion will get the better of her after this session and she will continue her work, regardless of its consequences.

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