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Natural medicine and vaccines – helpful tips for you at home

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Understandably, people are asking questions about how natural medicine might work with vaccines.

Can they be of help? Happily, the answer is YES!

If you choose to have a vaccine, following is how natural health practitioners can help, and also some great tips for you to apply to your life at home.

It may be that you’ll need some professional assistance. Remember that each person’s needs are individual, and should be assessed accordingly.

Natural medicine helps enhance vaccine effects, reduce potential side effects, improve outcomes, and reduce adverse long term changes.

If you are really healthy you may not need any treatment alongside a vaccine. Unfortunately, many of us are running at below-optimal, so consider whether this might be a good time to seek out some support.

The strength of your immunity makes a big difference to how you respond to a vaccine.

Immunity is affected by several factors. Genetics, lifestyle, and inflammation in the body can all come into play.

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For a better immune outcome:

  • Reduce alcohol
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Take time out in nature
  • Be careful of environmental toxins.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Have adequate exercise

More to consider…

If you are overweight you will need extra immune support. Vaccines don’t work as well in obese people due to low grade inflammation exhausting the immune system, so it doesn’t mount a response. If there isn’t time to lose weight, this might be a good time to get help with your immune response.

Stress affects the microbiome and, in some cases, pre and probiotics stop adverse effects. In other cases certain nutrients or herbs may be necessary.

It is important to be calm before any vaccine to reduce stress hormones that impact immunity.

Sleep is important for immunity. One study showed that people who had less than 6hrs sleep a night were 11.5x less likely to achieve an antibody response to the vaccine.

Studies show that 88% of elderly people in institutions are malnourished! So consider if a family ember might need extra support.

Your ‘immune age’ determines your response to a vaccine, and recovery to illness. You can be young with an old immune age and old with a young immune age. Generally, however, the older you are the more your immune system is at risk.

Each person can have the above assessed, and their gut function, medication, risk of autoimmunity, assessment of inflammation levels, interpretation of pathology like CRP and ESR and blood pressure.

Regarding medication polypharmacy; proton pump inhibitors, metformin, antibiotics, laxatives, and SSRI’s all affect the microbiome. If you are on these, then remedies may be needed to balance the microbiome.

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