Rosemarie Scarpignato cured herself from cancer

Cured in four months; my cancer story

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My name is Rosemarie Scarpignato and I would like to share my story with the readers of LivingNow.

Before I continue I would like to clear up one important aspect of my background. Although I have had no formal training or study, I am a self-proclaimed health researcher for the last forty years. I have attended many health seminars conducted by health professionals, naturopaths, doctors, and so forth. I’ve done extensive reading of health books on cancer, and have read many other people’s cancer cure stories.

I have recently written a book on my rapid cancer cure titled “How I cured my cancer in 4 months”. Does that sound ridiculously impossible? A scam? A fluke? Can’t be? A gimmick? Well it’s none of those at all. I’m a sincere person telling it the way it was. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma AND Stage 2/3 Bone Cancer ten years ago – yes, that’s right, ten years!


It all started in October 2010, when I discovered a swelling in my lower right arm. It was gradually getting bigger over a period of several weeks. Then it got to the point that I could hardly fit a jumper over that section of my arm. I consulted my GP, who thought I had come in contact with an insect. Then I saw a hand specialist, who dismissed it as inflammatory arthritis – very mysterious.

About six weeks had passed and I was getting rather worried. I thought it was serious, but I had no idea what was causing this mysterious large swollen arm. It all came to a head one night. I had experienced difficulty sleeping for the previous week, with a lot of pain in the palm of my right hand. My son came to dinner at the end of the week and I urged him to take me to the local public hospital. I never thought my emergency trip to hospital would result in such  a long stay. All my family were shocked to hear what was about to take place…

I was detained in hospital for sixteen days whilst doctors conducted every test imaginable, from heart to bowel tests etc.etc. All tests were negative until they decided to do a biopsy on a swelling under my armpit.


That’s when I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. And a further Pet Scan revealed I had Stage 2/3 Bone Cancer. Did I hear correctly? All of a sudden I was faced with my own mortality. Was I going to survive this? It was a big worry for my poor husband and family. I was initially told by my cancer specialist that if I didn’t have chemotherapy I would not survive. It was something that was against my beliefs, but pressure from family and friends to proceed with the treatment convinced me it was something I just had to do.


Because of the strong drugs used in chemotherapy, and having bone cancer (two types of cancer), I was told I would lose all my hair after the third chemo treatment. I did lose all my hair exactly when my doctor predicted and was feeling very nauseous, but I was never actually vomiting.

My treatment was to be six sessions of chemotherapy, two weeks apart, enduring six hours each time. My doctor told me if the chemo didn’t work he would prescribe some radiation – heck NO!

The first day of chemo was very scary, not knowing what to expect.

It lasted most of the day; from 9.30am until 3.00pm. There was a cannula inserted into my arm with this bag of poison (chemotherapy) being injected into my arm, going right through my body. I couldn’t even bare to look at that bag of poison at any time of the day. One day, while I was having my treatment, I had this lightbulb moment and thought “you know, if I can cure these two life-threatening cancers invading my body, I will write about it”.

As I stated earlier, I have had no formal training, but I have a thirst for staying healthy. I know a lot about which foods are healthy and which foods are not, and which races in the world have the healthiest longevity.


Eating healthy was something that I had practised for the last thirty years, so no-one was more shocked than me to discover I had cancer. Whilst I was having medical treatment I decided to eat an even healthier diet than I was on before. I cut out all unnatural sugars and ate a semi-vegetarian, plant-based diet, with some protein, fresh salmon twice a week, with lots of fruit and vegetables, along with drinking lots of filtered water and green tea and a fruit and vegetable juice once a day.

I never drank alcohol, nor tea or coffee. These measures are important to help heal not only cancer but many ailments. I also used food combining methods, keeping starches away from protein, and aiming for an 80% alkaline ratio to a 20% acid balance in the diet.


After each chemo treatment I consulted my cancer specialist. He would check on my body to see how the swellings of lymphoma were looking. For those people who do not know about lymphoma, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma has swellings under the armpit, the chest and lung area and the groin. Even after my first chemo treatment, the doctor examined me and suddenly gasped and exclaimed excitedly “I can’t find any lymph node swellings anywhere, this is remarkable.”

I was to have a further five treatments, and he said I had better take the full course of six, and then he would send me to have another Pet Scan to assess any progress.

Finally I had the sixth and last treatment, and another Pet Scan was taken and sent to my doctor. I emailed him and asked if I should go and see him to read the report. He emailed me back and it read like this: “I have looked at the Pet Scan; the scan is all clear. There are no signs of any more cancer anywhere. It is all resolved!” That was the best news I have ever heard. Thank the Lord!

Rosemarie Scarpignato cured herself from cancer

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  1. I highly recommend this book and I have read a wealth of books on the subject and seen cancer healed both miraulously and supernaturally so many times I’ve lost count. I have a copy right beside me. It is well written and therefore makes for a great and enjoyable read, but most importantly, Rosemarie is one of the new ‘no nonsense’ forthright and honest people who are prepared to sight and share actual cures for cancer. They exist. They are out there and we need to be aware of the massive difference between natural cures and Big Pharma’s self interests as they are polar opposites !!

    The desicoveries laid out in this book are groundbreaking and fully credible. I’d call it a fresh and enlightened discovery, an excellent work!

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