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Natural beauty: the only one that lasts

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Switching to natural beauty products can be difficult at first, but can be extremely rewarding as you go on.


Skin care and beauty are intimate matters. Every scar, blemish, or wrinkle we get affects us at a deep, personal level. How we look reflects how we feel.

Our skin is a complex organ. It mirrors our mental and physical health, overall well-being, and lifestyle. Signs of mental stress, poor fitness, lack of sleep, unhealthy dietary habits, and use of harmful products easily crop up on our skin, as it starts to react to the components that don’t fulfil its needs. It is the skin’s way of telling us this. We rack our brains, trying to figure out the cause for the abnormalities, experimenting with different products and even medication – often, to no avail.

Where we go wrong

Conventional skin care products are lab-created and artificially enhanced. The list of chemicals that go into formulating these products can make you dizzy! For a quick glimpse into this, just pick up a shampoo bottle, body wash, or bathing bar and read the label. They will contain parabens, synthetic compounds, artificial fragrances and dyes, additives and other chemicals, the names of which we can’t even pronounce! And these are only the ingredients the company chose to list. There could be many more that are hidden from our discerning eye. Also, the health effects of a majority of these chemicals are unknown to us, as research in this area is still under way. So only time will tell what they do to our bodies. Let’s not be the active subjects in this ghastly experiment.

These products are often cheaper alternatives to natural beauty products. They give you extra shelf-life and quick results. But the truth is that we pay a much bigger cost in the long run when we compromise on our skin’s health. Harsh chemicals, synthetics, and preservatives can contain potential carcinogens, allergens, and toxic compounds that can lead to serious skin conditions. These chemical toxins seep into our skin and go into the bloodstream, causing internal complexities, imbalances, disruptions, and changes at a cellular level. This dense chemical toxicity adds heavily to what is called our ‘body burden’ – the amount of toxins and pollutants accumulated in our bodies at any given time.

This is not to give you the jitters or cause you sleepless nights but to open your eyes and to inspire you to make conscious efforts towards a healthier, sustainable, and natural way of life. Explore the possibilities of organic skin care and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

The beauty of your choice

As with any change switching to a natural and organic way of living can be difficult at first but extremely rewarding as you go on. The organic beauty industry is large and booming. There are tons of natural beauty products to try, brands to test, and resources to avail. It is all about making informed decisions and enlightened choices instead of following the trends and aspiring for unrealistic beauty goals.

You might be tired of listening to the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ and not knowing what they really mean. The terms are used loosely in the industry and they’re unregulated. So be wary of them and get into a habit of reading labels and researching the ingredients if you don’t understand them. Look for products that have certified logos on them. The ingredient lists on natural products are usually simple and easy to understand. They’ll contain fruit and vegetable extracts, plant acids, and derivatives, natural oils, vitamins, antioxidants, and other plant-based ingredients. These beauty products are made from different parts of plants like fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, roots, stem, bark, flowers, and so on. Pure essential oils are added for their nutrient-rich, aromatic and curative properties.

These products are supercharged with the goodness of nature in all its glory and are safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Seek out products with terms like ‘chemical-free’, ‘non-synthetic’, ‘paraben-free’, ‘BPA-free’, ‘no added preservatives’, ‘no animal testing’, ‘100% natural’, and ‘certified organic’ on them, and verify their claims by checking certifications and ingredients.

Turning inside out

We all desire refreshed, plump, and youthful skin to last for years on end. While the body does its bit as we age in our own unique ways, opting for a natural remedy for all your skin’s needs can assure that you age with a graceful charm. Use organic products that leave you worry-free and out of harm’s way. Figure out your skin’s type and its needs and look for a combination of vitamins and antioxidants that work for you. Going for simple and efficient natural beauty regimes can make the process of daily skin care stress-free and engaging.

Bring out your natural exuberance. Make an informed choice while you still can and take the control back into your hands. Take a slow, steady and thoughtful walk towards a naturally beautiful, resplendent skin that is easy to nurture for years to come. That is how nature intended it. Invest in yourself and the environment around you and bask in its generous abundance.


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