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  • Catherine Plano

    Change can happen

    Why not let go of your negative habits and embrace your positive beliefs that reside within you? You have the power to rewire your brain, you know. Simply by changing the way you think, you can change the way you act and feel.   The habits that run in our ...

  • Ischa Ropert

    The three levels of coaching and how they work

    The three different levels of coaching and how each of them supports lasting change.   While personal and professional coaching has been a growing field in the USA for the past 30 years, in many parts of the world it is still in its infancy. The beauty of coaching is ...

  • Margie Ulbrick

    Intimacy and mindfulness

    One of the keys to mindful relationships is to develop true intimacy with ourselves. Only then can we become truly intimate with others.   Where is genuine intimacy? The world is in need of healing. Rates of divorce are at an all-time high and many people stay in relationships that ...

  • Claudia Merrill

    How do I be myself?

    How do you know how to be yourself? Many of us haven’t a clue because we were never taught how. In our day to day lives, we are so busy with what we have to accomplish, we neglect getting to know ourselves. Here is one simple way towards this discovery. ...

  • Rebecca Rich

    Counselling and coaching – what’s the difference?

    While there is a lot of cross-over, coaching and counselling are two different modalities with unique approaches. So what’s the difference, and how can we decide which is right for us?   Seeing a counsellor is something many of us are still not comfortable broadcasting, as it insinuates that we ...

  • Ulli Baxter

    Hitting your head on a brick wall

    Hypno-coaching can help you to examine and release limiting thought patterns, change habits, and reframe beliefs that no longer support you.   What to do? Have you ever, despite your best efforts and those of your coach, experienced the frustration, disappointment and disillusionment of failing to keep up motivation and ...

  • Melody Green

    Intuitive coaching

    You may have heard before, ‘you have all the answers within’. Most spiritual philosophies agree with this statement but many of us don’t know how to access this wisdom other than in occasional moments of serendipity.   Those moments of connection, rightness, excitement, and joy come from being in alignment ...

  • Gemma Di Bari

    Metaphors and coaching

    Metaphors create strong pictures in our minds and are used powerfully and purposefully in coaching, as a way of moving clients forward to a new way of responding to life’s many challenges.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In performance coaching, metaphors are used to create ...

  • Craig Hassed

    The Freedom Trap

    This article is based on Craig’s book, The Freedom Trap, which is an exploration of what freedom means politically, psychologically, legally, ethically and philosophically. The book asks questions that encourage us to think again and more deeply about what it means to be free and the implications for a happy, ...

  • Shireen Tripp

    We all move to the beat of an unfathomable melody

    Though her mother’s carers encouraged non-movement, Shireen knew that she needed to dance. She was right; after starting a regular wu tao routine, her mother truly came alive again.   What a difference the walker made for the elderly lady who had suffered the effects of multiple silent strokes. She ...

  • Tony J. Selimi

    3 ways to combat loneliness

    Loneliness affects many people, at different times and to varying degrees in their lives. Here are 3 principles to overcome it.   More with less; factors increasing loneliness Living in the era of perpetual globalisation and rapid technological advancements affects our perception of the world and increases the rate at ...

  • Narjes Gorjizadeh

    Train your mind, claim your life

    Meditation is a form of exercise for the mind that strengthens our brain. Just as our body needs exercise, our mind needs exercise and training to remain healthy.   Meditation needs to be integrated in our daily life. There are several reasons for this: rapid pace of modern life-style, dramatic ...

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