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Mothers’ day is a time to value your health

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Use Mothers’ Day to revisit a few of your ‘pre-mother’ interests.

You’re a better mother to your children if you can take care of yourself – and your child will reap the benefits. Once you agree to nurture yourself as well as your child, you face purely logistical hurdles to getting your life – a new version of it – back.

Banish the guilt

Many mums find that guilt gets in the way of rekindling old interests. Carve out a little time for yourself, since you can’t keep giving without replenishing.

Couple up

Spending time alone with your partner reinforces your family’s strong foundation.

Don’t wait

It’s crucial to rekindle your passions early on, rather than waiting until your child reaches milestones you think will make life easier. With kids, there’s no right time.

Think outside the box

In the haze of sleep deprivation, problems can seem more complicated than they are. Look for creative solutions. Find a gym that offers babysitting, or invest in a stair-stepper or a good stroller for walking.

Improve your diet

Often over time food becomes ‘just another thing to do’. It is important to adopt and achieve a diet that supports your lifestyle – one that doesn’t eliminate food groups but focuses on a formula that works for you! It should foster a passion in you to cook and take pleasure in food.

Of course, getting your life back takes time. Acknowledging this is half the battle. Motherhood requires three attributes: patience, realistic expectations and resilience. Your health reflects the way you live – so isn’t it time you started making some healthy changes?


Narelle Stegehuis, CEO of MassAttack, is a practising naturopath specialising in the research and development of natural treatment programs for women with hormonal imbalances, which have contributed to such symptoms as weight gain, cravings, anxiety & mood swings. Reviewed by the Australian Naturopathic Practioners Association, Narelle was the recipient of the Australian Naturopathic Excellence Award. 

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