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Messages from the water

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The message from Dr Emoto and his research is simple, clear and easy to follow. Water is alive; it registers vibrations and stores them. Water is indeed life and the individual has the power to alter states of health and consciousness by transmitting and receiving positive vibrations.


Children at a Japanese school were asked to do an experiment by projecting subtle energies to rice in two containers over a period of one month. The children were asked to project negative energy to one rice container by repeating the phrase “You fool” and to project gratitude and say “thank you” to the second rice container. After one month it was observed that the rice exposed to negative energies had turned black in colour and had a foul odour whereas the rice in the second container had a light golden colour and exuded a wonderful aroma. This is one of many experiments conducted by a Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, the chairman of the IHM General Research Institute, to prove that subtle energies can alter states of matter.

The bulk of Dr Emoto’s research has focussed on experiments with samples of water subjected to subtle energies. He has provided astonishing research to the scientific community that water is not the simple liquid that we take for granted and that it can become a source of powerful healing for the individual as well as the Planet.

The research is ground breaking as water circulating within the human body and the earth nurtures and nourishes both. 70% of the human body and the planet comprises water. There is a side of water that has remained unexplored until Dr Emoto’s conclusive research – water has the ability to register and store vibrations produced by the spoken and written word and by thoughts, feelings and sounds conveyed to it.

Dr Emoto’s research into the nature of water reveals a vast array of form and structure as reflected in crystallised water exposed to subtle energies. For instance, in one experiment he asked a group of people to project love and gratitude to water samples. The water was crystallised by freezing it and then examined under a microscope and photographed with special cameras. The photographs revealed that water is indeed a mirror reflecting human thoughts and feelings. The crystalline structures of the water specimen revealed infinitely beautiful forms and shapes. Other water samples were labelled with words such as “You fool”, “wisdom”, “thank you” etc. The water exposed to words with positive vibrations developed beautiful crystalline shapes while those exposed to negative vibrations reflected ugly forms, colours and shapes. Water that was exposed to the music of Mozart produced beautiful, hexagonal crystalline shapes while that exposed to heavy metal music was distinctly dull, formless and ugly. Thus the hidden power behind words, thoughts, feelings and sounds has been proven by Dr Emoto through his groundbreaking research. He believes that the crystals represent the life force of Mother Earth and that the absence of crystals indicates that life force in that area is compromised. Anything in tune with Mother Nature manifests as beautiful hexagonal crystal structures.

Dr Emoto based his research on the premise that everything in existence vibrates and that vibrations travel and are imprinted on physical substances and can alter their structure and quality. This research has enormous implications and gives credibility to energy healing sciences such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, pranic healing, reiki etc.

As 70% of the human body is composed of water, what we think, feel, say and do affects our structures as well as of those whom we interact with. According to scientists, human beings are open dissipative systems, continuously receiving and transmitting energy. Unfortunately, our educational system has not created awareness of the existence of the energy body that surrounds, interpenetrates, nourishes and influences the body, mind, emotions and spirit. True power, which is the ability to create one’s own reality, is latent in the energy body. This power can be unleashed when the energy body is developed. It is only in recent years that energy healing systems, such as pranic healing, have created awareness of the existence of energy fields and that they can be used to project energies to alter states of matter and consciousness. Dr Emoto’s work now explains how this process occurs.

At the subconscious level most people are aware of the influence of subtle energies as expressed in the commonly used colloquial term ‘vibes’ or vibrations. Most people are aware that good and bad ‘vibes’ emanate from a person and that these have a beneficial or adverse effect on others. As beings of light and energy we have enormous powers to create our own reality and influence the physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual states of ourselves and others by the energies that we project. When we think, feel, say or do something negative we create energy contamination which results in a state of dis-ease within ourselves as well as in those who are the recipients of such energies as we are altering the structure of the water in the body. Our positive ‘vibes’ create beauty in others. Thus, we can create darkness as well as light in and around us. When a large group of people generates hatred and the collective energy of conflict, the water in their bodies is affected adversely as well as they cause contamination to the 70% water in the planetary body. When there is global stress, for example, during war and major acts of terrorism, the planetary water is contaminated, creating a state of dis-ease in the planet and its inhabitants.

Dr Emoto believes that in order to comprehend the true cause of diseases and in order to bring about a complete cure, sub-atomic or quantum energy must be examined. Quantum physics studies the laws of energy at the sub atomic level. A ‘quantum’ or a discrete particle can be a molecule, atom, nucleus or a micro particle. The discoveries of quantum physicists at the micro level are clarifying the phenomena of the macro world. Using a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, Dr Emoto and his team of researchers are able to measure, for the first time, quanta in micro levels smaller than molecules. This facilitates the discovery of the causes of disease.

Quantum scientists maintain that one cubic metre of space has enough quantum energy to boil all the oceans of the world. How much more powerful are we than the space in front of us, for we can direct quantum energy by the power of thought, emotion and intention? This explains the phenomenon that occurs when a patient receives an energy healing. The premise that positive energies create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being is now supported by the invaluable research of Dr Emoto. This research explains why meditation, energy healing, blessed food and the waters of Lourdes have a healing effect.

Dr Emoto’s research is based on the premise that everything in the universe vibrates. He calls it ‘hado’, which is a vibrational frequency or a resonance wave – the true source of energy that underlies all living forms in the Universe. Hado is a specific, vibrating wave that is generated by electrons that orbit the nucleus of an atom. Wherever there is hado, there is a field of magnetic resonance. Dr Emoto describes hado as the magnetic resonance field itself – an electromagnetic wave. The outcome of Dr Emoto’s research is that “all things lie within your own consciousness”. We can create well being or destroy it. By blessing people, even those who have made us unhappy, the planet, our food and water and many other facets of our life we can create beauty and life enhancing reality. Dr Emoto’s research proves this beyond doubt. His findings are expressed in his books “Prelude to the Hado Era”, “Studies of the Human through Hado” and “Messages from Water”.

The message from Dr Emoto and his research is simple, clear and easy to follow. Water is alive; it registers vibrations and stores them. Water is indeed life and the individual has the power to alter states of health and consciousness by transmitting and receiving positive vibrations.

Frozen water crystals carry a universal message. What is important to our planet and its people as we begin to contemplate the future? It is vital for water in and around us to produce beauty.

Dr Hazel Wardha has worked in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years as a homoeopathic physician, Chinese medicine acupuncturist and an advanced pranic healer. She is the Director of the Ashish Institute for Inner Studies in Melbourne.

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