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Meditation, mindfulness, & doing business for good; LivingNow print edition

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Hello lovely LivingNow community 😊

How are you? I mean, really, how are you going?

How are you feeling? Have you stopped to allow yourself to feel, lately? To ‘drop in’ to how you’re really going inside?

In the busy world of publishing, with its deliveries and deadlines, I sometimes let myself get caught up in things. Added to that, I’m quite a social person, so there’s nearly always a bit of a hubbub going on in my world, such that ‘how I am’, along with who I am, can get obscured somewhat! So reminding myself to just stop, and breathe, is super important.

Allowing myself to just BE

To feel into what’s going on inside me, and acknowledge it – not rush straight in to try to change or fix any of it – just be with it…

Many of the beautiful articles in the Autumn 2019 print issue, with our focus of ‘MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS’, offer great tools and insights to help with this journey of discovery of how to slow back down in our speeding world.

Even if you don’t live a hectic life like I do, I imagine you could benefit from giving yourself a few extra moments to unwind! Whenever I remember to pause, breathe deeply, and listen to my body and my heart again, I certainly experience the benefits. I like taking myself on walks in a forest. Or along the oceanside. Irrespective of whether it’s warm or cold weather! It helps me ground back in to who I am. And why I’m here.

What do you do for yourself to unwind, and be present?

We have a lovely interview with Paul & Masami from B1G1 (starts p.42 of the print edition; go check it out!), which is so inspiring. It ties in with our other focus point for the Autumn edition, which we initially referred to as ETHICAL BUSINESS. That morphed into BUSINESS FOR GOOD, as it felt broader, somehow, and we wanted to look at the bigger picture.

Let’s get ethical!

I believe that a crucial part of humans being able to ‘step up’ in our evolution is to bring a strong, healthy sense of ethics back into our businesses. And to look to companies, small and large, to work with a greater picture in mind; to do business not just for profit, but for good. I heard an amazing thing; that BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink, said that they would no longer invest in any company which didn’t put the health of the planet in its manifesto! Yes! In 2018, he said “within the next five years all investors will measure a company’s impact on society, government, and the environment to determine its worth”.

Look at that! Just ‘making the bucks’, at the potential cost of the planet or long-term happiness, is no longer enough. His annual letter said, “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society”. More in the Financial Times article about this, too.

All of this really encouraged me

If big – huge – business is now looking to what CONTRIBUTION a company is making, to decide whether it’s worth investing in, that looks like a good line in the sand has been drawn! And we can all look forward to a brighter, more deeply rewarding future! 😊

In service & gratitude,

Emma ❤️

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