Mindful in May 2019

Mindful in May, the global mindfulness fundraising event has launched!

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  • Build resilience?
  • Get better at managing your emotions
  • Better manage your stress?
  • Boost your happiness?
  • Find more focus in your life?
  • Be more courageous and less anxious
  • Quiet your mind
  • Reduce the worry and mind chatter
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of others?

THEN JOIN US THIS MAY for a one-month meditation challenge where you’ll learn from world leading meditation teachers and wellbeing experts.

Mindful in May – founded by Dr Elise Bialyew, who has also written many articles for LivingNow readers over the years.


  • Want to be more present and focussed
  • Want to manage your stress and cope better with challenges
  • Want to get better control over your anger, fear, anxiety
  • Want to be more confident and courageous
  • Suffer from “not enoughness” (not being a good enough mother or father, not working hard enough, not feeling enough in your relationships)
  • Want to feel a deep sense of worth and fulfilment
  • Don’t want to worry so much about what others think
  • Want to be more self confident particularly with decision making
  • Want a powerful way to quiet your mind and stop worrying so much
  • Have a mind that’s always racing and want to feel more calm and at ease
  • Have trouble shutting off and have trouble sleeping

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If you’ve ever thought…

“I need to start meditating”

“I’m terrible at meditation I can’t stop my thoughts”

“I don’t have time to meditate”

“I get so bored when I meditate it doesn’t calm me down”

“I’ve tried meditation apps but I download them and then don’t use them”

We’ve got some great news…

You can learn how to overcome all of these common meditation obstacles and experience the benefits of a mind that functions at its best, through this annual online mindfulness meditation program.

Mindful in May, the one month global online mindfulness fundraising event has launched! 

Make a difference; become MINDFUL IN MAY

LivingNow is proud to promote this transformative mindfulness program.

It not only brings calm and clarity to you, but, at the same time, raises money for clean water projects across the globe!

The easily accessible online course brings together the world’s best meditation teachers, wellbeing experts and neuroscientists to teach you the tools to transform your mind towards greater well-being and happiness. All while giving you the chance to transform the lives of others living in poverty.

It goes over the month of May, and is an online course.

You can register at this link:

livingnow.com.au/mindful-2019Mindful in May strip

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