Meghan's Big Day

Meghan’s big day

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Imagine this… you’re an astrologer and Meghan Markle books in for an appointment to ask about her new love interest… her fiancé to be more precise…and how compatible they are.


You draw up the charts of Meghan (4th August 1981, 4.46 am in Canoga Park, California – same birthday as the Queen Mother) and Harry (15th September 1984, 4.20 pm in London, UK) and the first thing that strikes you is that they’re completely different!  And while it’s not unusual for opposites to attract, there are always challenges, particularly when the first flush of love and romance has worn off.


Meghan Markle is a successful, mixed-race, working woman in her 30s. She’s American, divorced and brought up by a single mother. With sensitive Cancer rising, she has a kind-hearted and compassionate demeanour. But underneath that sweet smile is a determined and ambitious Leo with the Sun, Mercury, Pallas and the North Node all in Leo in the first house of identity. Meghan is a woman who loves attention, is glamourous and enjoys luxury and quality. The Mercury-Pallas conjunction indicates a fine mind – a woman who cultivates her intelligence and has no difficulty expressing her opinions. The North Node in Leo suggests her karmic pathway in life is fame and success.

Hollywood actor

Meghan has worked hard since childhood to achieve her dream of becoming a Hollywood actor; her first husband was a Hollywood film producer and now she’s marrying into the British Royal Family. As for her fine mind and opinions – as a schoolgirl she wrote to a US company to complain that in their ads for dishwashing liquid on TV, only women washed plates. Remarkably the company changed the script of their ad from ‘women’ to ‘people’. Meghan was privately educated, attended a top university, and speaks Spanish and French. She has also long been an advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. She has also travelled to Rwanda and India as a patron for World Vision. In her own words: “With fame comes opportunity, but also responsibility – to advocate and share, to focus less on glass slippers and more on pushing through glass ceilings.” 

Women’s advocate

This more serious side of Meghan is shown by her moon in diplomatic Libra in the house of communication, next to hard-working, disciplined Saturn and internationally-minded and expansive Jupiter. The moon placement in a birth chart shows how we see our mother – Meghan’s mother has a master’s degree in social work and is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor. Although they divorced when she was just six years old, Meghan credits her parents’ influence for her philanthropic instincts and social consciousness.

A challenging childhood

“Both my parents came from little, so they made a choice to give a lot.” Moon-Saturn in a birth chart can also indicate a challenging childhood. Meghan’s mother was a hardworking, single parent and often the target of racial abuse. The usual advice for women with Moon-Saturn connections is that their relationships will improve dramatically from 35 onwards as they blossom into wise, responsible people whom others respect. So far Meghan has favoured work and public life over family life. However, in an interview in 2016, after turning 35 and meeting Prince Harry, Meghan said becoming a mother was on her bucket list.


Prince Harry, fifth in line to the British throne, is a triple earth sign. Service-oriented Virgo with the moon in sensual and pleasure-loving Taurus and rising sign in responsible and traditional Capricorn.

Meghan has very little earth in her birth chart. But she does have relationship planet Venus in earth sign Virgo close to Harry’s sun. Her Mars in Cancer is right on the cusp of his marriage house and her marriage house is ruled by traditional Capricorn. All of this explains her attraction to Harry. Meghan is looking for stability, family bonding and longevity in relationship, something missing in her own background due to her parents’ divorce.

Handsome prince

Conversely, Harry’s marriage house is ruled by home-loving Cancer which would explain his attraction to Meghan’s Cancer rising sign. He is looking for a partner who promises home, family and nurturing. This is something Harry was cruelly deprived of when his Cancerian mother Diana was killed in a car crash when he was just 12 years old. Speaking of his lifelong depression, Harry said in 2017: “Losing my mum… and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but my work as well.” 

Wounded healer

Since Saturn return at age 28-29, Harry has said goodbye to his playboy lifestyle; sought assistance to deal with suppressed grief; left the army and continued Diana’s caring legacy by devoting his time to helping injured ex-soldiers and vulnerable third world children.

We could say that Meghan and Harry’s relationship is helping them both heal them from the emotional turmoil of the past. From divorce, death, racism, depression, etc. and pave the way for a new home and family of their own. After all, didn’t he propose over a home-cooked chicken dinner? You can’t get more Cancerian than that!

A great team

And what of Meghan’s Leo fire? Will Harry be able to cope with such a confident, intelligent, successful and glamourous woman?  Hopefully the answer is ‘yes’ as Harry, despite being such a strong earth sign, has three planets in fire sign Sagittarius, including Mars, which adds warmth to his personality, a reckless sense of fun and adventure and a love of partying. Harry’s mother was also a glamourous woman. And he, like Meghan, is used to being centre stage and dealing with the media. Plus they both have a strong social conscience and desire to make a difference. Harry says they make a great team.

Glass slippers or glass ceiling?

Their relationship chart has a passionate Mars-Venus conjunction. This is what creates a sexual spark: Harry has love planet Venus in Libra, close to Meghan’s moon. This helps foster emotional closeness and mutual understanding. Finally, when we relocate Meghan’s chart from California to London, Juno, goddess of marriage is rising in Libra, the sign of marriage. Furthermore, Meghan’s Leo stellium is on the Midheaven, a prime indicator of fame and fortune.

So, the verdict is YES, their charts are very different! But Meghan and Harry are both mature adults with emotionally challenging childhoods who want to use their past experience and privileged positions to help others. This will help them to heal themselves. And clearly they both love roast chicken!   


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