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What about me? A mother’s journey back to herself.

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I believe that all our experiences, good and bad are presented to us as an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of who we are.

I am a survivor of Post Natal Depression. The storm has passed, the heavy rain too, now I can see the sun shining.

The Post Natal Depression experience was painful, but I acknowledge now that it has helped me get where I am today. It has helped me to understand that I had lost myself in being a mother and that to be a nurturing mother I had to nurture myself.

It was time to re-establish my relationship with myself. But, who was I?

It had been a long time since I had spent time with myself. I felt scared and didn’t know what to expect. I was not able to sit for a minute; I would always find something to do. When I finally did, a surge of sadness surrounded my body. I started to cry and as clear as ever, I heard the voice of my self. “It’s about time you came to spend some time with me. I have been screaming and pounding at your heart to be heard.” I learnt that I had ignored and neglected to care for myself. It was time.

Today, I am getting to know and understand myself again. With two young children, I decided to “make the time” for me. I have an appointment with myself every day.

From 6.30 to 8.00am every morning is time for me! I do yoga exercise, meditate, and have my breakfast and a shower. During this time I am feeding my soul and making my heart smile. I feel emotionally grounded and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

I know now that by caring for myself, I can give my family the best of who I am. I give to them from a lake that is overflowing with water, rather than from a lake that is empty and depleted.

I look forward to waking in the morning to spend time with me. I enjoy the quiet of the early morning hours, it’s bliss. For that hour I don’t have to do anything I can just be a human being. For that hour, I am nobody’s anything, I’m me!


Daniela Kohut is an experienced social worker. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mother of two children Vanessa and Stefan. Daniela is also the creator of the Mother Nurture program that she runs in her local community. 

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