Menergy 2017 competition winning words

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Here are the entries from the winners and runners-up for the LivingNow competition to win tickets to Menergy 2017. There are still places available at this great weekend; see more info at

The question was: What do you need to THRIVE – to lead to positive change in yourself and your community?

All men need to thrive, I need to thrive. I really need to get my life back on track; I’ve drifted off my path and it’s an awkward feeling, that stomach churning, knowing that you’re not where you’re meant to be. This time last year I was at the top of my game and I ‘knew’ I had this, but yep life got in the way, and so did I. Menergy is just what I need and want, to grow, to bond, to refocus, to become the man that is deep inside me and should be shown to the world. I have the strength I just need the tools.



What I need to thrive is to confront my challenges in socially connecting with others. This I feel will help me further share the insights and skills that I have developed over the years to support others with the deeper experiences that life has to offer.



I need a break. A moment to rest. I need time to explore my creative side and remind myself of what it feels like to be playful and laugh. I need camaraderie and support.


St Kilda

After all the healing and transformative work I’ve done. Mother, father, inner child etc, etc. My partner leaving me brought such deep pain that I grew angry and resentful of men again and closed the doors to brotherhood because my pain ran deep and I didn’t trust them to hold it and when I thought I was ready to have them hold my pain their hands were full with their own stuff. The cycle I risk repeating is not being able to be there enough for my children because to this date I’ve refused to face my vulnerability with men, my father and allow myself to be held in grief… I need a community of men around me to help me continue the journey into thriving. 



I need the passionate essence and strong kinship of my fellow man to best excel and thrive as I believe there is no better feeling than being able to share your experiences with others. The ultimate bonding experience, shared between brothers. There is nothing else like it.



To truly thrive, take time to reconnect with what makes your heart sing. Make space to slow down and listen to your heart, because your dreams are waiting. Discover your bliss and you will reconnect with those around you more deeply, and even inspire them to thrive too.



In order for me, my community and most importantly, men and worldly family to thrive, we need MEN. Specifically we need men to step up into their hearts purpose and calling to create a world of more harmony, love and creativity for all people and all current structures. We, are now more than ever at a time where men need to commune and reconnect with their masculine essence. A time is being called forward to burn off the layers of programming that don’t serve our greatest service and live freely from our heart and truth of truths so the world can benefit. My desire is to inspire men into their hearts calling. I am drawn to this and we need men to shine from a place of authenticity, strength and truth of hearts. It’s a time to commune, become clear, and powerfully create, and this is what we need to THRIVE. With fire and courage to all men, Jai



What I need… mmm probably if I were answering from an ego perspective, definitely many things, material ones most likely…  but after a self-journey into the main thing is to continue finding my true self to uncover that natural power in me that is aligned with the All, and then share that knowledge to with others in my community, men, women, children and environment. And actually, this is true for me at the moment. I have been challenged to not have a direction in the last couple of years, but now I need that focus on attention on where I want to go and take my little tribe with me into a better environment. Direction and creativity will definitely is required on this new process.  And I do believe that leading by example is the way to go, not forcing anything and just living the change myself with a clear mind (out of ego), an open heart on what is really important to do and always keeping clear where to go for the benefit of all. I’m sure that the men group, the sharing as the elders used to do will bring a collective mindset directed to the real change in us that will make things change for good in all of our little tribes (our families) and communities. 



Gentle thoughts and care. The turbulence of young adulthood is as ancient as it is eternal, and who we end to be is the resulting gift of the portrayals of thought and care instilled in us from childhood. Whether those portrayals of thought come from parents, or god; care from sport or school, the reward of these acts are the connections and courage we embrace each time we receive them. And I feel that if we, in the public eye can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, we will have done a great service for young mens mental health. I think that it’s much more dramatic that two men could be working out their feelings of anger — much more dramatic than showing something of gunfire. I’m constantly concerned about what our young men are seeing, and for 4 years I have tried in my university community and in team sports, to present what I feel is a meaningful expression of care. Id like to end this with a gentle embrace of thoughtfulness and care we were taught in our boyhood, that unfortunately is brushed away once boys fight to become men.

What do you do with the mad that you feel

When you feel so mad you could bite

When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong

And nothing you do seems very right

What do you do, do you punch a bag

Do you pound some clay or some dough

Do you round up friends for a game of tag

Or see how fast you go

It’s great to be able to stop

When you’ve planned the thing that’s wrong

And be able to do something else instead

And think this song

I can stop when I want to

Can stop when I wish

Can stop, stop, stop anytime

And what a good feeling to feel like this

And know that the feeling is really mine

Know that there’s something deep inside that helps us become what we can

For a girl can be someday a lady

And a boy can be someday a man



Congratulations, again, to all the winners – and here’s to ALL men thriving!

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