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The myths and magic of feminine sexuality

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Do you feel that you may be missing something in your personal relationship? Janet explains what may be amiss through exploring the myths and magic of feminine sexuality.


In a world where sex is a commodity, used to buy, sell, extort, harm and otherwise diminish the very nature of its God-given qualities, the impact on women is subliminal. So fine is the influence that we don’t even know we are being influenced. It is at the very least objectifying.

At times, even the word ‘sacred’ has been diminished from its holy ground when used alongside the word sex.

This has vast and catastrophic effects on women and their relationship with their own bodies, and their intimate relationships, how they birth, how they mother, how they live and work, how they show up in the world.

Women’s freedom has been misconstrued into some distorted male version of femininity and sexuality that leave some women bereft of their physical resources, competitive beyond belief, hardened in their hearts while deeply yearning for love.

So much confusion surrounds this subject and yet it is shrouded by tantalising mystery. Thus the seeker is born, tempted by all and everything in the name of sexual spirituality; ever looking outside, ever chasing the rainbow of ecstasy just beyond the next hill of self-doubt, shame and at times self-hatred.

There is very little truly effective sex education because of the lack of one quality – the quality of love. We know when we feel it. We know when it spontaneously arises. But how can we foster love when we are shut down, angry or confused? Or when we are playing a role in sex.

When a woman can finally let go of the identification of ‘being someone or something’ in sex, she enters a world she has been aching for, one she knew was possible all along.

While the feminine is still engaged with the sensation of sex, always seeking something, she will miss the boat that could set sail on the gentle, yet wild, sea of her awakened heart, mind and body. When she finally stops the search, she can leave the deserted island of starved love, lies and loss, gather her belongings and get ready for the voyage of her lifetime: the inner voyage, the voyage of the heart. Then she can stop living in subsistence, just surviving day to day, and start thriving as the alive, vibrant, vital woman she knows she can inherently be.

The feminine is a force that can be harnessed energetically with understanding; an understanding that the ancient carriers of female knowledge, the midwives, have known all along. To awaken this knowledge within each woman, and thus each man, could potentially have an enduring and deeply healing effect on relationships, on families, and our planet.


Janet McGeever and her partner, Gene Thompson, are the authorised Australian presenters of The Making Love Retreat, as created by Diana Richardson, the pioneer of the Slow Sex movement and author of the book and movie Slow Sex.

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