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Mind feature October 2016

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A 4-day experiential workshop. You will engage deeply with the basic ideas and concepts of the work, immersing yourself in ‘Awareness Through Movement’ – gaining a clearer appreciation of your capacity to move with ease. Observing the movements of your colleagues will give a greater understanding of human movement potential. As each informs the other, you will discover ways of expanding your range of comfort, learn skills to take back into your workplace and gain insights to what is possible when you start from the premise that everyone can improve.
Brisbane, Northern NSW, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth.

Check www.feldenkraisinstitute.com.au/eventlist for details 03 97737 9945 jenni@feldebiz.com.au A new professional training program will commence in 2017.


Do you want the change to a healthier, confident, stress free you? Free yourself permanently from worrying.
At Enosis we have programs to assist you with moving forward into a happier space so you can focus on the important things in your life and overcome challenges. Our therapists are qualified in NLP, coaching, hypnotherapy and healthy nutrition, and can help you ‘delete’ old ways of thinking and introduce a healthier lifestyle.
At Enosis we assist the client to connect with their mind, body and emotional self to create synergies in their life and find their most attractive self.



–in a relationship?
–at work?
–with your family?
–with a friend?
Tracey Lee Hogan, empowerment coach & naturopath, can help you claim it back one heartbeat at a time.
Her workshops give you practical steps to help recognise & readjust the patterns that may be responsible for handing your power over to others. Learn to come back to the here & now to set your intentions for the life you want to live!

For details: info@traceyleehogan.com.au or 0413 514 824.


Using the safe, relaxing method of hypnotherapy with Helen Wayland, counsellor, coach, EMDR therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. Based in the Stable Health Clinic on Alma Road in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Helen will listen to you and work with you to help you clarify the changes you want to make on the way to the life you want to be living.
Hypnosis is an easy and effective method to clear blocking beliefs, negative emotions and anything holding you back. With highly targeted hypnotherapy sessions you will be able to move confidently in the direction of your dreams. This method is excellent for anxiety and panic attacks, behaviour change, motivation, sleeping through the night, studying more effectively, resolving trauma, and much more.
Is now the time to introduce yourself to a better version of you, and a more beneficial way of being in the world?

Call Helen to discuss your issue and make an appointment. Monday-Saturday appointments available, also evenings: 0412 443 899. www.hypnosis-melbourne.com.au


Neurofeedback is the most powerful and precise tool to utilise your brain’s natural ability to heal called neuroplasticity. Dr Norman Doidge psychiatrist and author of two bestselling books now describes neurofeedback as the “unsung hero of neuroplasticity”. He states that he sends all his patients for neurofeedback before anything else. Supervised home neurofeedback Australia-wide, over 20 years’ experience. Train in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home, at lower cost with excellent results. Mention LivingNow 10% discount.

02 4283 6344 jonathan@yourbraintraining.com


The Australian Board of NLP Inc. is Australia’s largest independent Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Since 2004, the ABNLP has provided credibility to NLP in Australia by overseeing standards for NLP Certification Training and NLP Clinical Professionals, providing ongoing learning opportunities for our members and cultivating a community which fosters integrity within the field of NLP.

For our members we provide a free monthly webinar, access to insurance, website listing, discounts to our bi-annual conference & two workshops each year and a subscription to the NLP Magazine.

To learn more and JOIN visit ABNLP.org.au

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