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Money – don’t blame the hammer

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Hong is one of the very few holistic health practitioners who has made a lot of money from private practice and wise investments. So she has a lot to share on the subject of money with other healing practitioners and people from all walks of life.


A hammer can be used to kill people. Who is the murderer, the person who uses it to kill, or the hammer? Saying money is the source of all evil is like accusing the hammer as the murderer.

Money is just a tool. How can it be the source of evil? The source of evil lies in people’s greed and twisted desire. How naive it is for us to blame money. What is my view on money? I love money and I love what it can do for me.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “To a poor man, bread is God”. When you are dying of hunger, you bow down to the person who spares you a grain of rice. Believe me, I have been there. When your child is sick and needs special medicine and treatment, money becomes everything, money becomes your prayer, because your child’s life depends on the power of what money can provide. How empowering it is to say, “Money is not an issue. Get me the best doctor in the world.”

I was born in a place where I watched hundreds of kids die because of poverty. I watched their parents suffer and I had vowed to never put my kids through poverty. I have experienced poverty, and I have experienced abundant wealth. Guess what? I prefer to be rich any day. Wouldn’t you? Can you deny 90% of your current stress is caused by lack of money? Would half a million dollars do a lot for you right now?

No, I do not think money is the source of all evil. In fact, I think money is the source of all goodness when it is handled by good people. I embrace money and appreciate money very much, and I hope you do the same. Money has bought me freedom, time and a positive contribution to the world.

Next time that the thought,‘Money is not everything’, occurs, observe how you truly feel. If you are brutally honest with yourself, you would see it is there to justify the sense of inadequacy of not having enough money. It is simply a ‘sour grape’ thought to make you feel better for being poor.

Unfortunately, belief like this pushes money away from you. Remember, money is just a form of energy. When you hold negative thoughts about it, you reject and repel it. If, right now, you are resenting not having enough money, drop all negative beliefs about money and start embracing and welcoming it into your life.

I ran a clinical success mastery retreat for some practitioners a while ago, and I dedicated quite a chunk of time to collapsing all fear and negative association with money. We declared our divine right to deserve money and we brought our self-worth to the light of our love to ourselves.

If you have worked hard for years and today you have nothing to show for it except being broke and exhausted, you must do something drastic to change your state. A tree must be defined by the fruits it bears. If you have not created very positive results in years, doing exactly the same thing for more years will not bring you a better outcome either.

To become successful in business, or life generally, you must first of all establish a success mindset. Your business is a natural extension of who you are. If you cry poor inside, your business will scream poor outside.

I am one of the most successful health care practitioners in Australia. I retired young and wealthy. My secret? I built a solid foundation on the spirit of love and contribution. I dedicate most of my energy in raising the level of my consciousness, and I embrace a win-win outcome in everything I do. I do not participate in the dog-eat-dog model. I have no competitors –only allies. I believe in united effort and collective success as I know the king tide raises all vessels.

My aim is to heal my own life so I can be a living example for my patients. They grow as I grow; they succeed as I succeed. My aim is not to cure their pain, my aim is to heal my own pain so I can be their way-shower, so I can give the power back to them to heal themselves. When I do that, money floods in, an ‘avalanche’ of money.

When you stand in the light of your higher spirit and you hold the highest and the purest intention to do the best for yourself and those who cross your path, you cannot fail. If you fail, it means your intention is not in alignment with the consciousness of love and contribution.

Believe in your ability to do good with lots of money.


Hong is a Chinese medical doctor who specialised in psychological healing before she retired. She earned her expert status from having conducted over 38,000 consultations. She is author of Freedom to Love.

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