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The most powerful health and longevity practice on the planet

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Blake believes that there is no practice on the planet more effective for self-healing, preventative medicine and longevity than the ancient meditative exercise known as qi gong, which dates back over 5,000 years throughout the Orient.

I struggled with severe anxiety and insecurity as a child, teenager and young man, which at one stage led me to self-destructive behaviours, addictions and an unconscious desire to numb my emotions, but through practising qi gong (pronounced chee gong), I was finally able to find deep levels of peace and security within myself that I intuitively believed were available, but for a long time had no idea how to access.

It was very empowering for me to feel so infinite and abundant energetically in my body, heart and mind, after years of feeling so insecure and inadequate. What I discovered, which I find very interesting but also very logical, is that we cannot feel both infinite and insecure at the same time. So the more we practise something like qi gong, which always leads to feeling infinite, then the less we feel the fears associated with perceiving ourselves as lacking or unlovable in any way.

Furthermore, the more we feel well in our body and feel good about ourselves mentally and emotionally, then the less inclined we are to engage in unhealthy behaviours or toxic situations. Through practising qi gong I have observed both within myself and many others that it causes an increase in our overall energetic vibration, which translates into healthier thoughts and habits that prevent disease and support regeneration and longevity. When we engage in an activity that makes us feel so good and well, we don’t want to ingest anything, be around anyone, or engage in any activity that brings us down or drains our vital life force energy.

I have found that most depression, anxiety and disease is the result of stuck energy, emotion and blood within the body, which was originally caused by fears that stopped us from 1) expressing our emotions, needs, desires and dreams and 2) acting from our heart based on intuition and instinct. This is the primary reason why qi gong is so effective for keeping our body, heart and mind well and vital throughout our lifetime. It helps to free whatever is making us sick, miserable or holding us back, and it prevents energy, emotion and blood from getting stuck as we age.

One thing I have found through practising qi gong, which I love and am very grateful for, is that I was empowered to experience and feel my infinite true self. On the healing and spiritual path we all come across and eventually adopt the idea that we are one with the infinite Universe and with all life. However for most us this remains just an idea, a belief or an affirmation as opposed to a lived and felt experience of who we truly are. Through practising qi gong, over time, I came to feel my oneness with life and the Universe more regularly, until it became a very natural part of my daily experience.

If you are serious about healing yourself …

Like yoga and meditation, there are numerous forms, techniques and schools of qi gong, ranging from very artistic and expressive forms to very practical and result-focused forms aimed at physical, mental and emotional healing. In general, all qi gong forms consist of slow movements, which are linked with deep breathing and focused concentration in the present moment, with the intention of uniting our mind, body and breath; so we come to feel at one inside rather than scattered and energetically spread thin.

To make this esoteric truth practical in the sense of being as well and as happy as possible it is important to understand that through practising qi gong we literally open our physical body (which is made of energy) to the earth beneath us and the atmosphere and Universe that surrounds, all of which merge as one infinite ocean of energy that is always available to us for self-healing and deeper levels of vitality. As we practise qi gong our physical body and the energy channels within it become open, stronger, clearer and cleaner, which allows this energy that surrounds us at all times to pour into and through us, supporting our life and existence in whatever ways we need at the time.

I love the saying that ‘the map is not the terrain.’ In other words, reading a map will never give you the understanding or fulfilment that comes from actually travelling the road or walking the path yourself. Likewise, we could talk about all the benefits of qi gong and about the thousands of different theories associated with this practice, but this will still do you no good when it comes to improving the quality of your health and life. We reap what we sow, thus we have to practise to both experience and appreciate the benefits.

If you are serious about healing yourself, preventing illness, and improving both the quality and length of your life, then dive head first into practising qi gong.


Blake D. Bauer is an internationally recognised author, counsellor, and alternative medicine practitioner. His book You Were Not Born To Suffer and his work centre on loving ourselves unconditionally as the key to healing ourselves, fulfilling our life’s purpose, and realising our full potential both personally and professionally.

Bringing together the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to health and well-being, Blake’s work and teachings have successfully guided thousands of people internationally toward greater psychological, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual freedom.


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