Personalised Frame Print Gifts Australia Memorable ways to celebrate a new arrival

Memorable ways to celebrate a new arrival

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The arrival of a new baby is always an event worth celebrating. But some ways of celebrating can feel a little bit boring! What can you do?


Of course, a card and some flowers are always nice. And nearly everyone is delighted at a cute baby outfit or cuddly toy. But what if you want to create a more memorable experience? Often it’s our memories that enrich our lives, far more than physical gifts. Here are some memorable and unique ways to celebrate many types of events, including the arrival of a new baby. Take a look at these gifts with a difference:

A special keepsake

Babies grow fast! Memories can fade, so the perfect way to celebrate a new baby is through a unique, personalised keepsake. Then the parents, and later the baby themselves will be able to appreciate later in life. A personalised print detailing the time and location of the birth, plus baby’s name, weight and length or other personalised information, makes a great picture for on the nursery wall and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Mum’s the word…

Pamper Hamper Gifts Australia Memorable ways to celebrate a new arrival

Pregnancy and giving birth can take its toll on new mums, so instead of (or as well as) bringing gifts for baby, how about something to pamper the new mum? This can be anything from providing some homemade meals cooked by you, to giving her some lovely pampering gifts to enjoy a bit of me-time in the next few weeks or months. If you can combine these with looking after the new arrival while she has a long soak in the bath, even better! You can help create some much-needed space to relax.

For the whole family

If the new arrival has older brothers or sisters, they can sometimes feel a little left out when all the attention is geared towards baby. Include them in the celebrations with some special gifts for them will make them feel special. It will keep them occupied for a while too, giving mum and dad an invaluable break! Something they can colour in or create will probably be appreciated, or how about a special book explaining all about the arrival of a new baby?

For the parents who have everything

Some people are easy to buy gifts for, but sometimes you can really struggle for a memorable present. In that case, getting something that the new mum and dad can contribute to themselves may be just the job. A scrapbook or a baby journal, in which they can record memorable milestones, first words and special memories, makes a unique and thoughtful gift to celebrate a newborn.

From a distance

If, for whatever reason, you can’t be on the spot to celebrate the arrival of the new baby, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there in spirit! Delight the new parents with a beautiful baby hamper, delivered to their door or even to the hospital (if they haven’t had a home birth!). With a huge choice of different hampers, you will be sure to find something that you know they will enjoy. And there is always something magical about opening a hamper and finding all the carefully selected items inside. We also offer an option of adding a personalised card. And Australia-wide delivery means you can send a gift no matter where the new arrival has been born.

See the whole range of memorable baby gifts at Gifts Australia and select your special gift to mark the special occasion. Also included are gifts for baby showers, christenings, baby’s first birthday or Christmas and many more.

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